How to Register Land in Nigeria

Land registration system in Nigeria involves the establishment of the rights/ownership to land.

The procedure for land registrationin Nigeria:

  1. Submission of a sworn affidavit to the Commissioner for Oaths.
  2. Application for search is then submitted to Land registry accompanied by sworn affidavit.
  3. Execution of deed of assignment and consent application form (form 1C) at a lawyer’s office.
  4. Next is to obtain Certified True Copy (CTC) of title document and Certified True copy of Survey plan from land registry.
  5. Payment of charting, endorsement fee as well as Form 1C at a designated bank.
  6. Obtaining of title from Directorate of Lands Services via an application for Governor’s consent to the assignment. You will need the following documents:
  • Covering letter with address and telephone numbers;
  • Completed Form 1C;
  • Certified True Copy (CTC) of title document of assignor;
  • Current tax clearance certificates of the assignor and assignee;
  • For limited liability companies, the internal revenue certificate of PAYE Directors;
  • Four copies of the deed of which consent is sought should be attached;
  • Copy of the survey plan, as approved by the Surveyor General Office and a picture of the building;
  • Evidence of payment for charting fee, endorsement fee, Form 1C;
  • Evidence of payment of land use charge;
  • Where the property is covered by a state leasehold or Certificate of Occupancy, evidence of payment of Ground Rent, up to date;
  • Where the property is covered by a state Leasehold or Certificate of Occupancy, evidence of payment of Ground Rent, up to date;
  • A photograph of the property;
  • A copy of the applicant and/or his agent/legal representative’s identification.
  1. Submission of chart survey plans along with deed of assignment to the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development.
  2. Directorate of Land Services then issues a demand order for payment of registration consent and neighborhood improvement fees.
  3. Obtaining demand order from Stamp Duty Office for payment of stamp duty.
  4. Payment of fees at designated bank and submission of receipt at Directorate of Lands Services.
  5. Finally, the stamping of deed of assignment at Stamp Duty Office and registering of the deed at the Land Registry.

All procedures occur simultaneously.

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  1. Hi, everybody i’m new on this web-page, my issue is a pacle of land belonging to my late mother that is been occupied by traders and un-authorised shops here in abeokuta south lga, i have is a reserved copy of the original land survey from it’s file.

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