List of Local Governments in Anambra State


Anambra is one of the 36 states of the federation located in the south-eastern part of Nigeria. The name Anambra is the English version of the river Ọmambala which is the Igbo name of the Anambra River which could not be pronounced by the colonialists. The Anambra river flows through the state. The capital of Anambra state is Awka. Onitsha is another historic town in Anambra state which is the largest urban area in the state. Anambra state’s theme used to be ” Home for all” but has been changed to “Light of the Nation”. Anambra state has 181 towns in it. Anambra state shares boundaries with Delta State to its west, Imo State and Rivers state to its south, Enugu State to its east, and Kogi State to its north. The major ethnic groups in Anambra state are the Igbo which makes 99% of the population in Anambra state. Anambra is the eighth-most populated state in the whole country. It is the second-most densely populated state in Nigeria after Lagos State.

This article is on the local governments in Anambra state.

List of Local Governments in Anambra State

List of Local Governments in Anambra State

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Aguata is a Local Government in Anambra state, with its headquarters in Aguata town. Aguata town is where the headquarters office buildings is located. Aguata town has a major part it fall into Ekwulobia, a major commercial town of Aguata LGA, while the smallest part of Aguata town falls into Aguluezechukwu. There has been an age-long contention between the indigenes of Aguluezechukwu and Ekwulobia as to which town is to claim ownership of GAuata land and status of the headquarters of the LGA. The government of Anambra State officially declared Aguata town as the headquarters of Aguata Local Government Area.

Anambra East

Anambra East is located in the Eastern part of the state. Oil and gas was found in large quantity in Aguleri town (located in Anambra East)

Anambra West

Anambra West has an abundance of crude oil and natural gas. The area is in fact rated as having the highest oil reserves in all of the country. Large amounts of natural gas and oil in Anambra West are still untapped.


Anaocha is a local government area in Anambra State and located in South-eastern Nigeria. There are seven towns that make up the Anaocha local government and Neni is its headquarters.

Awka North

Awka North is located in south-central Nigeria.  There are 10 towns that make up the local government with Achalla as the headquarters.

Awka South

Awka South is made up of nine towns, In the past, the people of Awka South LGA were renowned for blacksmithing. Today, they are respected among the Igbos for their technical and business skills. Awka town is the headquarters of Awka South and the seat of government. Isiagu community, another town in Awka south is one of the most fertile land used for farming in the area. It is also one of the most ancient towns in South-Eastern Nigeria (Igbo land). Isiagu community has a history of peace and a strong cultural heritage.


Ayamelum is located in the south-central part of Nigeria with 8 towns and headquarters at Anaku.


Dunukofia is located in south-central Nigeria. There are 5 towns that makeup Dunukofia local government with Ukpo town as headquarters. The local government shares boundaries with Awka North, Idemili North, Njikoka and Oyi local governments.

The people of Dunukofia are predominantly agrarian. However, giant strides are being made in commerce and education. Dunukofia is one of the most accessible local governments in Anambra State, with federal and state roads crossing it at different points.

Ekwusigo is located in south-central Nigeria in Anambra state.

Idemili North is located in south-central Nigeria. There are 10 towns in Idemili North with Ogidi as headquarters

Idemili South is located in South-East Nigeria in Anambra state. Seven towns make up the local government with Ojoto as headquarters.

Ihiala Local government

Ihiala town has is the local administrative capital of Ihiala Local Government Area. The Local Government Area has a population of about 87,796. It lies in the agricultural belt of the state.


Njikola is located in south-central Nigeria. Towns that make up the local government are seven in number with Abagana as headquarters

Nnewi North

Nnewi North is located in south-central Nigeria. Nnewi is the only town located in Nnewi North LGA. However, Nnewi has four sub-towns. These are Otolo, Uruagu, Umudim and Nnewi-ichi.

Nnewi South

Nnewi South is located in Anambra South with a population is approximately 1 million. Ukpor is the headquarters of Nnewi South.

Ogbaru is located in south-central Nigeria. Atani, a port city is the area’s local government headquarters. Ogbaru people are renowned farmers and warriors. Ogbaru was infact a food basket in Biafra country, after the war. They also share clan lineage and boundaries with Ogbaru people in Delta State and Rivers State. Ogbaru local government has a Nigerian naval base, an industrial river harbor, a refinery and federal roads under construction. There are also other roads that lead to parts of the southeast and south zones of Nigeria.

Onitsha North is located in south-central Nigeria. Onitsha is the only town in Onitsha North LGA.

Onitsha South is located in south-central Nigeria. Fegge is the only town in Onitsha South LGA

Orumba North is located in Anambra State, East-central Nigeria. 16 towns make up this local government. It is a region with markedly fertile land for agriculture. Major crops grown in Orumba North are rice, yam, cassava, and palm oil. Most of the population in Orumba North are subsistence farmers and traders. A Federal Polytechnic is also located at Okoh, a town in Orumba North, hence, there is a large student community in the area.

Orumba South is located in Anambra State, south-central Nigeria. 21 towns are in Orumba South with Umunze as the headquarters of Orumba South.


Oyi is home to the Oyi people. The towns that make up the local government are Nkwelle-Ezunaka, Awkuzu, Ogbunike, Umunya and Nteje.







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