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Electricity Tariff in Nigeria: All You Need to Know

electricity tariff in nigeria

Over the last few years, there have been several changes in the power sector and one of such is the increasing use of prepaid meters. With the use of prepaid meters has come a different method of billing and this method is based on 4 major things namely: location, tariff class, tariff rate and the […]


Car Tracking and Fleet Management

Car Tracking and Fleet Management

Otobase Solution Company is an indigenous Nigerian company that has distinguished itself in security system supply,installation and maintenance. We are one of the leading companies in Nigeria that introduced latest technologies in the GPS/GPRS/GSM vehicle tracking system, personal tracker, CCTV, etc. Our technical capacity is one of the best in the country today. The company […]


Tech Blogs in Nigeria: The Top 10

tech blogs in nigeria

If you’re a techie, you’ll probably be interested in blogs where you can get the latest technology news, trends or information on the latest gadgets. And you may have heard of some popular ones like Techcabal, Techpoint and Naijatechguide. In this post, we’ve decide to take your knowledge of tech blogs a bit further by […]


Telecommunication Companies in Nigeria: The Full List

Since the advent of GSM in the country in 2001, several telecommunication companies have found their way into the growing Nigerian telecoms market. In this post, we’ll take a look at the profile of these companies. Telecommunications companies in Nigeria Swift Networks Limited Swift Networks was founded in 2002 and has grown since inception to […]


How to Opt Out of 9mobile Data Plans

how to opt out of 9mobile data plans

There are times when you check your phone’s airtime balance and you discover that the airtime you intended to use for your phone calls has been used by your service provider to pay for your data plan. Often times, this happens because your internet provider has programmed your data plan to be renewed automatically at […]


How to Check Your BVN Online

how to check bvn online

Before you learn how to check your BVN online, let’s find out what exactly BVN is. Bank Verification Number also known as BVN is an 11 digit number. The BVN serves as your universal ID in all the banks or financial institutions in the country. The need for BVN came up when the Central Bank […]


How to Check Glo Data Balance (Code)

How to Check Glo Data Balance (Code)

There are a couple of ways to check your Glo data balance. But first let’s highlight the data plans currently available on the Glo network. This will give you an overview of the options you can convert to if you want to exit your current plan. Interestingly, the Glo data plans are quite affordable and […]


How to Clear e16 Error on DSTV

how to clear e16 error on dstv

DSTV Nigeria has been providing eclectic entertainment to Nigerians as far back as 1994. Currently the company has over 11 million subscribers spread across the 36 states of the country. There are many affordable and interesting packages available on the DSTV platform. These include Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Family bouquets and many more. You can […]


Prepaid Meter Codes (Recharging & Check Balance)

prepaid meter codes

With the privatization of the power sector a few years ago, there have been some changes in the sector, one of which was the introduction of the prepaid meters. These meters enable customers to regulate their electronic energy consumption and recharge whenever the energy is used up. There are several ways to recharge your prepaid […]

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