Iceland Visa in Nigeria: How to Get Yours

Iceland is one of the mountainous regions in Europe. It is located at the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. However, there’s a little bit of confusion about the location of Iceland because it is located between Europe and North America. Interestingly, the name Iceland doesn’t necessarily depict the state of the country because only […]

Israel Visa in Nigeria: How to get yours

Israel is known as the biblical holy land and many of the religious sites are located in this country particularly in Jerusalem. You may want to travel to Israel on a religious visit or you may be going for business or possibly to visit family and friends. Generally, there are different types of visa and […]

How to Renew UK Visa in Nigeria

If you’ve ever visited the U.K, you certainly must have gone through the rigorous screening prior to obtaining a visa. Interestingly, the fact that you once scaled the visa hurdle doesn’t mean you can’t be declined on a second or third attempt. The process of renewal is just as rigorous as applying the first time. […]

Fadama Farming in Nigeria: What You Need to Know

Fadama is simply the Hausa word for irrigable land. The Fadama National Project is an initiative funded by the World Bank and it began in 1993. The aim of the project was to assist Nigerian farmers especially the rural ones with the necessary funds needed to improve their agricultural venture. Interestingly, the project has gained […]

Agricultural Business in Nigeria: How to Get Started

In recent times, a lot of Nigerians both young and old are beginning to dump their white collar jobs in order to take up farming. Unfortunately, many are having it difficult finding success in this lucrative business of agriculture. Agriculture may look as simple as just planting a seed and watching it grow. Or rearing […]

Cucumber farming in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

Cucumber is very popular in Nigeria. It is a green vegetable with a tender skin that is consumed by virtually every tribe in the country. Cucumber farming is a lucrative business due to the popularity of cucumber in the country. No matter where you are located in the country, there’s certainly readily available market for […]

Irish Potato Farming in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

Currently, Nigeria is the eighth largest producer of Irish potatoes in Africa. The yield per year is about 843,000 tonnes however the potato consumption in the country is over 1 million tonnes. This clearly shows that there’s a shortfall in potato production. Interestingly, this deficit may be lower than the statistics if we’re to consider […]

Ostrich Farming in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

A lot of farming enthusiasts don’t really know much about ostrich farming yet it is a very lucrative farming venture. For instance, the quantity of meat produced by the ostrich is much more than that produced by cattles. Ideally, a cow will only produce one calf each year and it takes up to 2 years […]

Top Car Dealers in Nigeria (Lagos)

If you’re looking to buy a car whether used or brand new, there are several reliable car dealers in the country that you can patronize. These dealers offer excellent auto-related services and have a lot of loyal customers. Affordable Cars Affordable Cars is one of the few offline car dealers with a vibrant online presence. […]

Top Samsung Dealers in Nigeria

If you’re in Nigeria and you’re looking to buy a Samsung product such as a refrigerator, washing machine, phones or any other gadgets, there are certain places you can trust. These Samsung dealers are reputed for providing very reliable services. Also, due to the popularity of the Samsung brand  in Nigeria, many of these top […]

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