Top Ten Richest Pastors in Nigeria

Gone are the days when church rats were poor and pastors had to wait to get to heaven before they could get their rewards. These days, pastors are doing so well for themselves and a lot of people are actually being encouraged to become pastors themselves — if only to enjoy the luxury and comfort that being a pastor brings.

A major contributor to the exponentially increasing wealth of Nigerian Pastors is that churches do not pay taxes. So, whatever income the church makes stays in the church, where the founder or General Overseer then decides how the money would be put to use. Many Nigerian Pastors would make many businessmen or civil servants green with envy with their impressive assets and fat bank accounts.

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Recently, an article was written in an international magazine about the richest pastors in the world and five Nigerian Pastors made the list. While some people would argue that it was insensitive for pastors in a country as poor as Nigeria — where thousands die every day due to hunger and ailments as mild as malaria — to keep such enormous amounts of wealth to themselves, others would argue that they are doing the Lord’s work and those riches are God’s blessings for doing His work. Well, that’s not for us to judge.

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But just so you know, here are the top ten richest pastors in Nigeria — and what they are worth.

1. Bishop David Oyedepo

He remains the unchallenged richest pastor in Nigeria and one of the richest pastors in the world with two solid private jets and dozens of expensive cars to his name. He is the founder and General overseer of Living Faith World Outreach Ministry popularly known as Winners Chapel. He established some educational institutions from which he makes regular income such as Convenient University, Ota, which he established in 2002 and Landmark University, Omu-Aran, established in 2011.

Blessed with a wife and four children, Bishop David Oyedepo is said to have a net worth of over $150 million makes more than 30 million naira weekly.

2. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is worth between $30million and $50 million and his pending divorce case from his wife of many years, Rev. Anita Oyakhilome, doesn’t seem to be slowing him down. He is the pastor and founder of Christ Embassy, and he has a number of other investments from real estate to television stations and hotels.

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3. Pastor Enoch Adeboye

He is the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. He is said to have a personal net worth of over N48million.

4. Prophet Temitope Babatunde Joshua

Fifty-one year old Prophet T.B. Joshua has been propagating the gospel for several decades now. The founder of Synagogue Church of All Nations and Owner of Emmanuel TV, an evangelism TV station is said to be worth over $15 million. He is also blessed with a wife and children.

5. Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo

Pastor Matthew Ashimilowo is also one of those pastors with huge investments outside the ministry. His major investments are in real estate and the media, and he is said to earn more than $200,000 every year and is worth about $40million. He is the founder and general overseer of one of the Largest Pentecostal church in the United Kingdom, Kingsway International Christian Centre.

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  1. Solomon tunde bamiwola

    Calvary greeting to all our pastors in the lord, i am no one before you to drop this kind of comment but we just need to tell ourselves the truth. From my own point of view i know schools owned by pastors should be the most affordable that even the children of the poorest man in the community can afford with pride to pay for, in the past many of our leaders attended schools owned by churches such as saint peter anglican schools etc but why the pastors of nowadays can not emulate those that have run church in the past?. The sons and daughters of the common man can not afford your schools, what a pity! E ma se je ki oja yii tu mo wa lori oo, eyin iranse olorun alaye. If this comment is a sin before God may He forgive us all. Amen!! Bye for now

    1. teflon

      its real arent perfect tho and cant judge but fake are they. have mercy lord

  2. They should serve their fatherland, with love and strength and faith. Federal government needs money. Poor masses need money. The branches of these churches raise money for the headquaters church upon their riches. No truth and transparency in this world. Time alone! Time will tell.

  3. Luke 18: 22, Mark 10: 21, and Matthew 19: 21
    when Jesus heard this, HE said to him, “There is still one more thing you need to do. Sell all you have and give the money to the poor, and you will have riches in heaven; then come and follow me”.
    I think poor church members still go to some of these churches. I am certain of this. Those men of God should sell some of their assets and give the money to the poor (if at all they will). I don’t mean that they should not have any left for life sustainance as human being. They have private jets while some of their members starve. It is not good that some of their members starve and they have excess wealth.

  4. Henry

    God bless them all

    1. Henry Ojiefoh Enomhanhoemhin

      am a graduate of abt 11 year no job let any church help me any job i will do to keep body nd soul going God bless u all

  5. ishaya ogande

    some of this men of God, some of are speaking for them, ask them are they business men? if yes, what are they trading? is it not tithes an offering they emphasizing on the poor members? building schools that the children of the poor can not even afford ?

  6. Juliet

    Nice1 they are a true man of God mostly my pastor prophet tb joshua e is such an humble man I love him so much so much believe in u. To God be d glory that’s just a little reward for being a part God words if u want to be lik Dem serve God n u ll surely get urs. Thank you jesus

  7. John Okwara

    God Bless them even more the deserve a crown of glory…… John Okwara

  8. David

    I need help from any church ooo….plsss


    The son of lion is lion, d son of goat is goat, the son of God is God. Everyone DAT called his/herself the child of God surpose to act like our Father in Heaven. He said gold is mine, silver is mine sayeth d Lord of Host. So live d men of God alone and carry ur own cross so dat u will be above them, dats is God’s plan for every of his children. Go and read ur Scripture in the book of Rev. 5:12 so dat u will know why Jesus die for me and you. Your Heavenly Father is not poor, stop having the mentality of of poverty. My papa Bishop David Oyedepo said there is nothing like luck as far as kingdom prosperity is concern so u must do what God said u should do if u must prosper and enjoy the good things God have made available to u. Dr Paul Enenche said what u fight will flee from you, what you hate u cannot have, what u attack u cannot attract. pls brethren don’t allow devil to take away God’s plans in ur live. Jesus loves u and He wants u to prosper not to be poor. God bless u!

    1. Emmanuel

      God Bless you for this post…. This short post of yours is what the lives of many christian are waiting for, i just hope they see it….
      Simply put… if you call yourselves a christian, God doesnt expect you to proper using non-christian/ungoldy methods, so you really need to find out what God has said on how to prosper in the kingdom. and what better way to do it than to listen and follow the footsteps of the leaders in faith.
      Just like the post above…YOU WILL NEVER ATTRACT WHAT YOU ATTACK…if you dont know something…Please just keep quiet, words are powerful… do not shoot down your destiny prematurely.

  10. Maryanne Nnenna

    Daddy kumuyi may you live long for us..Amen.

    1. samuel obika

      true talk

  11. Maryanne

    Daddy kumuyi I hail you o.May God keep you longer for us.

  12. Queen okpamen

    look matt 6.33 God is not a wicked God . he is a rewarder of those that diligently seek him. if u know ur root in christ,u can’t be molested. why so many people are suffering today is they don’t want to serve God but they want from him if uvare in a state of melancholy, it is ur fault and not even the devil’s fault. …………..

  13. Rashman

    I’m not against their riches If they truly work for it. Been a pastor Doesn’t stop you from working to hearn. My question is how are they helping poor Nigerians. They should be free to publishing what they are doing,so that Nigerians won’t have negative thoughts about them afterall Money is ment to be spend only on earth.

    1. Chinedu

      Rashman, a lot of churches give scholarships to majority of its poor members. My church, House on the Rock ( The Refuge) Abuja,
      does that, yearly. If pastors were allowed to air-out what they do to lots of people,only then will you know that they help the poor. besides, all the outreach carried out by most churches are to help alleviate poverty of citizens of other countries, and also bringing them to accepting Jesus Christ into their lives, so that they may know how rich a born again Christian is in Christ.

  14. Godwin Okoko

    Abramam was rich, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Daniel, David, Solomom, Job, Elisha, name them, my father in the Lord too very rich, prophet Samuel too if u re a child of God and u re not rich then u re not doin sometin ryt. If u re not a child of God instead of incurin the wrath of God on ur life just go n REPENT so u can start enjoyin the benefits of salvation..

  15. King

    Hmmm, God dey ooo!!!

  16. akin akinladejo

    These men of God should try as much as possibe use their wealth for the commoners and make life better for the people. After all, wealth is not visa to heaven.

  17. Akinroyebi Ayomide

    God knows best, we all can only speculate, and only God knows who is truly serving him.. One thing is sure tho, never talk ill of them or judge, not for their name, buh for the position they are in.. Let’s all be careful and not commit sin through these men of God.. Shalom!!!

  18. jungless jungle

    all this people are they realy man of God or God man oluwa is watching usooo no problem if una like b
    uild heaven on earth na una know.

  19. Daniel

    The LORD is great and mighty,all i knw is no1 no1 i repeat no1 serves d LORD and goes bk empty handed bro and sis pay ur tithe nd b a crasy sower to GODs kindom that is when GOD can bless u whatsapp 08105991979

  20. psquare

    pastor adeboye is a true man of God

  21. pepsi barisi

    God is a rewarder of good work.

  22. pepsi barisi

    riches,honour and glory is what it is;don’t get it twisted. follower the part of abraham said Christ.

  23. The first pastor to go to hell

  24. Edima clement

    lwkmd, please if your farther is a rich man will he allow his children to be poor? is not possible cos the earth and It’s fullness thereof belongs to God and God is our farther So dear friends be born again to posses your heavenly farther wealth Co’s these men of God are born again, note that if God can’t trust you he can’t entrust you anything, God walks, listens, and blesses born again cos they are pure in heart.. think Well God createed the world for his children to enjoy what is in it the private jet, billions etc, So never say a man of should be poor, , Edima Clement @fb,, 07086572652@ Watsap…

  25. Danazumi SL

    I celebrate all the men of God

  26. Beulah

    I wish I could read and respond to all the comments here, but let me just drop this few points. who deserves to have private jets and cars? is it you dat works and stays at a place, is it the unbelievers or the pastor’s that go from countries to countries , states to states, one place to the other preaching the gospel. secondly If only some of u dat are judging and castigating know Wat dis pastor’s are doing to help pple. let me give example of d ones I know, av u ever heard of d intercity missions school of Christ Embassy? well go and find out cos I dnt av d time to type all that? now only the food Bank of Christ Embassy Abakaliki where I am is as big as you can’t imagine and fully stocked with food items dat at d end of every month, every registered families dat av been selected from impoverished villages come to pick up food items to last them for months. Dats just few of Wat I can list. if you can’t say something positive, then don’t say anything at all. mind you there are no poor christians, only ignorant Christians. and if you are among those that collects money from your pastor, well m sorry for you cos I promise never to b like dat. u know why? it’s supposed to he you sowing financial seeds into the pastor’s life. how can your pastor pray for you, give you the word of God, have sleepless nights for you and still give you money? are you not ashamed of yourself? my pple dnt b ignorant. read Ur bible it was never d servants of God that gave money to their members, Infact Paul commended the christians for giving even in their lack. I hope you have a change of mentality.

    1. Gift

      am with u,we are to give our way to d top.tell dem

  27. Maurice

    They should use their wealth and impact positively in the society

  28. Emmy

    where is my papa PST DAVID IBIYEOMIE?

  29. christo nnaife

    oluwa knows beta,people r just discovering.dats y d ways of God r nt d ways of men.

  30. samuel

    poverty no b am o!

  31. samuel

    poverty no b am.

  32. Stiv

    Naija sha

  33. John Ayobami

    Wat Of Pastor G.0 Olutola? Tacn,national President

  34. starboy

    ogun kill all of una waitin una wan use all the money when una get take do na nigeria una dey na nigeria still be like this una nor fit contribute make una take beter this country no light unemployment wan kill us no good tin for nigeria na there boko haram they no good leader noting good for nigeria even the pastors all of una get money una nor fit use am stil take do one thing when people go still take dey earn/ a living i hate all of una we go graduate no work and na nigeria una dey God punish una

  35. sade oduneye oyemade

    Touch nor of my anointing and do dem no arm, who am I to judge God’s anointing



  37. Ologun Shina

    thank GOD for the life of our daddies in the lord.may God almighty continue to renew there anointing and they will not loose heaven… for the commenters: see how young men become to they are now in christ,they are once young like us that while i used the word ‘young’. were are you now?,what are your plans?, can you do it?,are you ready for the task?… what will profit you when you hear about your friends manifesting in the next few years,so charge yourself and repent from that dnt suit christ. your life is in your hand what is the gain of the man that gain these world and loose the eternal home.’HEAVEN IS REAL AND HELL IS CONFIRM’ Take your choice in the two ‘life and death’ it is time to come back to him he will receive you ‘REPENT’ tomorow may be late…

  38. Sunday Ameh

    You have said all about the pastors of Churches in Nigerian, thanks. What have you to say about the Muslim clerics? Many who are guilt of the same or more of their accusations of the church in Nigeria are bold to speak as saints, all because christians don’t cut necks for the desicration of their God’s name. None of you made their money for them and you cannot decide how they should use it. Nigerians are not poor because of the pastors wealth. They are poor because of the insensitivity of our government. Some of you have brothers and fathers in the government but will not advise them to stop looting our wealth. Nigerians don’t know what they need. They always divert attention to the wrong places.

    1. Purestar

      i like ur point of view, Sunday

  39. okon glory

    Not about making money DT mata are dy going to make heaven? bible said what shall it profit a man to gain d whole world and loose it soul, nothing we bring to did world and nothing shall we go back with. Past kumuyi preach what is in d bible not outside d bible

  40. olajide

    pastor adeboye is the richest man in the whole african

  41. judith

    Daddy kumuyi of Deeper Life Bile Church, remain d most humble man of God dat is heavenly conscious nd not money hitter, a man who give out d word row without fear of any. though am not a member but Daddy I respect ur anointing.

  42. james

    Let love lead

  43. onyeisi osokaogwu

    My brothers and sisters work for GOD

  44. It is so sad that many so-called men/women of God (MOG/WOG) are so such rich yet over 3/4 of their members wallow in complete poverty. And while they live at maximum protection the lives of their members in several places such as the Middlebelt Region are so cheap for boko haram to take away without a dime, leaving enough mass graves to litter the land. I am so sad that so-called MOG/WOG earnestly pray and fast for their members’ prosperity, with a seeming wonderful answers because we can see the pastors rich, yet the muslims massacre of the Christians intensify in frequency in several parts of the country unabetted. How can we ever reconcile these diametrically opposed statuses. Probably, this is where prayers fail to allow boko haram have their field day in bloodletting!!

  45. Kemeghen micheal

    Money you all think they have is money men like you offer to them for prayers so stop talking about the blessing they are having !

  46. favour

    well we shouid not jugde bcos God c evertin

  47. favour

    not only making money but making heaven

  48. pelumi james

    Leave men of God alone,God knw d rte person 2b gvin,wu ar u 2choose,

  49. Noble Isabella

    . I thought this new generation Pastors will be like the days of Elijah. I thought the will do de word of God but take a look am sure before de leave dis earth de own everything in it.ha

  50. oto-obong s. Eyo

    poverties is a disease that can, makes ur skin to change into coluors and damge ur lifetime

  51. lydia

    i pray all of us will make heaven at the end, God will make us to be rich,after all Abraham was very rich during his own time.

  52. steinner

    heaven is made of d rich & poor Jesus is rich let d pastor be rich 2, also like wise u , every body will face d judgement of God u and ur pastor must give good example to God

  53. Richard

    Most people say pastors are filty rich and there some or most of there members are poor or begging, why can’t d pastor help
    …..lemme ask those who are saying this, do u kw or have any idea how many people or souls the have helped…..u might b angry cause they did noting close too your side or what….y can’t u on your own ask for God too make u b like them and u see what they are passing through….m not writing this cause I earn from them or M rich….m only writing this for those people who thinks how would a pastor be so rich and his members are poor..

  54. Anita

    i agree with you Prince James Kaye Jnr,
    Born again christians are not suppose to be poor and Men of God are not exceptional.
    if you are not Rich as a Born again Christian check yourself,there must be something wrong, most likely you are not using the word of God effectively because we have access to every good thing life can offer.
    (Remember i said born again Christians)

    1. God bless you real good. The Bible in 3John 2 say “Beloved I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper an be in good health,even as thy soul prospereth”.Wealth is a fulfillment of God’s word.When the understanding was not there we thought suffering in the world was an indication that you’ll make heaven,but thank God for the men of God sent our way to help us understand.Jesus was so rich that He needed a treasurer (Judas Ischariot).He (Jesus)also said that He became poor for us to be rich so if you’re poor don’t blame anybody, instead pray for your pastors its not there wealth that is your salvation

    2. jacob

      Wen we ar all rich as born again christians who den will go out 4 evengelism

  55. tobiloba olanrewaju

    Hmm leave the men of god alone.leave dem for god do not judge any1.

  56. Prince James Kaye Jr.


  57. Freddy

    Hmmmmm…men of God you say

  58. Desmond

    what do the pastors want to do with so much as their personal assets?

  59. daniel

    i think pastor w.f kumuyi of deeper life should suppose to be in the list he is the richest pastor just that he dont want to disclose his net income he is the richest not oyedapo of winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Bruno

    Please stop discussing men of God. Is too bad to do so, find something better to discuss.

  61. prince

    i concur with you quadri, pastor Adeboye is a man of integrity and of humble spirit, he’s not moved by world wealth.

  62. Patrick K. Bandama


  63. I think Pastor Adeboye is one among them who doesn’t care about worldly wealth. His members brought him to that status.

    I learned that his private jet was enforced on him by the RCCG members on the fact that other pastors were using jets.

    1. thises d'pato

      True talk opeyemi

    2. praise

      True talk opeyemi ,, like ur comment

    3. Mr Emmanuel

      Opeyemi your father, for that fullish talk

      1. timmie

        wat she sed is not fulish but rite Mr Emmanuel



  65. Umeh frank

    Not only having money but are they going to make heaven

    1. winingfred

      this question u asked is not belong to us it belong to God is only God know who is doing is wish

  66. tetegumm

    I think Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the richest pastor

  67. mickey onos

    Thanks for all your comments about the pastors in nigeria. One thin I will say is this. if all this great men of God die today will they make heaven yes or no. See their members are abeging or work hard to make money for their family and pastors can not use this there wealth to help people’s who are in need.and this pastors make this money for members offers. If they die now God will try them you have failed me on earth, why because some members are on street no food no education no work and you are happy that you have money or a great man of God. See Prophet T. B joshua is doing the right things that God needed for them that have the wealth to bless others.

    1. kenneth

      dats d truth they cal themselves men of God nd yet their members are starving nd sum homeless luk in d bible jesus neva allow any of his follower 2 suffer as a sheperd ur main concern should b ur flock wel being nt selfish

    2. klincemezu

      Don’t judge so u may nt b judge

  68. elder osho

    What of samuel akinbode sadela G A C founder

  69. samson egwuekwe

    If I happen to be a pastor I will never allow my financial position to be disclose.bcos most people will think dat am wealth and not after d world of god.

    1. I believe its better to be transparent with your financial worth to avoid controversies.

    2. josef

      it is not compulsory for a pastor to get rich, all i know they cannot live in poverty has a great man of God. But the way its nowadays we are taking it has contestant. My great man of God B. oyedepo and mrs faith. Reason why it is oyedepo call me 08127823110 from josef.

  70. delep

    Where is chris okotie?

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