Top 5 Richest Yoruba Actors in Nigeria

Nollywood, which generates hundreds of billions annually, is one of the most significant segments of the entertainment business, second only to the music industry. The Yoruba film industry, which falls under Nollywood, is a vital factor in the overall success of Nollywood.

The Yoruba film industry has gained popularity over the years, and Yoruba actors have achieved both popularity and riches. Below are the top 10 richest Yoruba actors and their net worth.

Richest Yoruba Actors in Nigeria

Richest Yoruba Actors in Nigeria

Here, we’ll be discussing the top 5 richest actors in Nigeria of Yoruba descent who have amassed the most wealth from being in the entertainment industry. Read on to find out who the top 5 richest Yoruba actors in Nigeria are. 

1. Funke Akindele

Estimated net worth: $8 million

From what can be estimated from her net worth, veteran actress, producer, and director Funke Akindele is arguably the richest Yoruba actor in Nigeria. In addition, she is among the wealthiest actors in the Nigerian film business as a whole. Funke Akindele, popularly known as Jennifer, gained notoriety for her leading part in the classic Yoruba film “Jenifa.”

Before then, she appeared in the well-liked sitcom I Need to Know, which was funded by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and aired from 1998 to 2002. Funke has led and starred in other Yoruba films after Jenifa’s breakthrough, building one of the most important portfolios in the industry.

She expanded into the broader Nollywood industry, solidifying her position as one of the best actors and directors in the history of the business.

Funke is a director whose two highest-grossing Nigerian films to date are Battle on Buka Street and Omo Ghetto: The Saga. In addition, she founded the Nigerian film studio Funke Ayotunde Akindele network, which is in charge of making the aforementioned films.

In addition to having a successful acting career, Funke Akindele has over 16 million Instagram followers and is among the highest-paid African influencers. Additionally, she has endorsement agreements with some of the largest Nigerian companies, like Irokotv and Dettol.

Along with Keystone Bank and WAW Nigeria, she has won numerous accolades, including the African Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards in 2016 and the African Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role in 2009.

2. Odunlade Adekola

Estimated net worth: $5 million

With an estimated net worth of $5 million, Odunlade Adekola comes in second among the wealthiest Yoruba actors and actresses. He rose to fame for his leading performance in Asiri Gomina Wa, directed by Ishola Durojaye, in 2003. Since then, he has acted in both lead and supporting roles in several Nollywood productions.

Odunlade is not just an actor but also a singer, director, producer, and filmmaker. In addition, he founded and serves as the CEO of OAFP, Odunlade Adekola Film Production.

With nearly N170 million in box office receipts, Odunlade’s film Orisa (2023) is the seventeenth highest-grossing Nollywood film ever. With earnings of more than N46 million, The Vendor (2018) also secured the 61st position. In addition to his income from the film business, he serves as a brand ambassador for several businesses, including Globacom Telecommunications, RevolutionPlus Property Development Company, and Goldberg Beer.

Since images of him from the filming are frequently used as internet memes throughout the Nigerian WebSphere, Odunlade is also well-known among Nigerian internet users. In April 2014, he was awarded the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actor of the Year.

3. Femi Adebayo

Estimated net worth: $5 million

Femi Adebayo is a Nigerian film director, actor, producer, and one of the wealthiest Yoruba actors. He is the special advisor on arts, culture, and tourism to the governor of Kwara State and the son of legendary Nollywood actor Adebayo Salami.

Femi made his acting debut in “Ogun Ajaye,” his father’s debut film. However, it wasn’t until he landed a major role in the iconic Yoruba comedy film Jelili (2011) that he became well-known. Since then, he has acted in more than 500 Nigerian films, some of which are among the highest-grossing Nigerian movies ever made, such as October 1 (2014), The Ghost and the Tout (2018), and Survival of Jelili (2019).

In addition to his wealth from being a movie star, Femi serves as the MD/CEO of the J-15 media network. He also serves as a brand ambassador for Kubanah Whisky and StarTimes, a digital TV company.

Femi Adebayo is another one of the many award recipients on this list, having won multiple accolades including the City People Entertainment Awards, African Film Awards, Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards, and many more.

4. Sola Sobowale

Estimated net worth: $5 million

One of the few actresses who has been in the Nollywood industry for more than 20 years and is still relevant today is the 57-year-old actor Sola Sobowale.

Sola started her career with performances in beloved Nigerian soap operas and television shows, including Mirror in the Sun (1984–1986) and The Village Headmaster (1968– 1988).

She also acted in the 1992 Yoruba classic film Asewo To Re Mecca. On the other hand, her major break came in 2001 when the popular television drama series Super Story: Oh Father, Oh Daughter from Nigeria debuted.

She has produced, directed, co-written, and starred in multiple Nigerian motion pictures. Among the noteworthy films in her repertoire are Christmas Is Coming (2017), Gold Statue (2019), Aníkúlápó (2022), Battle on Buka Street (2022), The King of Boys Franchise, The Wedding Party Franchise, and all of them are among the biggest grossing Nigerian productions ever.

5. Toyin Abraham

Estimated net worth: $4.5 million

Toyin Abraham, a well-known actor, producer, and director, is one of the well-known performers who dominated the indigenous entertainment screen in the late 2000s and early 2010s and is still significant now.

Toyin became well-known in the early 2010s when she landed major parts in some of the most popular Yoruba films of the time, including Alani Baba Labake (2013), Ebi mi ni (2013), and Alakada (2013).

With a strong body of work supporting her career, Toyin rose to prominence as an actor in the Yoruba film industry. She went on to start her own production company, Toyin Abraham Productions and began directing films. With a gross of almost N270 million, her suspense thriller from 2022, Ijakumo, is the seventh highest-grossing Nigerian movie ever.  Her productions, Ghost and Tout, brought in over 200 million dollars collectively, while Alakada brought in over N170 million.

In addition to her wealth from acting and filmmaking, Toyin Abraham is a brand ambassador for a long list of companies, including Fair Money Microfinance Bank, Checkers Family Custard, Purit Hygiene Soap, Revolution Plus Properties, and Avila Skin Care Products.  In addition, she has won many awards, including the Five Continents International Film Festival and the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards.

6. Mercy Aigbe

Estimated net worth: $4 million

Mercy Aigbe is a Nigerian actress, fashionista, and entrepreneur who is among the wealthiest Yoruba actors and actresses in the country. Mercy, one of the female Yoruba actors who ruled all of Nollywood in the early 2010s, is no longer as well-known as she once was.

Mercy made her acting debut in a few soap operas, such as the well-liked TV drama “Papa Ajasco.” She entered the Nollywood scene in 2006, when she starred in Remi Lupo’s film “Ara”, and gained nationwide popularity after she played the lead in Omoge Osas (2012). She subsequently landed some of the biggest roles of her career after the role catapulted her into the spotlight.

Mercy has over 11 million Instagram followers, making her one of the most popular African celebrities and influencers in addition to her wealth from performing.

An unparalleled amount of endorsement agreements with companies like Elephant Gold Rice, Prestige Cosmetics, Mary Make, a large domestic corporation, and many more come along with this quantity of followers. In addition, she founded the Lagos-based Mag Divas Boutique, which also has an Ibadan location.

She has won various accolades over her career, including the 2015 Links and Glitz World Awards for Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year and the City People Entertainment Awards for Yoruba Movie Personality of the Year.

7. Iyabo Ojo

Estimated net worth: $4 million

Social media influencer and seasoned film actress Iyabo Ojo ranks among Nigeria’s wealthiest Yoruba actors and actresses. She is an actress, producer and director. In addition to starring in more than 150 movies, she has produced more than 14 of her own.

With the assistance of Bimbo Akintola, Iyabo Ojo registered with the Actors Guide of Nigeria in 1998, marking the beginning of her acting career. After landing her first role in the English-language film “Satanic” in 1998, she went on to write the scripts for and appear in several additional Nigerian films.

In 2002, she debuted in the Yoruba language alongside Baba Darijinwon, and in 2004 she started producing her movies. Bolutife was her debut work; she subsequently created Bofeboko, Ololufe, Esan, and Okunkun Biribiri.

In addition to her noteworthy work in Nollywood, Iyabo Ojo is a well-known social media activist and influencer. She has over 2.4 million TikTok followers and over 6 million Instagram followers, making her one of the most followed Nigerians on the network. She also acts as a brand ambassador for several companies in the beauty and cosmetics as well as real estate sectors.

8. Eniola Badmus

Estimated net worth: $3.5 million

Known for taking on roles that are too big for her, this well-known movie star is also a social media influencer, writer, and one of the most well-liked humorous Nollywood stars of the 2010s.

In the year 2000, Eniola Badmus started her professional acting career. However, she remained unknown until 2008, when she starred in Jenifa (2008) and Omo Ghetto (2010), two of the most popular Yoruba movies at the moment in terms of box office receipts.

Her career in the Nigerian entertainment business began with these two films, and since then, she has starred in other Nollywood productions as a lead and supporting actress, including Omo Ghetto the Saga (2020), which is the second-highest-grossing Nigerian film of all time.

With more than 3.6 million Instagram followers, Eniola Badmus is a well-known influencer in Nigeria in addition to her prosperous careers as an actor and screenwriter.  She represents well-known companies including Etisalat, Western Lotto, Indomie, and Peak Milk as an influencer.

In addition, Eniola Badmus has won multiple accolades for her services to the Yoruba film industry and Nollywood as a whole. The Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards, the City People Entertainment Awards, and the Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts Awards are a few examples of such honours.

10. Muyiwa Ademola

Estimated net worth: $2 million

Muyiwa Ademola is a seasoned actor, director and producer. He began his career in the film industry as a part-time actor. Nevertheless, he entered the world of filmmaking after meeting the renowned Yoruba film director S.I. Ola, who gave him acting and filmmaking lessons.

Although he started acting full-time in 1991, he did not come to notice until 1995, when he wrote the screenplay for the film Asise (Blunder). He has directed, produced, and starred in multiple Yoruba Nollywood films since 1995.

At the First Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2005, his film ORI (Fate) took home the best indigenous film prize. He received a nomination for Most Outstanding Indigenous Actor at the 4th Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2008.


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