10 Best Courses in Nigeria to Study In This Era

The preferable courses in Nigerian universities are based on the prospects and high chances of job opportunities in the Nigerian labour market. Nigeria has a low employment rate. Some courses are not as highly sought after as some others especially in our time. It is wise to make smart choices about what course to study that can give you more opportunities than others. Of course, with studying any of these courses, one must work hard to graduate with good grades because of the competitiveness in the job market. Below is a list of courses and what they are about which are valued in Nigeria and with which you have high prospects of getting not just a job but an equally satisfying one.

Best Courses in Nigeria to Study In This Era

10 Best Courses in Nigeria to Study In This Era

  • Accounting

Accounting and Finance Accounting has found its way to being one of the best courses to study in Nigeria. Accountants are needed in almost all professional fields. Amazingly, those who study courses related to finance are not only needed in banks. Such can work in different places and companies such as airports, banks, churches, hospitals, etc. Many even play a financial advisory role or some other position in these quarters. The options are limitless. Graduates in Accounting and Finance can also work in government establishments. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in accounting, you should also get some professional certification examinations to enable you to climb up the ladder. All the same, with this course, you have a great career ahead of you.

  • Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Chemical and Petroleum Engineering is among the best courses to study in Nigeria. This should not be a surprise. Currently, petroleum is the bedrock of the Nigerian economy. Petroleum companies are one of the best-paying companies in Nigeria. In this field, you are assured of varying career options and a buoyant financial reward. The chemical and petroleum industry is always on the lookout for smart and worthy graduates in these fields to be employed. Although finding a job here is not easy, once you are able to get one, you can be assured of good pay.

  • Pharmacy

Pharmacy is also one of the top courses one can study in Nigeria. Pharmacy is one of the respected courses in the country. Getting admission into Pharmacy is not cheap either and requires a high UTME score just like medicine. In fact, pharmacy students are reported to put in just as much work as their medical counterparts. Graduates of pharmacy deal with the formulation of drugs, its functions and the side effects of usage. A graduate of Pharmacy can get a job in a government establishment such as the National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) or other pharmaceutical companies, some go into private practice by establishing their own companies.

  • Computer Engineering and Information Technology

Computer Engineering and Information Technology are also included in the best courses one can study in Nigeria. The information technology sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors in our world today. Professionals in areas that deal with computing and technology are in high demand everywhere in the world, including Nigeria. If you study this course and obtain the skills needed, you can be sure of huge career prospects and pay that matches it.

  • Agricultural science

The field of Agricultural Science is a practical and broad interdisciplinary field. This is what especially makes it such a good course in a country like Nigeria. Practical courses that demand your intellect and hard work pay off in the long run. Having a degree in Agricultural science opens you up to many career opportunities such as crop farming, poultry farming, fishery, etc. You could also get a job with establishments that deal with agriculture and food. On completion of your first degree, you can also further your education in other agriculture-related disciplines.

  • Business Administration

Business administration is a broad field that borders on management positions. Graduates of business administration are needed in almost every organization and establishment so as to supervise the daily activities and growth of the business. Graduates of business administration handle the managerial, organizational, and operational responsibilities of a company or firm. Such is also open to varying opportunities and get experiences working in different companies.

  • Medicine

Medicine is regarded as one of the most marketable courses in Nigeria. This is because there is a huge chance of getting a job when one studies Medicine. However, admission into medicine is highly competitive and requires that one obtains very high marks in the UTME exams. The respect that comes with being a doctor is another reason why it is one of the most coveted courses in Nigeria.

  • Nursing

In spite of the high rate of unemployment, Nigeria is still in need of professional and highly trained nurses. Hence, it is highly employable and lucrative.

  • Law

Law has remained one of the top best art courses in Nigeria. In spite of the fact that the economic value of Law in Nigeria has declined in recent years, the course is still highly regarded due to its competitiveness.

  • Mass Communication

Mass communication is yet another marketable course in Nigeria. There are many opportunities in media houses which are open to students who study communication courses related to the media. A graduate of Mass communication can be a writer, presenter and work with a TV or radio station. One can even be self-employed and be a freelance journalist. A graduate of mass communication can also work in an embassy.

  • Estate Management

Estate management is one of the popular and most lucrative environmental courses in Nigeria. Estate managers deal with the evaluation and management and marketing of buildings and lands in both the private and public sector. There are fast-growing career opportunities in Nigeria for graduates of Estate management. Another good thing is that graduates of this course can easily become self-employed. Speaking in future terms and considering the growing population of Nigeria, estate management is one of the best courses to study in Nigeria.

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