The Nation Newspaper Nigeria

Following its debut in July 2006, the Nation newspaper Nigeria has been a daily digest providing information to Nigerians – and indeed, the rest of the world – from different sectors and industries within and outside the country.

Presently, the newspaper is published daily in Lagos by Vintage Press Limited, and distributed across the length and breadth of Nigeria. Meanwhile, as obtained from a survey conducted in 2009 by AAPN, MIPAN, and ADVANN, the Nation newspaper Nigeria is the second most popular newspaper in the country.

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In a message made available through its website, the paper claims to stand firm on its motto, “Freedom, Justice, and market economy,” to become one of the most comprehensive newspapers in Nigeria; it contains articles bordering public policies, business and economy, fashion and lifestyle, entertainment, arts and culture, health, education, law, and sport. In addition, the paper also boasts of about thirty-four columnists that provide daily analysis on topical issues from different perspectives.

Although, the Nation Newspaper targets the upwardly mobile members of the society, the paper has, however, been in tune with events at the grassroots. It is currently published in print and on the internet, but, in reality, most Nigerians prefer to read newspapers online because of the accompanying ease of access.

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Undoubtedly, the Nation newspaper Nigeria is a key player in the news industry in the country. The paper is presently circulated in print throughout the country.

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