Nurses Salary in Nigeria: See what they earn

nurses salary in nigeria

Do you want to become a registered nurse and one of your concerns is the remuneration of nurses? Well, you’re on the right page, but first let’s take a look at the career path to becoming a registered nurse in the country. One of the first things you should know is that this path can […]

NDA Ranks and Salary Structure

nda ranks and salary

Established in 1964, the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) is responsible for training officers for the Armed Forces of Nigeria. In this post, we’ll look at the ranks and salary structure of NDA officers. But first, let’s find out what the NDA is all about. Prior to its establishment, the Royal Military Forces Training College (RMFTC) […]


Nigerian Tax Laws: All You Need to Know

personal income tax in nigeria

If you earn an income in Nigeria whether as an individual or a business, it’s expected that you remit a given amount of your earnings as tax to the government. Paying your tax as an individual or a company is non-negotiable because tax funds serves as one of the ways the Government develops the nation. […]


Doctors Salary in Nigeria: See How Much Doctors Earn

doctors salary in nigeria

Medicine is a noble profession and it is generally expected that doctors ought to be well paid because of their unique job of saving lives. Unfortunately, this hasn’t really being the case in a country like Nigeria. In fact, one thing the healthcare system in the country is known for is the frequency of industrial […]


Nigerian Customs Salary Scale Structure

If you’ve had to import or export items, it is very likely that you’d have had some contact with the Nigerian Customs officers. However, there’s much more to the Nigerian Customs than just importation and exportation. The agency is involved in a wide range of activities and it’s quite an interesting place to work. In […]


Salary of Nigerian Governors: See What They Earn

Often times the salary of public office holders is often a subject of controversy as many have claimed that one of the reasons for the rising cost of governance in the country is the money allocated to pay the salaries of these officers. Also, there have been claims that if these officers reduce their salaries […]


Population Distribution in Nigeria

nigerian population growth rate

It is no longer news that there are close to 200 million people currently living in Nigeria. However, one question that is often asked is, how is this population distributed across the 36 states? For example, we know that Lagos and Kano are the cities with the highest number of residents. But statistics regarding the […]

Nigerian Immigration Salary Structure & Ranks

nigerian immigration salary ranks

It is quite common to hear prospective immigration recruits ask what the salary structure of the NIS is. Well, in this post, we’ve compiled how much you should expect to earn as an immigration recruit. We’ve also highlighted the structure and ranks in the NIS. But first let’s take a look at what this agency […]

Telecommunication Companies in Nigeria: The Full List

Since the advent of GSM in the country in 2001, several telecommunication companies have found their way into the growing Nigerian telecoms market. In this post, we’ll take a look at the profile of these companies. Telecommunications companies in Nigeria Swift Networks Limited Swift Networks was founded in 2002 and has grown since inception to […]

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