How to Pay For Google AdWords in Nigeria

How to Pay For Google AdWords in Nigeria

If you are a blogger and you desire to advertise your blog, you may have to subscribe for Google AdWords. And of course, it is not free. The payment process is one of the factors that get many people confused. Once they are at sea about how to make the payment, they give up half way. Some even make the payment without knowing how to manage their account and they end up losing their hard earned money.


This write up will open your eyes on how to make payment for Google AdWords the right and safe way.

What are the possible payment methods?

You can use your Naira MasterCard or visa card to make payment. If you just want to test the waters, Google AdWords coupons can also be used to place adverts on Google. The coupon only covers for one AdWords account.

I have used Zenith visa prepaid card for this and it has worked perfectly. GTB Naira MasterCard too can work for Google AdWords payment. You can equally try UBA Africard for this purpose.

You can apply for UBA Africard the same way you apply for the normal MasterCard or visa card linked to your naira bank account. You do not need to have any savings or current account with UBA before you can apply for and obtain the UBA Africard.

However, you need to link your BVN number to the card in order to be able to use it for any online transaction. This process should not be difficult.

To link your BVN to your UBA Africard, you can visit

On the site, provide the following information:

• Your prepared Client ID. Check it on the right bottom corner on the back of the prepaid card.
• Click on Verify tab to get the ID verified.
• Provide the 11 digit BVN
• Click on Submit and this will help link your BVN.

It is as simple as that and it should not take you more than 5 minutes or thereabout to complete.

So, how do I make payment?

• Start by logging into your Google AdWords account and then click on Billing.
• You will be directed to information on how to pay using manual Payments
• Next, click on make a Payment tab
• On that new page, click on Credit Card as your preferred method of payment.
• You will be prompted to provide your credit card details, your billing address and other information. Make sure that the billing address is same as the one you used to apply for the card with your bank.
• Next, enter the amount you are paying and click on Review Payment tab.
• Take some seconds to review the payment and then click on Make payment tab.
• Google will send you confirmation on this.
• The payment you have made will automatically show on your AdWords account balance if the payment was successful.
• After this, create your ads and start rolling in the cash.

As you accrue advertising cost, it will be deducted from your main balance and you will be shown the new deduction and updated account balance each time.

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  1. You used monetize instead of advertise. I don’t understand what you mean. I thought monetize mean using your website/platform to make money while advertise mean, using your money to promote your product or brand.

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