Recharge Card Business in Nigeria: How to Get Started

Since the early 2000’s when GSM companies stormed Nigeria, recharge cards have become a major necessity. Don’t be surprised when you ask a millennium child what the basic necessities of life are and he/she goes “Food, water, clothing and recharge cards”because believe it or not, recharge cards have become a basic necessity of life. We […]

5 Highest Oil Producing States in Nigeria

Nigeria is a very large country which is home to over 160 Million people. Nigeria is also very popular for its vast oil resources. However,not all states in Nigeria produce oil. Oil is produced by a part of the country known as the Niger-Delta region. This is where most of the Nigerian oil comes from. […]

Business Schools in Nigeria: The Top Best

Upon graduation, many Nigerian students who want to venture into the business world or work with major business organizations or business servicing companies proceed for their Masters in Business Administration popularly known as MBA. People with these degrees are usually sought after and given priority over their colleagues during recruitment. Whilst some Nigerians simply enroll […]

Oil and Gas Business in Nigeria: How to Get Started

Of course, you already know that Oil and Gas business in Nigeria is the real deal. This is a business that almost everyone wants to be involved in because of its ability to churn out overnight billionaires. I don’t want to mention names but there are a lot of Nigerians that have been made billionaires […]

Kerosene Business in Nigeria: How to Get Started

Even though most middle and upper-middle class Nigerians prefer cooking with gas,the need for kerosene has not been completely eliminated. This is because a number of low-income earners in Nigeria surpass the middle and upper-middle class and for this category of people, cooking with kerosene is much more affordable. A lot of middle class citizens […]

Business Name Registration In Nigeria: How to Get Started

One of the legal requirements for starting a business in Nigeria is to register your business names. Your business name would not only serve as a unique identity for your business, it would also enable you to open bank accounts in your business name and obtain a Tax Identification Number (TIN) which you would most […]

20 Most Lucrative Business Ideas in Nigeria

Nigeria as a country is filled with lots of opportunities to enrich oneself. However, lots of Nigerians fail to look hard enough to find them. I personally noticed that we Nigerians have the ‘copycat’ syndrome; we see a person doing so well in a business and the next thing, we all want to set up […]

Quarry Business: How To Invest In Quarry Business In Nigeria

Quarry is a major sector in the construction industry, it makes Granite a a fundamental product in building construction. From time immemorial using of granite stone for construction have been the order of the day, it remains a core product in construction. Nigeria is blessed with this essential solid mineral which makes it profitable for […]

GoTV Subscription: How To Pay

GoTV is a Multichoice owned pay TV service that offers you digital TV stations at a reasonable price. Paying for subscriptions is not really a walk in the park when you always have to walk down to GoTV’s office. This article would discuss the various payment options for your GoTV subscription without the need to […]

Top 10 Strangest Buildings In The World

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you realize creativity has no limit. Here we take a look at the strangest buildings in the world from a stone house design to being shaped as a basket to looking like a pair of pants. Find list of the top 10 strangest buildings in the world. […]

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