10 Richest Pastors in the World


The world is a really large place that would be very unimaginable in the absence of prestigious religious personalities. Also, gone are the days when poverty was associated with the ‘church rat’.  There’s a present reorientation all over the place to make people understand that pastors are some of the wealthiest and most influential figures in the world.

Have you ever wondered how much a popular clergy you know is worth? Have you ever wondered who the richest pastors in the world are? Then look no further. Just beneath, we present to you the ten richest pastors in the whole world.

  1. Matthew Ashimolowo


Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo was a pastor of the Foursquare Gospel Church and it was this same church that sent him to London to open and head a branch, before he decided to branch out. Now he’s the proud founder of King’s Way International Christian Centre (KICC) church.

Pastor Ashimolowo, whose KICC is reportedly the largest Pentecostal church in the whole of the United Kingdom, has investments in real estate and runs a media company.

Net Worth: $16.5 Million

  1. T.B Joshua

tb joshua

Pastor T.B Joshua’s Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) has branches all over Africa, Greece, United Kingdom, and Asia. The church is the place of worship to over 15,000 worshippers worldwide. Pastor T.B Joshua is argued to be the richest clergyman in the world, if his philanthropic donations would be calculated to his net worth.

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Net Worth: $18 Million

  1. Billy Graham

Billy graham

American televangelist William Franklin (Billy) Graham has an evangelical mission network that reaches out to over thirty countries. The Southern Baptist evangelist has personally visited more countries than any other evangelist. He rakes in millions of dollars from his Television and radio broadcast.

Net Worth: 25 Million

  1. Kenneth Copeland

Kenneth Copeland

Kenneth is the founder of Kenneth Copeland Ministries and he has been in the rich list for a really long time. His church sits pretty on a 1500 acre, and the piece of land contains a private airstrip, a private jet and other aircrafts totalling around $26 million, and a $6 million lake mansion belonging to the church.

Net Worth: $27 Million

  1. Creflo Dollar

Creflo Dollar

Evangelist Creflo Dollar is the founder of World Changers Church International, located in Futon, Georgia. His success sure comes from his establishments all across the United States. He runs Creflo Dollar International Convention Association, Arrow Records, and some other businesses.

Net Worth: $27 Million

  1. Chris Oyakhilome

Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the founder of the Believers’ Love World Ministries, aka Christ Embassy. The church is currently attended by over 40,000 worshippers worldwide and obviously the pastor’s recent divorce hasn’t in any way affected his finances.

He currently makes money from his magazine, satellite TV, real estate, hotels and he has a music record label.

Net Worth: $50 Million

  1. Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn

Evangelist Toufik Benedictus “Benny” Hinn has been in the ministerial field for around 40 years. He has been to many countries and his “This Is Your Day” TV broadcasts features his always mega crusades with healing and miracles. His broadcast is viewed by over 20 million people worldwide.

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Net Worth: $52 Million


  1. Enoch Adeboye

Enoch Adeboye

Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye was one said to be the most influential clergyman in the world. For 30 years, the pastor has been the General Overseer of the world famous Redeem Christian Church of God (RCCG). He has a large followership which includes notable figures and politicians.

Net Worth: $55 Million

  1. David Oyedepo

David Oyedepo

David Oyedepo, or ‘Papa’ as he’s popularly called heads the Living Faith Church World Wide, also known as the Winners Chapel. Papa has two universities, is into real estate, has his own satellite TV, TV and Radio programs and he’s an architect by profession. With four private jets, homes in a few countries around the world, he’s arguably the wealthiest clergy from Africa.

Net Worth: $150 Million

  1. T.D Jakes

T.D Jakes

Bishop Thomas Dexter Jakes is an American pastor and the founder of The Potter’s House. He is a ‘bestselling’ author, a motivational speaker, and a movie producer. His non-denominational American mega church located in Dallas, Texas has over 30,000 worshippers. Living in a $1.7 million mansion, wearing $40,000 suits and a diamond ring the size of a coin, T.D. Jakes is yet to be usurped as the wealthiest clergyman on earth.

Net Worth: $154 Million


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  1. Basil

    Aren’t we the ones who are making them rich;not one of them are needed! Thelord said :”Where there is more than one gather in my name there I will be!”.

  2. Noe Moreno

    GOD Does Provide, for Preaching the “GOSPEL”, I know from expierence.But, a Man Of GOD, “SHOULD” Be Very Giving,Like GOD(Father).Christ himself Said; NO One is HOLTY, Only aThe Father!Personally, I Think, “MANY” Preachers “ARE” going to Hell,For NOT Being HOLY(Good).I Quit Preaching Because I Found Myself NOT being HOLY(Good) At Times. At times,IT was A HARD JOB,to be Perfect??? Like GOD. Date:02/26/2018 I Know Christ Is REAL and The HOLY SPIRIT IS REAL, Amen!!!

  3. Miles

    giveing God ur time will give u all ur needs luck 12:30-31) psalm 37:4

  4. Miles

    giveing god ur time. will give u all ur needs.luck-12:30-31( psalm 37:4

  5. Ndeks ckay

    Hmmmm…..there is nothing wrong with been rich….just remember the poor..the bible say the poor are always amongst us…bless the poor..

  6. keng Kennedy abya

    Let the money and fame that comes with it sud neva sift them away from God.

  7. Abraham Ojiefoh John

    Oh God our Father, give us ; they the grace to finish strong and to make in arms of God iJn


    Its what we do today that will speak for us tomolow….so let us be couttion..!

  9. eje abraham

    the most richer man or woman i know is the one that turn many to rightoeusess, having riches is not bad, one thing we know here all this will not go to heaven with know that, God blesses, He bless Abraham, Isaac, Jecob and many others in the bible, let’s not forget this that our life dose not depend on what posses, save a soul today is more than billion of dollers, be sure are free from sin leave a holy and righteous life fit heaven God bless

    1. Thompson

      Good one

  10. Shirsha Aöndona

    Whether rich or poor, God’s true servants are cared for God. God’s work done God’s way can never lack God’s support.

  11. Otaka, Abel

    It is very much unfortunate that ”Christians” have made themselves judges of men of God forgetting what happened to Mariam despite the fact that Moses was actually in error. But who made you judge? The call to Christianity is not a call to poverty please. It is a call to giving Solution to human problem doubtless, that is Jesus but nonetheless, the only sermon that some people need to turn to Jesus is just a meeting of their immediate need. Brethren, we need money to further the course of the gospel. The only thing is that wait and depend on the Lord that giveth the power to make wealth. Christianity is not a call to poverty and stop being judges, remember Miriam.

    1. anonymous

      There’s a huge difference from living comfortably and living “excessively, over abundantly rich” They’ve made enough money to sustain themselves and their families for generations to come. Not to mention the fame, notoriety and legacy. They should give others a chance.

  12. ugoala Iyke

    Our God Is An All Sufficient God

  13. Faley Samuel

    These people involved themselves in kingdom investment that is why they can never be poor. Can you pay the price? Please,stop quoting irrelevant scriptures. God is never short of resources to meet our needs. He promised to supply all our needs according to his riches in glory, not according to our poverty mentality.

  14. emeka

    the riches of ds world is vanity wit God,but holiness with contentment is great GAIN.

  15. Pastor Tope Roberts

    Those who are rich in this world have received their consolation (Luke 6:24). A man’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possess (Luke 12:15).

    1. kolade

      Make ur own money and stop quoting scriptures that don’t relate…wat is ur own consolation…poverty???

    2. Revd Segun Osho

      It is possible to be poor and still go to hell as a Christian. I’m a pastor. I’ve seen where rich people put pastor under lock and key with their wealth. When a wicked rich man controls the finance of the church you pastor as an dependent pastor, you are in trouble. You won’t be able to preach and lead as you would want to. There is nothing in God’s ministers being rich as long as the source is genuine and focus on God and heaven maintained. Many of these pastors have suffered greatly before getting to that level.

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