AliExpress Nigeria: How To Order Products From AliExpress

9 Shares is an online marketplace like Amazon where thousands of sellers put up their products for sale. It is owned by china’s leading online store With AliExpress you can actually start a mini importation business here in Nigeria as a lot of wholesalers are on AliExpress.

On you can find a whole lot of manufacturers, exporters, suppliers & individual sellers selling millions of products at a relatively cheap price(wholesale price). However if a price is too good to be true there’s a big chance that you can be scammed as the buyer protection is not as protective as that of popular US online stores like eBay and Amazon.

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This article would guide you on how to order any product safely on

How To Order Goods From AliExpress Safely

Visit and sign in. If you do not have an account do create one

Search For A Product. There a different methods of searching for products on AliExpress.

You can search by using the search bar. Type in the keyword of the item and hit the search button.

You can also search by using the categories displayed by the left side of the page. Hover your mouse over a category and a sub category will be displayed. Select the category you are interested in and browse products.

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Find a product from your search result and click on  “Chat now!” to contact the supplier. You can ask for details of the product to ensure it meets your expectation or if you require a modification to the product you can inform the supplier.

If the Supplier is offline you can click on the “Offline” link to leave a message with the supplier and you will be contacted when the seller comes online.

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The most important step to shopping safely on is buying from Top-rated sellers and sellers with 5 stars feedback.

Buying from unrated suppliers is at your own risk.

If the product is good enough then go for it by clicking on the product.
Enter the quantity or colour if it has variants and Click on the “Buy Now” button then check out or Add the item to cart and continue your shopping.

When Checking out, a page is displayed to view your shipping destination and review your order.

When reviewing, you can select the shipping method for your product. The cheaper the shipping cost the longer time it takes to get to your address (be sure you give the right address; in case of any issues with your address changing visit for help) .

Select your preferred shipping method, please avoid the free shipping option as this is not reliable for destination outside China.

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Making Payment For Your AliExpress Order

There are different methods of payments namely Visa Card, Master Card, Western Union, Bank Transfer and others so using your debit card is quite easy as this is what most Nigerians have.

Review your order once more and click on the “Place Order” button
And Your Are Done!

Tracking Your AliExpress Order

You can track your AliExpress order by clicking on your account at the top right and selecting the “My Orders” option.

On the “My Orders” page, your purchased items would be displayed where you can see the status & current location of your product.

Usually when the product gets to Nigeria it would be sent to the nearest post office. The post office would contact you but if you are not contacted, kindly walk down to the post office and make enquiry.

A one time clearance fee of N500 is usually made to the post office as handling charge.

Make the payment and pick up your Item.

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  1. Princess Naomi

    Pls i want to buy weavon from china but i dont know how to do it, can someone me pls.

  2. Opeyemi

    Please is there any aliexpress office/agent to contact incase there is issue with delivery process..

    1. koko

      you can only contact the seller to find out if the order has been shipped and if yes check the post office you used in your shipping address.

  3. Mosunmola Akindele

    I want to start the importation business, I have an order now to supply in 3weeks which platform, Alibaba or Ali express will you suggest that I use.

  4. Gaph

    Hi, please I ordered for five different items from different sellers and used free shipping (China post small packet plus).

    Please how do I know if it has arrived Nigeria? Also, how will I know which post office it arrived at? Will I be notified?


  5. Kemi

    Good afternoon, I want to order some things from aliexpress and I wanted to know if Skye MasterCard will be accepted or if not which bank is advisable to use.

    1. olubunmi

      Aliexpress accepted skye bank mastercard. i used it on monday(30-4-18)

  6. Edmund

    Anyway I can private chat you?? Or call you in phone?

  7. nnamdi

    I’m a new buyer on aliexpress. I used 234 as my postal code for my Oyo state, Ibadan p but my real address.Will it affects the delivery process cause the goods have already bin shipped?

  8. Odubona

    Good day, have been using Gtb ATM master card for payment but it always says unsuccessful payment due to ur bank activities. What can I do? Thanks

  9. Rahma

    Hi vic
    I made my first purchase frm aliexpress and am a little scared my goods will nt get to me but by reading so many comment on dis platform am reassured and I can see am nt alone jst hoping my goods get to me

  10. James

    If it gets to Nigeria will it be received at the post office in the city you are in?

    1. Yes Sir

  11. Eunice

    Thanks for your writeup sir. I sell wristwatches in my shop and have added about 100 items to my wishlist but from many different sellers. Each seller named his own shipping method. My question is: will my items get to me one by one through the different means or will they all come together? I can’t buy everything i want from just one seller

    1. They will get to you one by one.

  12. jewel

    hi, pls I want to order some goods from aliexpress and make payment with my GTB card, pls how mush is the current exchange rate?

  13. Linus

    please I want to order two phones of the same product from the same buyer(both around $190) please can this be possible considering the CBN policy as you’ve mentioned.

  14. Kehinde

    My question is do i need a a registered mailing id before i can get my goods here in nigeria bcos only DHL deliver at door step.. How do i collect via other means

  15. Danikky

    Pls how much is gtb charging per dollar because i want to order for some goods on aliexpress.thanks

  16. zurie

    hello vic is diamond visa card acceptible for payment on alixpress..or their mobile app

  17. muinat sharafa

    hi vic, i want to order goods and i want different color,but theres no option for different color, how am i going to select my color and how will they know the color that i want?

    1. You should be able to see the different colours to select from on the page. Or you can try chatting with the seller to know if there are other colours.

  18. uche

    can i still order with gtb card

    1. Hello Uche, Yes you can…

  19. owen

    please is aliexpress still working in nigeria 2017 and is their post office in warri delta

  20. stanley

    I want to order a xiaoni phone of $200+ from aliexpress
    Can i pay with my diamond visa debit card?

  21. Gbenga

    Any suggestion of getting dollars please

    (message notgoing through… I’m resending)

  22. Gbenga

    Ok, please do you have idea or suggestions for getting dollars

    1. Gbenga,
      For now there is no other way.
      Even the banks will not sell to you.
      Government/CBN is trying to reduce dependence on foreign products by discouraging import.
      Plus they have low foreign reserve.

  23. Gbenga

    Hello, I’m planning of opening a dollar account in other to exceed the approved cumulative limit by CBN. I want to know if I’m to convert naira into dollars before i can deposit it into the dollar account. I’ve been buying at the rate of 320 par dollar through GTB debit card, and i don’t want to loss money by first changing to dollar from Aboki. Or is there any alternative for me to buy less

  24. Gbenga

    Good day sir. I’m planning of opening a dollar account in other to exceed the approved cumulative limit by CBN. I want to know if I’m to convert naira into dollars before i can deposit it into the dollar account. I’ve been buying at the rate of 320 par dollar through GTB debit card, and i don’t want to loss money by first changing to dollar from Aboki. Or is there any alternative for me to buy less

    1. Hello Gbenga,
      Except you have a source of getting dollars the only way is to buy from aboki and deposit into the dollar account.

  25. Please I want to order for the xiaomi mi4 and all options available are on free shipping. From you article you advice to avoid goods like that.

    1. It might take longer to receive it. But I advise you chat with the seller 1st.

  26. Ahmad

    Seems like the restriction on international transactions is true and I want to order for goods worth $350, how do I go about it?

    1. For now you can use a dormicillary account ATM card.
      Some banks like gtb are limited to just $100 a month.
      We can’t do much unless cbn reverses the ban

  27. Gtb has been 320

    1. Nice. Thanks for the update

  28. Eze ifeanyi

    Gud day vic can i use my uba master card for this transaction and am in anambra state which post office is closer to me

    1. Yes you can use your UBA master card on Aliexpress

  29. Pls how much is the current exchange rate to naira on aliexpress

    1. The exchange rate is a little different for all banks. Do contact your bank.

  30. Uche Esther

    Pls how much is the current exchange rate to naira on aliexpress

    1. gifto

      how much is their exchange rate now to our nigerian naira?

  31. kenneth

    Please am trying to order a phone from aliexpress priced at $284 free shipping, am using USA Mastercard, how much would that be equivalent to Nigerian naira? Don’t want to pay and shout. Wants to be sure how much in naira before I checkout?

    1. There’s no way anyone can give you the exact exchange rate. But for now it should be around the N380 range.

  32. faith b

    is ailexpress is still working here in Nigeria this 2016 pls I want to know

  33. hi
    i order an item from aliexpress now the item is showing unsuccessful delievry attempt who can talk with this in nigeria courier office as i was told the item is in nigeria. DHL office or NIPOST

    1. If you used the free shipping method or china shipping method then talk to Nipost

  34. lynda

    Hi Vic thanks so much. I have been ordering Fom aliexpress and dhgates for long now. I havnt had any problems. I have just made a payment using access bank MasterCard. After debiting me. They said the funds is not approved. I guess it will be refunded. But I want to knw which bank cards go without hitches. First bank is out of it. They said they dont allow it on this site. Help pls.

    1. You can use gtb.

  35. Patrick

    Hi Vic,
    I tried to pay for an item on aliexpress but got this response ” Invalid 3d Secure transaction ” What could be the problem?

    1. What method of payment did you select or which of the banks atm card did you use?

      1. Patrick

        UBA Mastercard debit card

  36. Hi I ordered on aliexpress June 16, I chose free shipping but am yet to receive my package. I have been unable to track it as well,each time I try it says my order has been picked. Pls what does this mean and what should I do. Tnx.

    1. Check the nearest post office to your house

  37. Hello. I ordered on aliexpress June 16 and am yet to receive my package. I chose free shipping and I have been unable to track it. Each time I try,it says my order has been picked. What should I do

  38. Pls hw do I chat wit supplier

    1. Do check properly as explained in the post the option to chat with supplier is there.

  39. Ezykliq

    Is there gonna be anoda payment apart from the product payment and shipping payment, am confuse..

    1. No there is no other payment.

  40. I tried paying for some items and I was told not successful, I dont have sufficient money in my gt account. But I have money more than the amount am to pay for. I choosed debit option.
    Please what am I to do?

  41. Emmy

    How many weeks will it take for me to receive a mobile phone here in nigeria when using DHL method? Secondly, how would I receive the package in my current state in nigeria ( Ado Ekiti) since there is no DHL office in the state?

    1. Less than 2 weeks.

    2. Kehinde

      Very quick like say 5working days

  42. Pls how can I know my coupon code to get items when I have some coupon and free coins? I have been trying to get my coupon code.
    Thank you

  43. Olukayodepace

    I use zenith bank and I can’t use my atm mastercard for dollar transactions
    What can I do

    1. Then get a dollar atm card from your bank.

  44. I already ordered for few goods with an initial shipping address.

    I need to leave where I am now to lagos cos I don’t know how long it would take, but I would be spending more time in lagos.
    Can I change the shipping address? . Meanwhile all the sellers has already placed the order.

    1. D2,
      If it has been shipped already then you cannot change the address.

  45. Am planning to get some children clothing items from Aliexpress.
    1.i do not know how really to go about it. quality are their clothing?

    3.the shipping rate on the items, are there really the amount that goes with the particular item?

    4.what shipping method is best in terms of saving cost. aliexpress has a particular time for sales and how do I check the prices from different stores? do I chat with the seller.
    Thank you.

    1. Oge,
      1. The post clearly explains how to purchase from Aliexpress.
      2. I cannot know the quality of what you want to purchase but what I do is order a single item of that product to attest the quality before making multiple orders.
      3. Yes the shipping rates is displayed alongside the product. However if the product has several shipping method you can choose the one you want. The osteoporosis expensive shipping methods are usually the fastest. Some have free delivery which can take 4 to 6weeks to arrive Nigeria.
      4. For saving cost the. Free delivery or China shipping method is recommended. I always use the China shipping method. Ups and DHL are quite expensive.
      5. Aliexpress is open 24hours a day but you may not be able to chat with the seller if you buy during their night time. China is ahead of Nigeria in time zone so it’s best you try to purchase in the morning if you intent to chat with the seller.
      6. Look closely at the sales page you will see the option to chat with the seller even before you purchase the product. It the chat icon is not there then there is an option to send a message to the seller and they usually reply.

      I hope this helps.

      1. Yes.thanks so much.
        Will let u know how far when am set soon.
        God Bless u.

        1. Please, when am dropping my address with ali express ordering things,how do I go about the address since it a pickup from the post office.
          Please, enlightened me on this.
          Thanks. Which of the shipment is alwsys better apart from dhl and its group.

          1. Oge,
            Just use your normal home address when registering, you order will only be shipped to the nearest post office close to your house.
            You can use any of the cheap shipping options they are all good. But the cheaper it is the longer time it would take to be delivered to you.
            The cheapest option is usually China shipping which can take 4 to 6 weeks to get to you. If that’s not too long for you then use that.

          2. Please, since I can use my gt naira master card to purchase things in dollars via aliexpress,will there be other charges apart from the item price and shipping? And if the money is for the items is being paid what is the exchange rate they do go with, is it the cbn exchange rate or the black market rate?
            The dollar is going higher and higher, is there hope of it coming down at all soon?
            Pls, how much is the current exchange of dollar to a naria now? Thanks

          3. You can use your atm card and there is no hidden charges what is displayed is what you will pay for. The exchange rate is the bank exchange rate.

  46. Essey

    i have been buying on aliexpress before now and tried purchasing some things again with my uba mastercard and diamond verve card which i have already registered on aliexpress but none of the transactions was successful.
    I got to know from my account officer in uba that such tranctions are no longer possible with nigerian atm cards, please what option do i have now to make purchases on aliexpress?

  47. Alex oche

    I like the forum.i am in makurdi,i ordered for some item,i choosed #15 -6o days.when will my item arrived.i ordered from aliexpress.thanks

    1. Within the days specified

  48. mira

    Note that using a savings account debit card does not pay on aliexpress,paypal etc.incase u might have problem during payment

    1. Hello Mira,
      I own a savings account debit card and I have purchased severally from AliExpress.

  49. Mohammed sani

    Hello, what is the problem with my registration, become no response from your end as to the status of my registration.

  50. Shuaibu adamu

    Which shipping method is the best DHL or post office

    1. Ahamu,
      DHL is usually expensive but its the safest and fastest.
      Your shipping method depends on how you value what you purchased.

  51. Shuaibu adamu

    I want to start buy good from Aliexpress how do i change naira to dollar

    1. You don’t need to change to dollars, you can purchase from Aliexpress with your Naira ATM Card.

  52. Josh Real

    currently, the is not functioning right or am i wrong? because its being 4weeks nw and my orders have left china and i dont what next step to take. is there an assurance i would get the orders delivered?

    1. Use the aliexpress tracking page to track the current location of your package. That way you can know the next step to take. Alternatively you can also contact the seller to help you out.

  53. Omonigho Goodluck

    you pay by official exchange rate or the black market rate

    1. Chris

      Pls Vic how much is the current rate exchange charged on naira as to dollar when paying via master card

        1. If you pay by bank transfer inside the bank or via Western Union,will the dollar/Naira exchange rate come down to 285 or so as is in the normal market price

  54. king

    pls mr Vic can I have ur num plsssss

    1. King,
      You can ask your questions here and I’ll surely reply you.

      1. abiola

        Vic pls where are u are u one of d agent or wat

        1. Abiola,
          I am not an Agent of AliExpress.
          If you have questions or concerns you can state them here.

  55. kinolas

    thanks for youru info,where in anambra state is NIPOST


    Pls i try making payment with my FCMB ATM Mastercard with is not going through.

  57. victor

    I tried using my firstbank ATM card to pay for an
    item worth $310 but it is telling me that they
    cannot process my Payment. what should I do?

    I am using a firstbank verve card

    1. Victor,
      Use a Mastercard for your international orders. It is widely recognized and accepted.

  58. victor

    I tried using my firstbank ATM card to pay for an item worth $310 but it is telling me that they cannot process my Payment. what should I do?

    1. owen

      but limit is 100 per mounth

  59. Apat

    Can I use my naira mastercard GTB to be precise for the payment

    1. Apat,
      Yes you can use your naira master card for aliexpress payments.

  60. Ralu

    I want to find out if Ali express delivers goods to other states in nigeria, Enugu in particular.

    1. Ralu
      As long as there is a post office around you then you can order from aliexpress

  61. Michael

    Sir Vic, I appreciate your blog.

    But my question goes to the area of custom challenge, how do I bypass custom challenge?

  62. priceless

    I am in love with this post, please I am being asked to give out security details of my Atm card in aliexpress. pls is it advisable?

    1. Yes it is safe.

  63. Roselyn

    Hello there
    I want to order for some fashion items in bulk
    1- will I get discounts?
    2- isn’t there a way the orders can get to me in less than 2months?
    3- Is there a returns policy?
    Kindly reply me ASAP.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  64. Taiwo

    Hello, is there any official office here in nigeria Dats owned by aliexpress, instead of going to nipost? Tnx

    1. Taiwo,
      No there is no official Aliexpress office in Nigeria for Now

  65. princess

    Can I use my naira visa card on hearing nasty rumours that its not allowed again. Pls how true is it

    1. Princess,
      Apparently we will have to wait and see if the instructions given by CBN on Debit Card restrictions outside Nigeria is true.

  66. Nicholas

    Do we have to pay on delivery,
    What are the shipping charges both Air Mail, ship etc

    1. @Nicholas
      It is not pay on delivery as you have with jumia and konga. The shipping fee depends on the weight of the item and the shipping method selected.

  67. victory hanso

    HELLO oyinkansola check the buttom of their site there’s a link that says download app from there you can download the aliexpress app for your android or other device based on your mobile phone platform

  68. oyinkansola

    Which mobile App? Explain pls

  69. Okechukwu

    Can you help me please. I have difficulties in creating my aliexpress account. The “join free” page on their official website is giving me headaches, and after filling the fields it turns blank. some of the fields are not on openning if click on them. Moreover it’s different from the sample I saw on their help Center.

    1. Okechukwu,
      Use a system to access the site.
      It’s quite difficult to navigate using a mobile phone.

      1. Godson

        My comment is if you order for phone when will get to the nipost thnk u.

        1. I can’t give you an exact time but it usually takes about 4 weeks on the average to receive your package here in Nigeria.

  70. oyinkansola

    Which mobile app?

  71. oyinkansola

    On a mobile, blackberry z10

    1. Use the mobile app or use a laptop

  72. oyinkansola

    Ave registered with aliexpress, BT I cnt search for products using d search key, if I used d categories it won’t load d pictures, if I click on buy now it won’t go,. Am seriously avin issues wit it. Pls help me I ave things to buy.

    1. Hello Oyinkansola,
      On what platform are you accessing Aliexpress with?
      Mobile or Lapton?

  73. okechuku

    Do I have to register with aliexpress before I can make purchases? whenever I try registering, I don’t find the registration page can you help me.

    1. Hello Okechuku,
      Yes you have to register before you can make any purchase.
      Check the top right on AliExpress get the registration link.
      You can also select your products and when you get to the payment page you will be mandated to register to complete your order

  74. Oyin

    Hi there, I ordered about 6 items from 6 different sellers on aliexpress 16th October and chose free shipping#15-60 days delivery) for all meaning items would be delivered at nearest NIPOST to me. I also ensured I bought from Top Rated sellers an kept track of th items on I’m glad to say I already picked up 2 of the 6 items from NIPOST office without being asked to pay for dime. These items arrived at exactly 2 weeks after payment, which I can say is quite fast for a free shipping delivery. Still expecting the remaining 4 items though.Thought to share my experience. Cheers.

    1. Hello Oyin,
      Thanks for sharing your 1st hand experience on NigerianFinder.
      Glad our article helped you out.
      All the best with subsequent purchases

    2. adexelizy

      Please was your parcel shipped to lagos? Because I order for some goods, and I don’t know where it arrived at in Lagos. And I have not been informed or contacted by nipost.
      My last two Event is


      I am just confused

      1. Adexelizy,
        Your Item is at the post office.
        Check the nearest post office around you and take a photocopy of your ID card or any means of identification.
        That code looks like Ikeja post office location.

        1. adexelizy

          I checked the closest office at Agbara, I was told it has not arrived. I am trying to get nipost ikeja address, but I couldn’t.

          Please help with the address or the closest office I can visit.

          The delivery address is Agbara, I don’t know which other office I should visit. Please help.


    3. Nelly

      Pls where is the nipost office in enugu

      1. NIPOST Enugu Office Address:
        No3, Okpara Avenue, Enugu,
        Tel: 07055991924 or 042-251394

  75. Ruth James

    Pls how long does shipping take to arrive nigeria

    1. Ruth,
      Shipping depends on the option of shipping you select. The expected delivery date would be written as you are about to select it.

  76. Lara

    What other way can be used to ship in goods to Nigeria apart from the post office

  77. lara

    Good day
    I want to order for the goods can I send them directly to my address instead of using the post office

    1. Hello Lara,
      You can use your address but it will still end up at the post office nearest to your location as you would be required to pay a little fee to the post office before it would be released to you. The post office usually calls the buyer once it arrives, however if you do not receive any call and the tracking page on aliexpress shows it has gotten to its destination then i would advice you to check the nearest post office with an id card.

  78. tolani akande

    Good day
    I have ordered for good on the aliexpress site for about 2month am yet to receive any one of them can u help me out

    1. Hello Tolani,
      Standard shipping usually takes about 2 months from my experience.
      What shipping method did you select?
      There’s also a way you can track what you purchased on aliexpress. Use that to know the location of your package.


    Want to register to make purchases.

    1. Mosunmola Akindele

      I want to start the importation business, I have an order now to supply in 3weeks which platform, Alibaba or Ali express will you suggest that I use.

  80. mary ann

    Can someone have account on alibaba and still use the same account to buy on aliexpress.

    1. Hello Mary,
      No, your alibaba account cannot be used on aliexpress site.

      1. Kemi

        hello Vic,pls I tried using my first bank MasterCard to buy things on aliexpress,but its showing me invalid card number..I hear first bank doesnt accept that…pls do GTB accept it?

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