AliExpress Nigeria: How to Order Products From AliExpress

10 Shares is an online marketplace like Amazon where thousands of sellers put up their products for sale. It is owned by china’s leading online store With AliExpress you can actually start a mini importation business here in Nigeria as a lot of wholesalers are on AliExpress.

On you can find a whole lot of manufacturers, exporters, suppliers & individual sellers selling millions of products at a relatively cheap price(wholesale price). However if a price is too good to be true there’s a big chance that you can be scammed as the buyer protection is not as protective as that of popular US online stores like eBay and Amazon.

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AliExpress Nigeria: How to Order Products From AliExpress

This article would guide you on how to order any product safely on

How To Order Goods From AliExpress Safely

Visit and sign in. If you do not have an account do create one

1. Searching For A Product.

There a different methods of searching for products on AliExpress. You can search by using the search bar by typing in the name of the item you want to purchase then hit the search button.

Or you can also search by using the categories displayed by the left side of the page if you are using a laptop computer. Hover or place your mouse over a category and a sub category should be displayed. Select the category you are interested in and browse products.

Find a product from your search result and click on  “Chat now!” to contact the supplier. You can ask for details of the product to ensure it meets your expectation or if you require a modification to the product you can inform the supplier.

If the Supplier is offline you can click on the “Offline” link to leave a message with the supplier and you will be contacted when the seller comes online.

The most important step to shopping safely on is buying from Top-rated sellers and sellers with 5 stars feedback.

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2. Choosing a Product

If the product is what you want and looks good enough from the details and pictures as given by the seller, then go for it by clicking on the product.

Enter the quantity or colour if it has variants and Click on the “Buy Now” button then check out or Add the item to cart and continue your shopping.

When Checking out, a page is displayed to view your shipping destination and review your order.

3. Choosing a Shipping Method

When reviewing, you can select the shipping method for your product. While most cheap items come with the free shipping option, most other items comes with several shipping options. The cheaper the shipping cost the longer time it takes to get delivered to your address (be sure you give the right address; in case of any issues with your address changing visit for help).

Select your preferred shipping method, however we do not recommend the free shipping option as it can take over 3weeks to get your item and the free shipping option is not too reliable for destinations outside China.

4. Making Payment For Your Order

There are different methods of payments namely Visa Card, Master Card, Western Union, Bank Transfer and others so using your debit or credit card is quite easy and the best option as this is what most customers have.

Review your order once more and click on the “Place Order” button and you are Done!

5. Tracking Your AliExpress Order

You can easily track your AliExpress order by clicking on your account at the top right if you are using a laptop computer and selecting the “My Orders” option.

On the “My Orders” page, all your purchased items should be displayed where you can see the status & current location of your purchased item.

Usually when the product gets to Nigeria it would be sent to the nearest post office. The post office personnel would contact you wit the number provided when you made the order, but if you are not contacted and you can see your item as delivered in the tracking page then kindly visit the post office closest to the address given and ask for your package.

A small clearance fee is usually made to the post office as handling charge so we advise going to the post office with your ID card and a little amount of money for the handling charge.

Identify yourself, make the payment and pick up your Item.

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