Top 5 Online Investment Platforms in Nigeria

EZ Farming

EZ farming launched in 2018. The platform aims to connect youth farmers to investors and provide a platform for Nigerians to invest in Agriculture. EZ Farming prides itself as the first-ever Nigerian farm accelerator. EZ farming is an agricultural investment platform that provides alternative ways of investing beyond bonds and stocks. This agricultural investment platform also describes itself as a ‘modern agricultural investment company’ that guarantees returns for all investors at the stated time of contract.

Investors can earn between 11% to 45% on their investments, depending on what farm they choose to invest in and their investment portfolios. EZ Farming currently does not have an app but it runs an active website. The company can also boast of a great deal of funding which in turn guarantees the security of funds for investors. Investors can choose what farm they want to invest in.

Top 5 Online Investment Platforms in Nigeria

EZ farming promises the following:

High returns on investment: The platform guarantees great yields from experienced farmers.

Agricultural expertise: Investors can be sure that the farms they fund are operated by Agritech Experts.

Funds secured: The platform guarantees that all funds are secured with low risk and extensive insurance coverage on the farm.


Bamboo is one of the top investing apps in Nigeria that helps you buy and sell hundreds of Nigerian and U.S. stocks. The good thing about Bamboo is that you can start with as little as $20. The company noticed how tedious and expensive it was to buy and sell stocks listed on the Nigerian & U.S. stock markets, therefore, it aims to make the funding, trading, and tracking of investments easier.

Bamboo is also a member of the Nigeria Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), and the U.S. Securities Investor Protector Corporation (SIPC), which guarantees the investor’s funds by up to $500,000 with the Securities Investor Protector Corporation (SIPC).

How to get started on Bamboo

  • Download the Bamboo App on App Store or Google Playstore
  • Create an account
  • Choose from hundreds of Nigerian and US stocks which you want to invest in
  • Fund your Naira and Dollar account and start buying and selling shares

CrowdyVest (FarmCrowdy)

CrowdyVest App was created in a bid to promote agriculture in Nigeria. Basically, On the CrowdyVest mobile app, farmers are matched with sponsors.  This is another platform that allows for investments in agriculture.

Sponsors/investors also receive updates via pictures, texts, and video formats during the farm cycle. At the end of the farm cycle, the sponsor will then receive a percentage of the profit in addition to the initial capital after harvest has been made.

How to get started with FarmCrowdy

  • Download the Farmcrowdy app on Google Playstore
  • Install and sign up in the app
  • Identify a farm of your choice and sponsor as many units as you can afford

Farmcrowdy guarantees a secure platform for Nigerians interested in agriculture investment plans. The investor is able to decide what kind of farms they want to sponsor. All an individual needs to do is sign up on the Farmcrowdy platform by creating an account, selecting the farm units they are interested in sponsoring, as long as it is available.

The funds provided by the sponsor is used to secure the land, empower the farmer with what s(he) needs, plant, insure the farmers and farm produce, sell the harvest and perform all other processes needed to complete the full farming cycle.

While this farm process is ongoing, investors are able to keep track of the process by getting updates via the website or the Farmcrowdy app. Investors can also request to go on farm visits so they can speak with the farmers. At the end of the farm cycle, Farmcrowdy pays the farm sponsor their initial funds and the return on investments.

 Thrive Agric

Thrive Agric is another top investment app in Nigeria. If you want to grow your funds by investing in agriculture while empowering farmers, you should check out Thrive Agric.

Thrive Agric is an agricultural business/investment platform that matches farmers with investors. All you need to do is fund any of Thrive Agric available farms and allow them farm in your stead.

In addition, Thrive Agric gives you detailed updates on the activities on your farm, from growth stages through the complete farm cycle, down to harvest. Thrive Agric offers up to 25% profit at the completion of the farming cycle.

How to get started with Thrive Agric

  • Download Thrive Agric app on google play
  • Create an account on the platform
  • Choose a Farm
  • Get Updates
  • Get Returns

Create an Account

Join the large Thrive Agric community of digital farmers and investors by creating an account. You can sign up by using your email to get started.

Choose a farm

After signing up, choose a farm from the available set of farms, select the number of units you would like to fund, and proceed to make the payments.

Get Updates

Thrive Agric gives each investor a personalised dashboard where you get regular updates on your farm progress.

Get Returns

Upon harvest and within the stated period, you can expect returns of proceeds from produce you have invested in. With Thrive Agric, you can invest across all kinds of farms such as poultry farms and rice farms.


Trove is an investment app that offers you the opportunity of investing in the US, Chinese and Nigerian Stocks and Government Bonds with as little as N1,000. The platform also provides you with easy tools you can use to keep track of all your investments. Thrive provides useful educational and investment tips to help investors make wiser decisions.

Most importantly, Trove uses bank-level security measures to protect customer’s personal information. Therefore, you can automate your investments by linking a debit card to the Trove app.

How to Get Started with Trove

  • Download the “Trove” app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  • Complete the KYC process to begin investing.
  • Buy any publicly traded equity, bond or foreign assets

Another benefit of Trove is that if you do not have enough money to buy 1 share of your favourite company, you can use the micro Investing option where you invest in bits.

The information on this website does not substitute for expert advice. Do seek advice before investing in any platform.



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