Top 10 Richest Bloggers in Nigeria in 2022

Blogging is one of the ways many Nigerians earn decent income over the internet. Revenues from Google Adsense, banner advertising, affiliate marketing and sponsored posts are avenues for bloggers to make money from their blogs. Many bloggers in Nigeria have made millions through their blogs, thereby improving their standard of living. This article will discuss the top 10 richest bloggers in Nigeria in 2022.

Top 10 Richest Bloggers in Nigeria in 2022 

The top 10 richest bloggers in Nigeria in 2022 would be discussed below: 

  • Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji is one of the most popular bloggers in Nigeria, known for her blog, which centres on entertainment and celebrity gossip in Nigeria. In 2006, Linda started blogging as a hobby on, using the Google-owned BlogSpot platform, however, as she became more active in blogging, she obtained her current domain, Over the years, Linda has steadily grown her blog, recording tens of millions of unique readers monthly in 2022. 

With the massive traffic receives monthly, Linda makes tens of thousands of dollars through Google ads served on her site. In addition, Linda makes millions of naira from sponsored posts and custom ads every month. Aside from her blog, Linda Ikeja has other streams of income including Linda Ikeji TV and other businesses which she handles. According to the estimated earnings from her various income streams, Linda’s net worth is reportedly over $40 million, as of 2022. 

  • Uche Eze Pedro

Another blogger that fits to take a spot on this list is Uchenna Jennifer Eze Pedro, who is the founder of BellaNaija blog, a popular blog that focuses on entertainment, lifestyle, and fashion content. Uche started BellaNaija in 2006 to relieve boredom, however, with consistency and dedication, today, the blog has grown to become one of Nigeria’s most visited sites.BellaNaija is subdivided into BellaNaija Weddings and BellaNaija Style, focusing on wedding and fashion features respectively, recording over a million unique visitors and nine million monthly hits. 

Uche, through her blog reportedly earns over $50,000 from Google ads, with direct advertising, sponsored posts and wedding features accounting for an additional $15,000 every month. With over 15 decades in blogging, Uche Pedro has amassed around $3 million to $4 million, making her one of Nigeria’s richest bloggers in 2022. However, this can’t be independently verified as she may have other businesses we aren’t privy to at this time. 

  • Makinde Azeez 

Makinde Azeez, who is the founder and owner of NaijaLoaded, is one of the top 10 richest bloggers in Nigeria in 2022. Makinde’s NaijaLoaded blog, launched in 2009, was the first entertainment blog that allowed users to download audio songs and music videos. For over a decade, NaijaLoaded has recorded steady growth, recording about 3 million monthly traffic in recent times. This substantial amount of traffic that NaijaLoaded receives every month provides Makinde Azeez with the opportunity to earn from Google Adsense, local ads placement and music promotion from artists or their labels. As of 2022, which is the time of writing this article, Makinde Azeez is estimated to be worth over a million dollars. 

  • Noble Igwe 

Noble Igwe is another successful blogger in Nigeria who has made so much money from his blog, is an entertainment and lifestyle website that has been around since 2009, which he formed alongside Oye Akideinde and Abimbola Soares. The 360Nobs blog is one of the subsidiaries of 360Nobs Group, which is Noble Igwe’s holding company comprising other subsidiaries like 360 PR, 360 Events, 360 Production, 360 Delivery and soon-to-be 360 Cafe. 

Noble Igwe earns significant revenue from his blog from Google ads, sponsored posts, and custom ads. He is also a brand ambassador for brands like Bella Rosa wine, Tiger Beer, Nescafe, Extreme Mutual Technique Limited, and Eyowo Digital Bank. The rough estimate of Noble Igwe’s net worth from the analysis of his different income streams is between $1 million and $2 million, as of 2022. 

  • Jide Ogunsanya 

Jide Ogunsanya is the owner and founder of Ogbonge blog, through which he shares tutorials and tips on blogging, social media, digital marketing, and money-making ideas. In 2022, Ogbonge blog recorded millions of monthly visits and thousands of subscribers on Feedburner, which translates to revenue from Google ads, to the tune of thousands of dollars every month. In addition, Jide Ogunsanya earns income from direct advertising and sponsored posts on Ogbonge blog. Furthermore, Jide has other blogs such as, as well other online businesses such as digital marketing.  He is estimated to be worth over $1 million. 

  • Ademola Ogundele

Ademola is another blogger in Nigeria that has made so much money from blogging. He is the owner of NotJustOk which he started as a lifestyle and philosophy blog in 2006, however, it evolved into a music website in 2008. As a music website, NotJustOk delivers music across various genres, of which a majority of the songs posted are sent by musical artists or their labels. NotJustOk has since grown to be one of the go-to sites for Nigerians to download songs. The massive traffic the site receives, plus banned advertising on the site generates tens of millions of naira every month, making Ademola Ogundele one of the richest bloggers in Nigeria in 2022. 

  • Yomi Adegboye 

Yomi Adegboye is the owner of Mobility Arena, the oldest mobile tech blog in Nigeria. For over 14 years the blog has been in existence, Yomi Adegboye has consistently produced useful articles about mobile phones, accessories, and applications. receives millions of visits monthly which translates to massive revenue from Google ads and custom ads. He is one of the most accomplished bloggers in Nigeria who keeps earning big from his blog to put him among the top 10 richest bloggers in Nigeria. 

  • Chude Jideonwo 

Chude Jideonwo is the owner of YNaija blog. 

  • Abass Toriola 

Abass Toriola is a professional blogger who owns several blogs that boast tremendous amounts of monthly traffic, notable among them are and 

  • Loy Okezie

Loy Okezie is the owner of 

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