List of Recycling Companies in Abuja


Waste and litters have become a cause of concern and health hazards in Nigeria. Unfortunately, it is a problem yet to be tackled by the government and local authorities. Although waste management seems less relevant and quite capital intensive, it is equally very important. One of the reasons the Nigerian government does not take waste management seriously yet is because immediate or long-term revenue generation from the sector does not seem to be in sight. Also, the average Nigerian on the street seems unaffected by the waste piles littering the gutters and streets, since they have a house to lay their head.

There are largely populated areas in Nigeria that don’t have any solid waste collection services available to them. In these areas, there is only an informal collection system where individuals collect solid waste from residents, and afterward, dispose of it improperly, which only makes matters worse. In a country like Nigeria, it is not unusual to find many who believe there are more pressing needs than waste management, however, Nigeria is fast running out of space to hide her garbage. This article is about the recycling business in Nigeria. This article covers a list of recycling businesses located in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

List of Recycling Companies in Abuja

List of Recycling Companies in Abuja

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Recycling business in Nigeria

There are recycling companies in the country that are engaged in the business of recycling waste materials such as plastics, nylons, metals etc. Read the full list of Recycling companies located in Abuja below:

Chanja Datti Co. Ltd

Chanja Datti Co. Ltd aims to make Abuja cleaner and healthier. The company engages in recycling plastic products such as different types of bottles, glasses, nylon bags, etc.

Location: Police Station/Division, Plot 813, Cadestral Zone B02, after Phase II, Abuja (Adjacent to United Missionary Church)

Qlx Waste Management & Recycling Services Limited

Qlx waste management and Recycling services Limited provides a modern waste disposal system which includes the collection of refuse and education of the public on the importance of proper waste management. Qlx Waste Management & Recycling Services Limited is registered with the corporate affairs commission to carry out the services of waste collection, recycling and evacuation of solid waste in Kubwa, Abuja.

Laurmann and Company Limited

Laurmann and Company Limited is an indigenous professional environmental service organization that started out in 1980. Laurmann and Company also offer top cleaning and environmental management services in corporate, commercial, and residential areas. The company aims to protect the environment in accordance with applicable laws in Nigeria.

Location: City Plaza, GF1, Rear wing at Plot 596 Ahmadu Bello Way, Abuja

Sole Scissors Ventures

Location: Plot 689 Gidado Idris Street, Wuye District, Abuja.

Cosmopolitan Cleaners Limited

Address: Suite B1, NSITF Plaza at Wuse, Abuja FCT Nigeria

Phone contact: 0806 099 9091

New wave Productions

Location: Number 1, Charly Boy blud Adlan Estate at Gwarimpa Abuja

Thurfman Support & Logistics Services Ltd.

Location: Suite C5A, Rajab Plaza Area 3 Junction at Durumi District, Abuja Municipal, Abuja

Panacea facilities Services Ltd

Address: Number 12, Fria Close, Royal Plaza, Suite C10 at Wuse II Abuja (opposite EFFC Office)

Mariam Indigenous Co. Nig. Ltd

Address: Number 4 Koutiala Street, off Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent at Wuse II, Abuja

Environmental Systems Int’l Ltd.

Address: Number 70, Emeka Anyaoku Street, Area II Garki, FCT Abuja

Yemokeen Ventures Ltd

 Address: Suite 14, Shopping complex. Funmilayo Ransom Kuti Way at Area 3, Garki, Abuja

Inex Cleaners Ltd.

AddressSuite B15, Maitama Shopping Complex, Chalawa Crescent (Off Limpopo Street) at Maitama, Abuja

Phone contact: 0803 283 3049

A- Tee Kleen Ltd

Address: Suite D203, Carter Plaza at Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja

Bmyalo Nigeria Ltd

Location: Suite 1, Aguiyi Ironsi, Cantonment Shopping Complex at Asokoro Abuja

Bisil Jon Hygiene Ltd.

Location: Top Floor, 70 Kor Mohammed Way at Central Business District Garki, Abuja

Cleanrite Ltd.

Location: Suite 3b, 3rd Avenue Shopping Complex, 252 Road at EFEB Estate, Life Camp, Abuja

Maishara Investment Limited

Location: Metro Plaza, Plot 991/992 Zakariya Maimalari Street at C.B.D. Abuja

Environmental Expression Nigeria Limited

Location: Gwarimpa F.H.A Collage at Number 12, Gusau Street, Abuja

Orein Maykleen Concern Limited

Location: Dansville Plaza, Behind AP, Filling station at APO, Abuja

First Spil Investment Limited

Address: Number 8, Bawku Street at Wuse 2, Abuja

Waste Point Limited

Address: Number 12, YPO Shodeinde Street, Off Segun Oluwa Street (Off Augustus Akomu) at Utako, Abuja

Merix Global Resources Limited

Location: Plot 855, Suite 101 Tafawa Balewa Area 11 at Garki Abuja

Shafat Global Resources

Location: Association Building at Gaduwa Estate, Abuja

Pal-Dunamis Dynamic Enterprises & General Contractor

Address: No.13 Awka Crescent war College Gwarimpa Abuja

Bency Pace Limited

Address: Commerce Plaza, Behind Old Secretariat, Area 1 at Garki Abuja

Palisco Nigeria Limited

Location: Suite CAB Rajab Plaza Ara 3 junction, at Durumi District, Abuja

Blacmoore Services Limited

Location: Number 2, Ademola Adedeji Crescent at Utako, Abuja

Anetor Industries Nigeria Limited

Address: Number 8, Damba Close, Wuse zone 5, Abuja

Advantage Nigeria Limited

Location: Number 2, Ademola Adedeji Crescent, at Utako Abuja

Thredz Ventures & Inventory Services Limited

Address: Number 4, Tamale Street at Wuse Zone 3, Abuja

Tesanto Nigeria Limited

Location: Number 12a, Kazaure Street at Area 2, Garki, Abuja

O’ Kleen Nigeria Limited

Address: No. 1 Oyi River Cresent, off Ibb way, ministers Hall at Maitama Abuja

Abunza Waste Management Resources & Leasing Comp. Limited

Address: Number 135, Ademola Adetokumbo Crescent at Wuse 2, Abuja

Poly- Global contracting Limited

Address: Murg Properties, Suite 108, 3rd floor, Number 1, Akwa Street at Area 10, Garki, Abuja

Wasteco Nigeria Limited

Address: Number 66, Associate Street, Karmo, Abuja

Dedoncha Nigeria Limited

Address: Murg Properties, Suite 108 on Number 1, Akwa Street, Area 19 at Garki Abuja

Mata Nigeria Limited

Address: Wuse Shopping Plaza, beside Golden Gate, Hotel Zone 5 at Wuse Abuja

Greentech Waste & Environmental Remedies Limited

Location: B 107, Number 11 Dunokofia Crescent. Area 11, Garki, Abuja

Premesis Care Limited

Location: Plot 284, Ndola Square at Wuse 5, Abuja

Unibright Engineering Limited

Address: Plot 171, Maken Street at Wuse zone 6, Abuja

Global Green Environmental

Location: Number 36, Ontario Cresceny, off Mississipi Street at Maitama, Abuja

Odosco International Ventures Limited

Address: Zeto court, Oshogbo close, off Emeka Anyaoku Street at Area 11, Abuja

Nature Environmental Services Limited

Address: Number 21/23 Road, Lugbe, Abuja

Al-Hussad Town clean

Address: Federal Housing Estate (Opposite Impresit camp) at Kado, Abuja

EFAB Environmental Cleaners Limited

Address: Emab plaza, Aminu Kano Crescent at Wuse II, Abuja

Patplus International Limited

Address: Plot 404, Ahmadu Bello way at Garki Area 11, Abuja

Riney Limited

Address: 36 Birnin Kebbi Crescent at Garki Abuja

Max Clean Becal Ventures Limited

Location: 36 Constitution Avenue at Gaduwa, Abuja

City Cleaners & Allied Products Limited

Location: Block 161, FHA Phase II at Karu, Abuja

Waste Masters Nigeria Limited

Address: Suite 4B, Owner Occupier Shopping Complex at Kubwa, Abuja

Packlean Limited

Address: K. City Plaza, Aminu Kano at Wuse II Abuja

Sahar Continental Limited

Address: Zuma Mall at Old C.A.C. Ndola Street, Wuse Zone 5, Abuja

Honey Cott Links Limited

Address: Plot 101 at Karu site, Abuja

Enape Energy & Environmental Services Limited

Address: BMG Plaza, Sfax Close at Wuse Zone 4, Abuja

Keniah Nigeria Limited

Address: Block 5, Flat 2, Yelwa close at Area 11, Garki, Abuja

Advantage Nigeria Limited

Address: Block 5, Flat 2 at Yelwa close Area 11, Garki Abuja

Tudure Ventures Limited

Location: Suite 6, Sillazeka, Plaza 29 on Adedeji Crescent, Plot 444 Utako District, Abuja

Medugu Towers Limited

Address: Number 6, Freetown Street at Wuse II Abuja

Janik Cleaning Nigeria Limited

Address: Suite 11, Plot E 111, Blessed Plaza at Karu site, Abuja

Sadro Soft Limited

Location: Number 78, Abidjan Street, Suite 11 at Wuse Zone 3, Abuja

Nikeron Enterprises Limited

Location: C 305, Abuja Investment Neighbourhood Centre at Garki II, Abuja

Ethan Commodities Limited

Address:  Wuse Zone 3, Shopping complex, Abuja

Kanma & Asscoiates Limited

Address: Number 17, Amazon Street, Maitama, Abuja

Richflood International Limited

Address: Chalawa Crescent Off Limpopo Street, Maitama, Abuja

Ludarak Engineering & Construction Limited

Address: PEB 04, Plaza, Dalaba Street at Wuse Zone 5, Abuja

Negro International Limited

Address: Number 37, Anthony Enahoro at Utako Abuja

Halcelemates Nigeria Limited

Address: Nigerian Army Estate at Kurudu, Abuja

Miravel Waste Management Limited

Address: Efab City Estate, 2nd Avenue at Mbora Estate, Life Camp, Abuja

Baron Estate Nigeria Limited

Address: Number 14, Old Karu Road at Karu Abuja

Miles Access Limited

Address: Number 18, Port- Harcourt crescent at Area 11, Garki Abuja

CITEC Environmental Waste Management Services Limited

Address: Number 18, Port- Harcourt crescent at Area 11, Garki Abuja

ULK Strategic Services

Address: E-Road, Citec Mount Pleasant at Mboro district, Abuja

Marion Global Concept Limited

Address: 838 Block B, Flat 1, Durumi District Area 1 at Garki, Abuja

Juma & Company Nigeria Limited

Address: Emab plaza, Aminu Kano crescent, at Wuse II, Abuja

Joejim waste Management Services Limited

Address:  Suite C. 312 at Garki mall 2, Abuja

Royal Timfun Limited

Address: Plot C. 20 off Gado Nasko Road, Paiko Street at Kubwa, Abuja

Widereach Engineering Company Limited

Address: Anbeez plaza, Ndola square at Wuse zone 5, Abuja

Stellavera Development Company Limited

Address: 4th floor, Oyo state House at Central Business District, Abuja

L & T Cleaning Services

Location: Anon Plaza at Joseph Gomwalk way Gudu, Abuja

Satch-Mo Technology Nigeria Limited

Address: Gate way plaza at Central Area, Abuja

Kateson Investment Limited

Location: Number 7 Aminu Kano Crescent at Wuse 2, Abuja

CATWOC Limited

Address: Constitution Avenue, Gaduwa estate, Abuja

Bethda Environmental Cleaners

Address: Number 40, Lord Lugrad Street at Asokoro FCT, Abuja

F& J Environmental Nigeria

Location: Block C 4B, Flat 8 at Karu site, Abuja

Irewenne Integrated Services Limited

Location: Number 45 Road, Corners shop at Gwarimpa, Abuja

Donatti Nigeria Limited

Location: Sokale Garden- Dutse Alhaji, off Bwari road, Abuja

Forthil Integrated International Limited

Address: Number 18, Umuozu street at Garki, Abuja

Talatu Integrated Ventures Nigeria Limited

Address: Number 38, Gana Street, Maitama Abuja

Idasimieka Resources Limited

Address: Number 10, OGB Avenue Jiwuyi Phase A at New extension, Abuja

Alifayus Nigeria Limited

Address: 1st Avenue, Kado Phase 1 at Kado Estate, Abuja

Allied Waste Management Services Limited

Address: Block 2, Flat 2, Abriba close, Area 11, Garki FCT, Abuja

Globex Waste Management Limited

Location: SCC along Kubwa, Gwarimpa expressway, Abuja

Jowyn design

Location: SCC along Kubwa, Gwarimpa expressway, Abuja

Watersprings Investment Nigeria Limited

Address: Jamnab Plaza, Off Ladoke Akintola Boulevard, Garki 2, Abuja

Caldwell Atlantic Nigeria Limited

Address: Suite B31/S32 Mangal Plaza at Area 11, Abuja

Rokozi Investment Limited

Address: Number 13, Dutse Street at Garki 2, Abuja

Voladex Technologies Limited

Address: Adisa Plaza, Adisa Estate, David Ejoor Crescent, Gudu District, Abuja

Hawkway Global resources

Address: Riverside Park 5, 2nd Crescent, Phase IV at Kubwa, Abuja

Rodney Resources & Logistics Limited

Address: Efab Estate Junction, Lokogoma District, Abuja

The recycling business has one major goal: to transform waste into something which can be used. In this way, the waste materials will no longer be toxic to the environment. Recycling entails the use of different technological operations by which these companies change the biological and chemical properties of wastes. These companies recycle materials such as aluminum jars and also paper products. Plastic waste is considered to be the safest and most common.


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