Masters of Business Administration: How to Enroll In Nigeria

Master of Business Administration is also termed MBA or M.B.A. It is a post graduate course for anyone who desires to major in business administration.  It actually originated from the United States and it has spread across the globe today.

mba degree

Virtually all universities across the globe offer MBA program.  It is a professional degree that can help take you to the next level academically.  Many Nigerian institutions are also offering MBA programs.

In fact, there is almost no university in Nigeria that does not offer the program.  It can be offered on full-time or part-time basis. It can also be offered on executive basis. Some institutions offer it as distance learning program where the student will not have to visit the main campus to receive lectures.

It is now left for you as an individual to decide on which particular type you want. You must however note that not all the institutions offering MBA programs make it available in the varieties mentioned above.

As hinted earlier, many institutions in Nigeria are offering MBA programs. The program is regulated by the National University Commission (NUC); do not forget that he NUC is also responsible for regulating and monitoring virtually all programs being offered in Nigerian institutions.

Benefits of MBA Degree

  • It helps you to advance your career.
  • It opens the door to better working opportunities
  • It provides flexibility in your choice of profession.
  • It is the best means of getting promotion at your working place
  • With an MBA degree, you will be able to earn more, since you will get promoted, leading to better pay.
  • The chances of sack will be very slim, since employers will like to retain their best staff members. Your MBA degree will ensure you are counted among the best.
  • Managerial position is very close by with MBA degree, since the company will believe in your ability to handle business-related tasks and problems and to provide solutions to such.
  • With an MBA degree, you will be knowledgeable enough to start your own business. Managing the business will never be a problem, since you would have been taught all you need to know about proper business management.
  • It will broaden your mind about business management and it will also broaden your horizon in your career path.
  • You will be seen as a natural leader by your company and this can only benefit you career-wise and financially.
  • MBA program will teach you how to be a good business manager and how to be a good team leader in a company, which will transform the way your business runs.
  • Job security is certain for anyone with an MBA degree.
  • You can get employment outside Nigeria if job is not available at home.

Duration of MBA program

It has been hinted earlier that MBA programs are offered on full-time, part-time, executive and distance-learning forms. You must note that each of them take different period of time to complete.

The full-time MBA program usually takes 2 years to complete. The part-time MBA program on the other hand takes longer to complete.  The classes are held during the evening on weekdays or on weekends.  It can take up to three years or more to complete.

The executive MBA program is designed for executives and managers and it can be concluded in two years or less.

Those attending such MBA programs are employees of various corporations, who decide to train their members of staff in specific areas relating to the operation of the corporation.

In the case of Distance-learning MBA, the student does not visit the main campus to receive lectures; they attend lectures off-campus. In the Nigerian setting, the off-campus lectures place can be located outside the city or state in which the main campus is located.

The federal government has however placed restriction on how far an off campus lecture place can be from the main campus.

Admission requirements

Admission requirements demanded by one institution may differ a little from what another institution demands. Be that as it may, there is some level of similarity in their demands.  Many institutions require that the student has certain credit level in order to get admitted.

Some other schools do not really care much about this; they may admit the student even if he/she has only a pass.  The student also has to present his/her transcript from the university he/she graduated from.

Additionally, the student is required to present a resume that contains all significant work experience before or after university graduation. The student will also have to present essay and letter of recommendation.

Some schools may equally base their admission requirement on extracurricular activities of the student.  Some may go to the extent of asking for any community service the student had ever engaged in.

In some instances, the student may be asked to state why he/she wants to pursue the MBA degree and what impact his degree will have on the country or his/her community.

If the student is applying for MBA program abroad in countries like England or UK, he/she will be asked to register for and pass Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). He/she may also be asked to write the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

University degree is not the only acceptable degree for MBA program admission; students that graduate with Higher National Diploma from accredited institutions too are given admission.

Registration for MBA programs is very easy these days. All you have to do is to visit the schools’ website to register. You will be required to fill some forms, which can be filled right online.

You will also be required to attach all necessary documents, which can also be attached online and sent across to the school. You will have to provide an email address, which is the route via which the school will communicate with you in the event your admission is successful.

Find out if that particular course is accredited in that institution before you register with them. Carefully consider if you meet up with the criteria required for admission before applying. Compare schools and go for the most affordable and most convenient among them.


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