List of Cash Crops in Nigeria

list of cash crops in nigeria

One of the most important sectors of the Nigerian economy is the Agricultural sector. Currently, over 70% of the country’s labour force is found in this sector. These are mostly workers in small and medium scale agricultural farms. Basically, the products in this sector are divided into two: Food crops and Cash crops. Cash crops […]

Types of Vegetation in Nigeria

types of vegetation in nigeria

The geographical area called Nigeria has a total land area of 983,213 km2 with over 180 million people living in it. The country is covered by three major types of vegetation which include forests, savannahs and montane land. In this post, we’ll find out what these vegetation types mean and we’ll further divide them into other zones. […]

Major Industrial Zones in Nigeria: The Top 10

major industrial zones in nigeria

The major industrial centres in Nigeria have been responsible for driving the economy forward and have effectively placed the country as one of the emerging nations of the world. In this post, we take a look at these industrial zones in an ascending order. Imo state The state is located in South Eastern Nigeria. It […]

Major Rocks in Nigeria: The Top 10

major rocks in nigeria

Nigeria is blessed with many natural substances. Among such are rocks, and in this post, we will take a look at the top 10 rocks in the country. Major Rocks in Nigeria Aso Rock Aso Rock is said to be the largest outcrop of granitic rock located in Abuja The rock is located on the […]

Major Rivers in Nigeria: The Top 20

major rivers in nigeria

Nigeria is blessed with several natural flowing water courses. In this post, we take a look at the major rivers in the country. Okpara River This is a river in Benin. It originates from the Borgou Department and flows to the south and forms the border between Nigeria and Benin before re-entering Benin and flowing […]

Major Industries in Nigeria: The Top 10

major industrial zones in nigeria

Nigeria is an emerging economic giant and the country is touted to become one of the major powerhouses alongside the likes of India, Mexico and Turkey within the next couple of decades. Also, Nigeria is one of the founding members of the African Union and a member of international organizations like the United Nations, the […]

Electricity Tariff in Nigeria: All You Need to Know

electricity tariff in nigeria

Over the last few years, there have been several changes in the power sector and one of such is the increasing use of prepaid meters. With the use of prepaid meters has come a different method of billing and this method is based on 4 major things namely: location, tariff class, tariff rate and the […]

Best Stocks to Buy in the Nigerian Stock Exchange (2018)

best stocks to buy in nigerian stock exchange

Generally, being a successful investor in any market requires that you understand the big picture of the economy and the dynamics of the stock market. Every economy comprise of socio-political and business environments that influence business activities and also drive the nation’s development and growth. And this economy often goes through boom and gloom cycles […]

Cashew Nut Dealers in Nigeria

cashew nut dealers in nigeria

Cashew nuts are highly nutritional. The kernel is loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals beneficial to health. According to a study by the International Trade Centre, Geneva, Switzerland, cashew nuts are rich in mono-unsaturated, fatty acid which is very good for the heart. Currently, the global production of raw cashew nuts, RCN, exceeds 2.1 […]

Recharge Card Dealers in Nigeria

recharge card dealers in nigeria

Recharge card business is a thriving business in Nigeria as it has been said that Nigerians spend N300 billion on a recharge cards and data subscription annually. If you’re looking to join this line of business, you will need a good dealer to buy bulk recharge cards and pins from. In this post, we’ve listed […]

Konica Minolta Dealers in Nigeria

konica minolta dealers in nigeria

Printing has evolved over the last couple of decades. The industry has gone through several stages of development, right from the time of lithography to the time when printing was all about preparing impression plates and running them on offset printers in several runs, depending on the number of colours. Currently, digital printing has completely […]

Kipor Generator Dealers in Nigeria

kipor generator dealers in nigeria

KIPOR is one of the foremost generator brands in the country. The generator is known for its outstanding serviceability and reliable performance. The machine comes in a simple, easy-to-use design making it the best choice in terms of portable power. In this era, when most generators are noisy devices, Kipor Digital Sinemaster Generators provide clean […]