CSL Stockbrokers: All You Need To Know

CSL Stockbrokers: All You Need To Know

CSL Stockbrokers Limited is a member of the FCMB Group Plc. They also have membership of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. They provide one of the best brokerage platforms and services in the market and play leading role in the Nigerian Investment market.


CSL have been in service for more than 30 years now. They have therefore gained lots of experience in the Nigerian brokerage industry.  They make available both corporate and institutions servicers to selected issuers and investors.

The company has a highly robust research platform that provides support for both international and local investors. They provide in-depth information to their clients regarding the Nigerian capital market.

They also help their clients manage and get informed about the Nigerian economy to a great extent. They have regulated offices in various cities across the world, like New York, London and Lagos.

CSL has a number of investment opportunities and their clients can choose from any of these. Some of these investment plans are highlighted below:

  • Legacy Short Maturity (NGN) Fund: This makes it possible for individual to invest in short maturity bonds and money market instruments. It is a kind of open-ended mutual fund. The investor will acquire 50% of the investment after 3 months. The minimum deposit is 25,000 units
  • Legacy Equity Fund (LEF): This open-ended mutual fund is benchmarked against whatever the performance of the Nigerian Stock Exchange may be. It has its focus on both institution and retail. The goal is to achieve stable income for the investor. It is a medium-to-long term kind of investment opportunity and the minimum unit is 10,000 units.
  • Education Investment Plan (USD): Any parent finding it difficult to save for the education of their kids abroad will find this particular investment plan very helpful. It removes the stress of sponsoring the child’s education. The plan however has its denomination in the US Dollars. This is because the USD plays very important role in international economy. Universities in countries like United States of America, the United Kingdom, South African and Ghana are the only ones recognized in this plan. Minimum subscription is $50,000

Their operation and systematic process are winsome.  They make it a point to upgrade their systems for utmost top quality service delivery. The investment process is highly transparent and the investor is carried along all through the period till expiration.

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CSL is equally undertaking Fund Investment Products. They have taken time to develop a robust system for smooth operation running. They can customize their services too to meet with the expectations of the clients.

They strife to have better understanding of the expectations of the client, which put them in better position to provide the perfect type of service that fits with the plans of the prospective client.  Consequently, they can develop a solution that is tailor-made for the client.


They are located at 5th Floor, First City Plaza, Marina. Their mailing address is P.O. Box 9117, Lagos Nigeria. Their email address is fcmenquiries@fcmb.com. They can also be called on +23414622596. They can be called from Monday to Saturday for anyone having one enquiry or the other.

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