10 Tips To Stay Healthy

Everyday we tend to worry about what to eat, the only thing a Nigerian thinks of when they are hungry is how to feed their stomach without considering what they eat. Also we don’t really take care of ourselves we work from morning to night without thinking that the body also needs to rest.Here are […]

Data Share Business: How to Start MTN Data Share Business

You must have come across people claiming to sell data at a relatively cheaper amount than you think online. Those resellers are smiling home to the bank by buying bulk data from the networks and sharing them to people interested for a small a reasonable price to make profit. MTN, Glo and Etisalat SME Data […]

How To Apply, Enable & Use Gtbank Online Banking

GTBank online banking known as internet banking is a service that conveniently allows you to bank from the comfort of your home, at your place of work and shop online as well. With GTBank online banking, you can practically perform almost all the actions that would entail going to any bank branch from your own […]

How To Revive & Save A Wet Phone

Phones usually slip out of our hands or pockets dropping on the ground,  wet floor or even in a bowl of water from time to time or you could decide to jump in the pool forgetting that your mobile phone is still in your pocket. There is still hope that the phone is not totally […]

Tipper Business in Nigeria: How to Get Started

Tippers are used for a variety of haulage in Nigeria as elsewhere in the world.  They are used to carry sand, granite, asphalt, and other items used for construction and which must be conveyed from one location to another.  One wonders how construction works generally could have been executed without the use of tippers for […]

5 Major Causes of Unemployment in Nigeria

Nigeria, which is the biggest black nation in the world, ought to have a very strong economy capable of employing almost all employable citizens.  But unfortunately, the unemployment rate in Nigeria is alarming, and below are 5 of the causes of unemployment in the country. 1. Epileptic Electric Power Supply Lack of regular electric power […]

Nigerian Stock Market: All You Need To Know About It

Investing in the Nigerian Stock Market There are several easy ways to invest in the stock market. The first way is to set up your own online brokerage account with some of the many online firms that are now operating, including E-Trade, Fidelity, AmeriTrade, Charles Schwab, Share Builder, and others. Another popular way to invest […]

Ice Block Business in Nigeria: How To Get Started

Sale of ice blocks has become a flourishing business in all parts of Nigeria because of the epileptic nature of our electricity. Since we are in the tropics with much heat, people desire to consume creamy foods, cold drinks and cold water both in ceremonies and at home, and the best way to have them […]

How To Build a Cheap Home Made Car Tracker

Auto theft is no doubt the booming business for many criminals. Locking your car doesn’t prevent it from being stolen. Apart from taking all the necessary precautions with protecting your car, getting it back after  it has been stolen is also very important. However, for many people who have spent a lot to get a […]

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