How to Pay For Facebook Ads in Nigeria


How to Pay For Facebook Ads in Nigeria

Advertising on Facebook is considerably profitable. This is more so if you select your target audience properly. Facebook can help present your adverts to the right target and you can start raking in money before you know it.


Some people have made lots of money via Facebook ads and you too can join them today and start smiling to the bank. If you do not know how to pay for Facebook ads right here in Nigeria, this write up is designed to hold you by the hands till you get it right.

Challenges encountered by Nigerians

Some of the challenges regarding paying for Facebook ads as Nigerians are highlighted below:

• Inability to pay for Facebook ads using the local naira denomination. Facebook only permits one payment in foreign currency, which is a luxury many Nigerians just cannot afford.
• Creation and configuration of adverts to meet target audience is somewhat complex for many Nigerians, leading to loss of money by those who lack experience in this regard.

This write up is designed to solve the two problems listed above.

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Paying using naira for Facebook ad

You can pay for Facebook ads using naira and right from your bedroom in Nigeria.
In order to pay for your Facebook advert using naira, all you have to do is to link with payment agents in Nigeria that will help carry out the whole process.

These companies act as payment agents. They will receive your money in naira and help you make the payment. All you have to do is send them details of the ad and the naira equivalent of the amount you want to pay on Facebook. They will handle the rest for you at a fee. The fee varies from one service provider to the other

PayPal payment method

Instead of paying through an agent, you can equally pay for Facebook ads directly using PayPal. It is common knowledge that PayPal now allows Nigeria to own PayPal accounts, though there are still certain restrictions on Nigerian PayPal accounts.

You can link your Nigerian PayPal with your bank account and transfer the amount you want to pay for Facebook ad from your Nigerian bank account into your PayPal account. You can then use the fund transferred into the PayPal account to pay for Facebook ads.

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Before you can use PayPal as means of payment on Facebook, you are required to add the PayPal account to your Facebook account. This is a very simple process and you can get all the details on Facebook’s Payment Methods page.

Using your debit card

Facebook permits you to make payment for ads using the conventional debit cards. So long as the debit card bears the logo of Visa or MasterCard, it can be used to make payment on Facebook for Facebook ad.

Process involved

• First choose the particular element you want, be it Campaign, Ad Sets or Ads.
• Choose the most appropriate editor.
• Afterwards, choose the right objective.
• Choose your audience.
• Set your budget, which can be daily budget or lifetime budget.
• Set the schedule of the ad.
• Create your ad following a simple process and you are home and dry.



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  1. Subomi

    Pls facebook isn’t accepting my debit card. I need a trusted agent that can help me run my ad today. It’s urgent. I would pay in naira. Call me or whatsapp me on 08029717537 .

  2. mbazeworld

    Facebook accepts Naira debit card, except that the banks have been streamlined to just few. So not all debits card would be acceptable.

    1. Sunny

      What type of Naira debit cards are accepted by Facebook for payment

  3. Sabadoe

    Pls can you help me pay for my Budget for Facebook Advert. So that i send Naira to you. Is it Possible? Let me know.

    1. Tosey

      Yes. It is possible. You can chat me up on WhatsApp 09021178078

  4. Jonathan

    You mean one cannot pay with valve card?

  5. Timmy

    How come you don’t have dates on your post? It waste time. Pls edit your template so it can show your dates of posts. Thanks

  6. Foskaay

    Thanks for this post.

    Most cards are declined but we have discussed a solving of practical way we got to be able to pay Facebook Naira ads account.

    1. How

    2. tunde

      what is the way we can use to pay for Facebook advert with our naira MasterCard.

      1. Tosey

        Hello! I can help advertise on Facebook. Chat me up on WhatsApp 09021178078


    true, facebook is no more accepting debit card.
    what can we do about that

  8. Ebuka

    Of recent facebook isn’t accepting nigerian debit cards. Have you noticed this?, what payment method do u suggest.

    1. Akinyemi Oluwatomisin

      Facebook now accepts Naira MasterCard via the PAYU option. you can also change the currency option during setup to dollars to enable the bank pay the dollars at bank rate with your atm debit card.

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