Best Bookkeeping services in Nigeria


Bookkeeping is the task of filing source documents and recording of financial transactions in the books of accounts of a business including Pay gap analysis services.

Every business owner should have a dedicated team involved in the bookkeeping of the company’s account. However, many small business owners tend to do the bookkeeping by themselves. This often leads to poor record keeping and in many cases business failure.

Best Bookkeeping Service Companies in Nigeria

Best Bookkeeping services in Nigeria

Often times, most businesses fail to engage the service of a professional bookkeeper because of the perceived cost. Interestingly, this service is actually affordable if you know where to look.

In this post, we have compiled a list of companies that offer excellent bookkeeping services at affordable rates.

Edu Umechukwu & Co. (Chartered Accountants)

Edu Umechukwu & Co is a professional service providing auditing and bookkeeping services at an affordable rate.

The bookkeeping services include setting up proper and good accounting system for business in order to track income and expenses as well as setting up of the general ledger and maintaining it. To know more detail about the elsternwick accountants & bookkeepers, visit us here. The service also involved providing a full analysis of the monthly financial statement with a view to monitor performance Every bookkeeping task is done directly into the client’s account using the company’s web-based/online small business bookkeeping software.


Launched in 2015, Accountinghub is one of the leading small business accountants; offering an online and retail shop selling professional accounting services.

The company comprises a team of brilliant accountants and consultants offering quality accounting services to Nigerian SMEs.

It was born out of the need to grow healthier Nigerian businesses and the company offers an extremely new, affordable, fast and easy access to accounting and business financial consulting tasks.

Here are some of the benefits of using AccountingHub:

  • Access to funding
  • Take objective decisions using reliable financial reports.
  • Be tax and regulatory-compliant.
  • Save cost and impact their profit margins.
  • Reach qualified consultants easily without engaging them full-time
  • Purchase professional services on a pay-as-you-go basis


PML is a professional service firm providing services and solution in audit, tax, book-keeping, advisory and software.

The company is made up of a team of seasoned and experienced professionals with several years of experience, providing risk and compliance, auditing, taxation, accounting services, financial advisory and other finance-related services to clients across diverse industries including financial services, oil and gas, manufacturing, telecommunications etc.

The company’s service uses the “SET” approach, as a result, it is built around specialized software, expertise and training.

PML has done quite well in the last few years and it is focused on becoming the leading professional service firm that provides top-notch solutions to clients’ problems in financial advisory, risk and compliance, audit, tax and accounting services.

Pundit Bookkeeping Services

Pundit is one of the new accounting firms in the country providing specialized services for small and medium scale companies.

The company was set up with the goal of overcoming the challenges related to poor bookkeeping.

PBS was founded by Jovita Madojemu after she discovered the need for clear coordination of finances for SMEs in the country. The service offered by PBS is quite affordable.

FSC Professional Services

Founded in 2012, FSC provides deep technical knowledge and extensive industry experience to businesses which includes traditional accounting services and much more.

Over the years, FSC has grown to become the one-stop shop for SMEs accounting, taxation and business advisory solutions in Nigeria.

The company combines accounting, tax and advisory services in order to meet the needs and requirements of its client, irrespective of size or location. FSC is known to look beyond simply providing a service but in completely satisfying its clients.

FSC blends the latest IT solutions with its teams of dedicated professionals in order to consistently serve the needs of its clients and even exceed their expectations.


Pillarcraft is another top-notch bookkeeping platform that enables small and medium scale business in Nigeria to have access to real-time financial report that CFOs of large businesses and multi-Nationals have. This enables these companies make informed business strategy decisions that promote positive growth and business success.

The team at Pillarcraft is made up of chartered accountants with many years of experience supporting small and medium scale business in Nigeria. However, these individuals are not just limited to traditional support services as they are cloud accountants and Xero Certified. In fact, the company is a Xero Bronze partner.


Audeo was founded based on a young auditor desire to provide a simple and effective solution to all SME problems. The company was set up with the vision to become the to-go firm for back-office and decision support services to start-ups and small to medium scale businesses across Africa.

The team at Audeo is made of a bookkeeper that ensures the company’s books are balanced. The bookkeeper can either be virtual or in person.

Also, Audeo helps companies in their decision-making process and it doesn’t matter whether the company is a startup or has been in the game for long. Some of these decisions include deciding whether to take on new staff, how much to pay yourself as the business owner or whether to add a new segment to mop up excess capacity.

Also, Audeo has a cloud-based accounting system in the form of the Sage One which enables you find real-time business information whenever you need it.


Established by Rogbest Consult & Associates, YourAccountant is a smart accounting back-office owned by Rogbest Consult & Associates. The company is a registered firm of financial management experts in Nigeria.

The team is made up of highly trained and experienced financial professionals led by Chimezie R. Oleka, a chartered accountant with over a decade of experience in financial management.

The goal of YourAccountant’s primary focus is to provide affordable outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services to SMEs and other emerging businesses in Nigeria in order to fast-track the growth of these businesses.

The service offered by YourAccountant has several benefits which include; purchasing professional services on a pay as you go basis, re-positioning SMEs to access capital easily, ensure objectivity in decision-making, promote tax compliant as well save cost and improve the company’s profit margin.

Apart from the aforementioned companies, other companies involved in providing bookkeeping services and their addresses are shown below

  1. Inner Konsult Limited |Broad Street, Lagos Island, Lagos
  2. Silverdreams Global Communication |Abuja-Keffi Expressway, Nyanya, Abuja
  3. Chronicles Business Solutions |Abule Egba, Alimosho, Lagos
  4. Tegsol Consulting |Victoria Island, Eti Osa, Lagos
  5. Double-Entry Bookkeepers | Garki 2, Garki, Abuja
  6. RH Consulting Financial & Accounting Services |Isawo Road, Ikorodu, Lagos


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