Top Recruitment Agencies in Nigeria

With the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria, there are many recruiting firms that help businesses and organizations find the best talents fit for vacant positions. These recruiting firms also help employees and job seekers find new jobs. What are the top recruitment agencies in Nigeria? There is a wide pool of agencies you can choose from, so much that it is best to highlight the top on the list. We have curated a list of the top recruitment agencies that you can select from in Nigeria.

There are many recruitment agencies that can source out talents who are suitable for a particular job position. These agencies help small, medium businesses, and private companies to fill their vacancies. This is one of the ways to help tackle the problem of unemployment in Nigeria. The top recruitment agencies in Nigeria are determined by customer reviews (from businesses and job seekers). You can easily find information on these top agencies on their websites. You can also decide on which you want to work with based on their location or reviews. Although, many of these agencies work with businesses and people regardless of their locations.

Top Recruitment Agencies in Nigeria

Below is a list of top recruitment agencies in Nigeria.

People Temp and People Prime

These are two recruitment firms that work in close partnership. They help job seekers find employment and employers find talents to fill their vacant positions using an efficient and full recruitment process. Another thing about People Temp is that you can find jobs both for long term and short-term, even if the job is needed only for a couple of days.

Address: Number 56B Isaac John Street, Ikeja GRA, Lagos state

Phone: 0803 373 6471

PG Consulting Lagos

PG consulting is located in Lagos State. It is a big firm that offers various services to include human resources management. The company promises professionalism in its search for tested and trusted workers for its clients. PG consulting specializes in Human Capital development, That is, they are able to transform raw talent into an invaluable resource that will foster the growth and development of any organization. PG consulting also offers business consulting services geared towards efficient operations in the company. The aim of the company is to help their client organizations excel in a highly competitive and challenging business environment.

Reasons to choose PG Consulting

·        Years of experience- PG Consulting has been in the human resource management scene for over 20 years

·        Great Customer service

·        Business consultation

·        Cost and time effectiveness

·        Business expertise

eRecruiter Nigeria

eRecruiter Nigeria is a Professional Recruitment Consultancy and Staffing Services Firm. eRecruiter not only helps businesses find personnel to fill their vacant positions but also helps job searchers find jobs. A job seeker can also get useful advice and recommendations as regards their career. eRecruiter Nigeria uses the internet to find the best candidates for organizations. With eRecruiter, an organization is offered more choices and able to reduce their cost per hire. eRecruiter helps to find excellent workers for a particular position at a firm. The company boasts of being a trusted recruitment partner to many business across Nigeria and becoming permanent agents to their customers.

Address: 6th Floor, Number 103 Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Clement Ashley Consulting

Clement Ashley Consulting describes itself as a holistic development consulting firm. You will find various job vacancies at Clement Ashley Consulting. There are also many other services available asides from recruitment, such as consultancy, career development, training courses etc. Clement Ashley boasts about being a holistic development consultant that is they help with all aspects of a company’s growth and development.

·        Leadership

·        Finances

·        Strategy

·        Operations

·        Organizational Development

·        Human Resources

·        Human Capital Development and Culture

Clement Ashley Consulting helps organizations achieve their goals of moving from one level of development to the next. It does this by identifying the specific needs of such organization, analyzing their business problems and providing customized solutions for them. If you are a business owner or company looking for a recruitment agency that will serve as a one stop for all your needs, you should try Clement Ashley Consulting.

NG Careers

NG Careers is one of the most popular recruitment agencies in Nigeria. NG Careers is a huge Nigerian network with a database of available job positions and job seekers. NG Careers affords you the opportunity to post your job vacancies on their website. The website categorizes posts according to industry, company name, location or field. NG is one of the first options when looking for job vacancies, recruitment insights, and career advancement tools. The agency boasts of providing the largest and most varied job listings in the market which makes them the choice job portal for the majority of Nigeria’s corporate organizations and skilled talents. On NG Careers, you will also find diverse candidates that cut across different careers and industries. NG Careers was founded in 2009 and has grown over the years to become a trusted source for prompt job vacancy postings which is beneficial to job seekers and also help organizations get their human resources on time.

NG Careers is also a top recruitment agency because of its cost-effectiveness. Organizations are able to place job adverts to reach a highly targeted audience. Also, these adverts, both for the organization and the job seekers are highly visible. All these make NG Careers a choice recruitment agency in Nigeria.

Adexen Recruitment Agency

Adexen Recruitment Agency is an international recruitment company that offers services in Africa and Europe. The company specializes in consultations and recruitments and has an office in Lagos, Nigeria. As a global human resources company, Adexen provides business and support services that meet with international standards. Adexen caters to clients across all industries, such as human resources, Legal, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Engineering and Supply chain.

Consultants at Adexen are experts in their various fields and they use modern systems and processes in carrying out their duties. These ones are also experienced and bring a wealth of knowledge in finding talents for companies.

Peoplesource Consulting

Peoplesource Consulting is a team of experienced human resources consultants. The company focuses on helping people reach their full potentials and helping companies grow and perform better. The company’s field of expertise include:

  • Digital and business transformation
  • Human resource consulting
  • Corporate governance
  • Search and selection
  • Certified and accredited learning
  • Consulting tools and products

Peoplesource adopts a unique approach to search and selection. They also develop long-term relationships with our clients due to their excellent performance and selection of candidates who are of the highest quality. In addition to recruitment services, Peoplesource also provides a variety of consulting tools and products to help an organization build a productive and engaged workforce. Peoplesource also partners with organizations globally to deliver a variety of certified and accredited learning courses.

Staffline Consulting Limited

Staffline Consulting Limited is a recruitment agency that specializes in human resources services, management and consultancy. Staffline provides solutions to human resources problems faced by different organizations. The company makes sure to deliver its services in a professional manner so as to ensure sustainable growth and profitability to organizations and businesses.
Services offered by Staffline include:

·        Executive search

·        Recruitment solutions

·        Training

·        People management

·        Test development

·        Psychological services

·        e-learning

·        Change management

Staffline Consulting Limited has earned the confidence and trust of businesses in various industries including; Banking, Mining, Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, Construction, Manufacturing.

Address: Number 8 Obanikoro, St, Obanikoro, Lagos


Myjobmag is a popular online database available to all Nigerian job seekers and businesses who are in search of new employees. The company website has many interesting features. For example, you can find vacancies according to your level of education, field of interest, career path, region or state. Myjobmag has been used by many job searchers in Nigeria.

IRIS Consulting

IRIS Consulting was established in 2002. The company claims it was founded in response to the problem of unavailability of learning tools for many job seekers and organizations in Africa. Presently, IRIS Consulting has a headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria and has developed alliances and partner relationships across the globe.

Address: 1st Floor, PC 1, Engineering Close, Victoria Island, Lagos, Lagos, Lagos

Phone01 471 4639

Phillips Consulting

Phillips Consulting was founded in 1992 and has its headquarters in Nigeria. Since the time of its establishment till now, the company has been a leading business and management consulting firm in Nigeria. Philips Consulting serves clients across Africa through its offices in Lagos & Abuja. It specializes in providing outsourcing services, technology services and personal and brand transformation services.

BBC Consulting Limited

The full meaning of BBC Consulting Limited is Balogun Badejo Consulting Limited. The company offers professional consulting services in the areas of Human resources, financial and accounting, management and Information technology. Balogun Badejo Consulting Limited has been in the business of consulting and human resources management since 1975. Other services provided include management consultants, Manpower Training, E-business Support Services & Publishing etc.
Address: Charter House, 199, Ikorodu Road, Obanikoro Lagos.
Phone: +234 1 4977941


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