See What Charley Boy Says About Abuja Babes


As far as Charley Boy is concerned, being an Abuja Babe is synonymous to being a runs girl. His real name is Charles Oputa, but he is popularly called Charley Boy. He is also referred to as Area Fada by his fans. He is so popular that a bus stop was named after him.

imagesCharley Boy


This controversial personality was residing in Lagos before relocating to Abuja. He went on social media to share his experience with Abuja babes within his short stay in the capital city. He declared that girls have to go into semi prostitution just to keep body and soul together, especially with the harsh economic situation of the country.

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He equally stated that men too are facing the same economic situation and as a result try to run from runs girls, since virtually nothing is left to finance their love for pussyfication, as he called it. He went further by warning men to be careful how they pussyfy in this hard time.




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