Top Ten Richest Pastors in Nigeria

Gone are the days when church rats were poor and pastors had to wait to get to heaven before they could get their rewards. These days, pastors are doing so well for themselves and a lot of people are actually being encouraged to become pastors themselves — if only to enjoy the luxury and comfort that being a pastor brings.

A major contributor to the exponentially increasing wealth of Nigerian Pastors is that churches do not pay taxes. So, whatever income the church makes stays in the church, where the founder or General Overseer then decides how the money would be put to use. Many Nigerian Pastors would make many businessmen or civil servants green with envy with their impressive assets and fat bank accounts.

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Recently, an article was written in an international magazine about the richest pastors in the world and five Nigerian Pastors made the list. While some people would argue that it was insensitive for pastors in a country as poor as Nigeria — where thousands die every day due to hunger and ailments as mild as malaria — to keep such enormous amounts of wealth to themselves, others would argue that they are doing the Lord’s work and those riches are God’s blessings for doing His work. Well, that’s not for us to judge.

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But just so you know, here are the top ten richest pastors in Nigeria — and what they are worth.

1. Bishop David Oyedepo

He remains the unchallenged richest pastor in Nigeria and one of the richest pastors in the world with two solid private jets and dozens of expensive cars to his name. He is the founder and General overseer of Living Faith World Outreach Ministry popularly known as Winners Chapel. He established some educational institutions from which he makes regular income such as Convenient University, Ota, which he established in 2002 and Landmark University, Omu-Aran, established in 2011.

Blessed with a wife and four children, Bishop David Oyedepo is said to have a net worth of over $150 million makes more than 30 million naira weekly.

2. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is worth between $30million and $50 million and his pending divorce case from his wife of many years, Rev. Anita Oyakhilome, doesn’t seem to be slowing him down. He is the pastor and founder of Christ Embassy, and he has a number of other investments from real estate to television stations and hotels.

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3. Pastor Enoch Adeboye

He is the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. He is said to have a personal net worth of over N48million.

4. Prophet Temitope Babatunde Joshua

Fifty-one year old Prophet T.B. Joshua has been propagating the gospel for several decades now. The founder of Synagogue Church of All Nations and Owner of Emmanuel TV, an evangelism TV station is said to be worth over $15 million. He is also blessed with a wife and children.

5. Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo

Pastor Matthew Ashimilowo is also one of those pastors with huge investments outside the ministry. His major investments are in real estate and the media, and he is said to earn more than $200,000 every year and is worth about $40million. He is the founder and general overseer of one of the Largest Pentecostal church in the United Kingdom, Kingsway International Christian Centre.

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  1. ishaya ogande

    some of this men of God, some of are speaking for them, ask them are they business men? if yes, what are they trading? is it not tithes an offering they emphasizing on the poor members? building schools that the children of the poor can not even afford ?

  2. Juliet

    Nice1 they are a true man of God mostly my pastor prophet tb joshua e is such an humble man I love him so much so much believe in u. To God be d glory that’s just a little reward for being a part God words if u want to be lik Dem serve God n u ll surely get urs. Thank you jesus

  3. John Okwara

    God Bless them even more the deserve a crown of glory…… John Okwara

  4. David

    I need help from any church ooo….plsss


    The son of lion is lion, d son of goat is goat, the son of God is God. Everyone DAT called his/herself the child of God surpose to act like our Father in Heaven. He said gold is mine, silver is mine sayeth d Lord of Host. So live d men of God alone and carry ur own cross so dat u will be above them, dats is God’s plan for every of his children. Go and read ur Scripture in the book of Rev. 5:12 so dat u will know why Jesus die for me and you. Your Heavenly Father is not poor, stop having the mentality of of poverty. My papa Bishop David Oyedepo said there is nothing like luck as far as kingdom prosperity is concern so u must do what God said u should do if u must prosper and enjoy the good things God have made available to u. Dr Paul Enenche said what u fight will flee from you, what you hate u cannot have, what u attack u cannot attract. pls brethren don’t allow devil to take away God’s plans in ur live. Jesus loves u and He wants u to prosper not to be poor. God bless u!

  6. Maryanne Nnenna

    Daddy kumuyi may you live long for us..Amen.

    1. samuel obika

      true talk

  7. Maryanne

    Daddy kumuyi I hail you o.May God keep you longer for us.

  8. Queen okpamen

    look matt 6.33 God is not a wicked God . he is a rewarder of those that diligently seek him. if u know ur root in christ,u can’t be molested. why so many people are suffering today is they don’t want to serve God but they want from him if uvare in a state of melancholy, it is ur fault and not even the devil’s fault. …………..

  9. Rashman

    I’m not against their riches If they truly work for it. Been a pastor Doesn’t stop you from working to hearn. My question is how are they helping poor Nigerians. They should be free to publishing what they are doing,so that Nigerians won’t have negative thoughts about them afterall Money is ment to be spend only on earth.

    1. Chinedu

      Rashman, a lot of churches give scholarships to majority of its poor members. My church, House on the Rock ( The Refuge) Abuja,
      does that, yearly. If pastors were allowed to air-out what they do to lots of people,only then will you know that they help the poor. besides, all the outreach carried out by most churches are to help alleviate poverty of citizens of other countries, and also bringing them to accepting Jesus Christ into their lives, so that they may know how rich a born again Christian is in Christ.

  10. Godwin Okoko

    Abramam was rich, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Daniel, David, Solomom, Job, Elisha, name them, my father in the Lord too very rich, prophet Samuel too if u re a child of God and u re not rich then u re not doin sometin ryt. If u re not a child of God instead of incurin the wrath of God on ur life just go n REPENT so u can start enjoyin the benefits of salvation..

  11. King

    Hmmm, God dey ooo!!!

  12. akin akinladejo

    These men of God should try as much as possibe use their wealth for the commoners and make life better for the people. After all, wealth is not visa to heaven.

  13. Akinroyebi Ayomide

    God knows best, we all can only speculate, and only God knows who is truly serving him.. One thing is sure tho, never talk ill of them or judge, not for their name, buh for the position they are in.. Let’s all be careful and not commit sin through these men of God.. Shalom!!!

  14. jungless jungle

    all this people are they realy man of God or God man oluwa is watching usooo no problem if una like b
    uild heaven on earth na una know.

  15. Daniel

    The LORD is great and mighty,all i knw is no1 no1 i repeat no1 serves d LORD and goes bk empty handed bro and sis pay ur tithe nd b a crasy sower to GODs kindom that is when GOD can bless u whatsapp 08105991979

  16. psquare

    pastor adeboye is a true man of God

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