Daily Newspapers in Nigeria: The Top 10


Nigeria is blessed with very many intelligent journalists/writers and as result, the country has myriads of daily newspapers spread across all its six geo-political zones. The best 10 among these numerous daily newspapers are listed and discussed hereunder:

1. The Guardian

The Guardian is an independent daily newspaper published in Lagos, Nigeria, by Guardian Newspapers Limited. The Guardian has been described as “Nigeria’s most respected newspaper”.

The Guardian was established in 1983 by late Alex Ibru, an entrepreneur, and Stanley Macebuh, a top journalist with the Daily Times newspapers.

The Guardian was a pioneer in introducing high-quality journalism to Nigeria with thoughtful editorial content. The paper was first published on 22 February 1983 as a weekly, appearing on Sundays. It started daily publication on 4 July 1983. Its website is: http://www.ngrguardiannews.com/

2. The Vanguard

The Vanguard is a daily newspaper published by Vanguard Media, based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Vanguard Media was established in 1983 by veteran journalist, Sam Amuka-Pemu with three friends. The paper has an online edition. The newspaper is one of the few in Nigeria that is considered independent of political control. In June 1990, the paper was briefly suspended by Col. Raji Rasaki, Military Governor of Lagos State.

The website is: http://www.vanguardngr.com/

3. The Punch

The Punch newspaper was founded by two friends, James Aboderin, an accountant and Sam Amuka, a columnist and editor at the Daily Times. Sam Amuka became the first editor of the Sunday Punch.

In November 1976, a few years after the first print of its Sunday edition, the duo started printing their trademark daily newspaper. Both editions were designed to favor a friendlier apolitical approach to news reporting, combining footages of social events with everyday political news.

The paper sustains itself by delving into broad issues that interest a myriad of people. Its website is: http://www.punchng.com.

4. The Nigerian Tribune

The Nigerian Tribune newspaper is published in Ibadan in Nigeria. It was established in 1949 by Obafemi Awolowo and is the oldest surviving private Nigerian newspaper.

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In the colonial era, the newspaper served as the mouthpiece for Awolowo’s populist welfare programmes. It also played an important role in defending the interests of the Yoruba people in a period when different ethnic groups were struggling for ascendancy.

From independence in 1960 until the 1990s most publications were government-owned, but private papers such as the Nigerian Tribune, continued to expose public and private scandals despite government attempts at suppression. It has http://www.tribune.com.ng/ as its website.

5. This Day

This Day is a Nigerian national newspaper. It is the flagship newspaper of Leaders & Company Ltd and was first published on 22 January 1995. It has its headquarters in Apapa, Lagos, Lagos State.

As of 2005, it has a circulation of 100,000 copies and an annual turnover of some $35 million (US). It has two printing plants, in Lagos and Abuja.

The publisher was noted for his early investment in color printing, giving the paper a distinctive edge among the few durable national newspapers that exist in Nigeria. The website is: http://www.thisdaylive.com.

6. The Daily Sun

The Daily Sun is a Nigerian daily print newspaper founded and published in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. As of 2011 The Sun had a daily print run of 130,000 copies, and 135,000 for weekend titles, with an average of 80% sales. This made The Sun the highest selling newspaper in Nigeria.

The Daily Sun was incorporated on 29 March 2001. It started production as a weekly on 18 January 2003, and as a daily on 16 June 2003. The target audience is young adults in the 18 – 45 years age bracket and in the B and C social economic class.

The paper is similar in format to the popular Sun newspaper of the United Kingdom. Website http://www.sunnewsonline.com

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7. The Nation

The Nation is a daily newspaper published in Lagos, Nigeria. The paper’s website says it stands for Freedom, Justice and the Market Economy. Its target audience is the business and political elite, the affluent, the educated and the upwardly mobile.

The Nation has printing plants in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. The newspaper covers business and economy, public policies, the democratic process and institutions of democracy, sports, arts and culture.

8. The Daily Champion

The Daily Champion is privately owned, and is published in Lagos. The Executive Chairman and Publisher of Champion Newspapers is Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu is one of the wealthiest of Igbo people.

The Daily Champion covers a wide variety of news, sports, business and community events. The typical article cites two or more sources, slightly higher than the average for Nigerian newspapers, but the newspaper relies more heavily on government and business sources than others, often reporting what the source has said with little analysis or criticism. The website is: http://championonlinenews.com

9. The National Mirror

The National Mirror is a daily newspaper published in Nigeria. It has a tabloid format. The National Mirror was founded by Prince Emeka Obasi in 2006. Editions include the Daily Mirror, Saturday Mirror and Sunday Mirror.

In August 2008, Barrister Jimoh Ibrahim acquired 100% of the shares of the National Mirror. On 5 May 2010 Global Media Mirror Limited, publishers of National Mirror, took over Newswatch Communications Limited, publishers of Newswatch weekly news magazine. Its website http://www.nationalmirroronline.net

10. The Daily Independent

The Daily Independent is a newspaper published in Nigeria It is based in Lagos. Independent Newspapers Limited was incorporated on 17 July 2001 and started operations in October 2001.

The company publishes the flagship Daily Independent newspaper, and the Saturday Independent and Sunday Independent. The website is: http://dailyindependentnig.com



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