List of Real Estate Companies in Abuja


Real estate is one of the most lucrative and viable sectors of Nigeria’s economy. You need a real estate company if you want to buy or sell a property. A real estate company helps to make the process easy. When picking out the real estate company you want to work with, ensure it is a company that is well experienced. This article provides you with a list of real estate companies located in Abuja. Read on below:

List of Real Estate Companies in Abuja

List of Real Estate Companies in Abuja


Ayeye & Co

Deep-springs Facilities

Integax Jubilation Homes

Naim Properties Limited

Toyin Ilori Consulting

Onward Properties Ltd

Villa Afrika Realty

Winners Properties Nig Ltd

Arinze Onuegbu and Co

Boing Luxury Estates

Norris Greene & Associates

El Cannan Consultants Ltd

Excellent Real Estate Properties

Hallyx Consult Nig. Ltd

Home Solutions & Luxury Apartments Ltd

Ipent Estates

Landpreneurs Limited

Macking Engineering Limited

Mike Dike Providence Ventures Ltd

Mohazli Limited

Nellyani Properties & Investment Nig Ltd

Neostruct Bliss Home

President Properties

Skybound Properties Ltd

Temkins Properties Ltd

Abacus Building Services Limited
Abiji Valentine Modey
Abl Properties Ltd

Abuja Homes

Abuja plug
Ace Renaissance Limited
Adamu Kasimu & Associates
Adebayo Adeleye & Associates Ltd

Aderson Trading Nigeria Limited
Adron Homes And Properties Limited
Afronal Nigeria Limited
Agilent Business Solutions Limited

Avvy Real Estate

Agromines Exports Limited
Agubalu Ndubueze & AssociatesAkadonye Realeast
Akeenalee Resource Ltd
Alemoh Inanape Real Estate Developer
Alexxon Investment Company Ltd
Alphard Limited
Amaze Glamour Bead
Ap Global Homes and Investments Ltd
Aravody Limited

Armstrong Shelter Limited

Ashien Douglas & Co

Aso Savings And Loans
Autobarn Ventures

Avisterra Homes
B.m. Adeyemi & Associates
Baboss Properties

Bach and houses
Baf Estate Surveyors and Valuer
Bakare Bolaji And Associates
Bandir Global Ventures
Bara Space Solutions

Bargello Resources Limited

Berryfield Integrated Services Nigeria Lt
Berusa Global

Bge Property Holding
Bidmusdruhill Homes And Estate Abuja

Big Name Hub
Big homes
Bilaad Realty

Blancmansion Limited
Blue Edifice Properties Ltd, Abuja

Bode Adediji Partnership
Bricks And Talent Property Development Company Ltd

Buck Torres Nig Ltd

Bullion Group Ltd
Campanile Holdings Ltd.
Cephas Brawn Services Limited
Charles & Associates
Charles Nick Solutions Limited

Charlie property Consult

Cheekaabee Nig Ltd
Chibuzor Ogugua Consulting
Chidarlton Nigeria Limited
Chigo Properties
Chozen Global Investment Ltd
Cicero Areli
Cincinnati Homes Limited
Citacle Real Ltd
Citi Design Works and Associates Limited.
Clinton Ebinama & Co
Cob Properties & Co
CPM Consulting Ltd
Crownprince Properties & Development Limited

Dan-Ric Nigeria Limited
Deep-Springs Facilities

Destrut Global Services
Dhabi & Co Limited
Diamond Realtors
Diank Real Estate Ltd
Diaspovest Limited
Diddyz Haven Nig. Ltd

Dittoholaris Limited

Divine Shelter Property Limited.
Dostel Global Resources Limited
Drekford Global Concept Ltd
Easy Dreams Properties
Easyway Global Services
Ehiz Homes And Shelter Ltd Abuja
El Muazu Ventures
El-Jimka Associates Limited
Elshadai Property
Emdora Consult Nig Ltd
Emebunor International
Emko Logistics Ltd
Emmaugo Global Ltd
Ennovative Properties
Epaphrase & Associates
Exclusive Ventures

Feenix Concepts

Fidelity Properties

First Spring Integrated Properties Ltd

Formula One Properties Ltd
Freduc Limited

Freyze Synergy Services Ltd
Full-Scale Development Company
Gbenga Olaniyan & Associates (Abuja Office)

Gee-X Properties Enterprise
Glo-Pac Resources

Global Satelite Property

Grafpe Multi Resources Ltd
Greenfield Real Properties And Estate

Greenstone Real Estate Services.

Habay Ventures

Habitat Multiconcept Solutions Ltd
Hadnik Global Resource

Hallyx Consult Nig. Ltd
Haod Heights Ltd
Heflam Services

Hemi Global Enterprises

Hibee Global Property Ltd

Hill Resources

Hoegate Global Ventures
Homebuyershub Nigeria
Honesty Real Estate Agencies
Houlert Technologies Ltd

Husniyah Nig Enterprise
Ifedi Homes and Properties
Ifediak Nigeria Limited
Ifybennett Services Ltd
Ikon Facilities
Ikpehowers Solicitors & Co
Innohomes Ltd.

Interkelz Global Concept

  1. Uzo & Associates
    Jacoral Investments Limited

Jadel Properties

Jaycitreaker Integrated Concept Ltd

Jide Taiwo And Co
Jiya S N & Partners

Joa Integrated Services

Jogoye Concept Limited

Julitee Global Nigeria Limited

Kai S .C. A & Co, Property’s.
Karl Nad Limited
Kendor And Co Property Ltd
Kene Onuora Consulting Esv.

Kenzakin Enterprise
Kingfem Estates Limited

Kingmax Global Consult Limited

Kingsmate Properties Ltd

Macfadan Properties
Mann Bluc & Crane Limited
Marshall Consulting
Maryland Real Estate Services And Facility Management Limited
Mercatoria Services Limited
Metal Bricks And Mortar Structures Ltd

Mike Dike Providence Ventures Ltd

Mr Capable Estate Management

Muari Royal Concept Ventures

Nitreus Properties And Investment Ltd

Noble Prince Properties & Resources Limited
Nonso Anene & Associates

Norris Greene & Associates Ltd
Northcourt Ltd
Nuben Properties
Nwofor Emmanuel & Co

. S . Boroni Associates
O2 Realtors

Ob Realtors And Logistics Limited

Obi Udeh & Co

Ochacho Real Homes
Oga Handy Housing Providers

Olaleye, Olatunji, And Partners
Ome Associates (Limited)
Ome Associates Ltd
Paraclete Consulting Limited
Pebville Nig Ltd.

Pharaoh properties

Praxis And Gnosis Real Estate Services

Prinsef Ventures Nig. Ltd
Property Keeng

Property Mattaz

Revered Properties Enterprise
Ricosino Property Investment Ltd

Rowland Slaw Ltd
Rumen Integrated Services Ltd
Russet International Ltd
Ruth Ama Estate Services
Sam Onah Consulting
Sam-Iyke Holdings
Sammie-Yong Consultants
Sd Synergy Consults
Selcom Associates International Limited
Shelden Properties & Estate Consultants Limited
Smartrod Nigeria Limited
Som Anene & Partners
Sow Real Estate
Sow Real Estate Nig Ltd
Sperc Ltd

Swizz Homes Ltd

Synergy Real Property
T-Media Concept

T.pumpy Concept

Taa’f Properties Management & Co
Tajo Properties

The Crown Property Service
The Mls Properties Ltd
Tonado Blueprint Ng Limited
Tseneco Infrastructure/Facility Management
Ubosi Eleh + Co.

Universal Prosperity Titles And Services Lt
Unogwu Ventures

Vailkoncepts Nig. Ltd
Vixtech Real Estate Consult
Wale Aderibigbe & Co

Waterfalls Properties
Wealth Homes Properties And Services Ltd
Wealthpool Global Resource
Welfare Properties
Williamson Exclusive Foresight Limited
Winner’s Property (Subsidiary Of Zukada Investment Nig. Ltd.)
Xtric Global Limited

Zeus First Class Ltd

Zezi-Forte Global Solutions Ltd

3a Empire Ltd
365 Property
4realy Consult
Abo Property Consult
Lansar Aghaji & co.

Primex Planet Properties

Mandels properties and luxury homes

Portal realties Nigeria Limited

Selcom Associates International Limited

Supo Ojo & Co. Estate Surveyors and Valuers

Femi Gilbet Ltd

Metro Frank Group Limited

Pirotti Projects Limited

Hallyx Consult Nig. Ltd

Home Solutions & Luxury Apartments Ltd

Ipent Estates

Kellos Nigeria Company

Skybound Properties Ltd

President Properties

Pinco Properties

Onward Properties Ltd

Neostruct Bliss Home

30Nellyani Properties & Investment Nig Ltd

Mike Dike Providence Ventures Ltd

Mohazli Limited

Mcdenum Empire

Landpreneurs Limited

Excellent Real Estate Properties

El Cannan Consultants Ltd

Century 21 Nigeria Real Estate Group

Boing Luxury Estates

Arinze Onuegbu and Co

Anakah Properties

Villa Afrika Realty

SED Limited

Norris Greene & Associates

Naim Properties Limited


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