Schengen Visa Application in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

A lot of people get denials after applying for visas due to lack of adequate information to properly guide them through the process. There are even countless numbers of stories of people who have been swindled by the so-called travel agents who stop at nothing to extort huge amounts from them for something they could […]

Nigeria Immigration Service Recruitment: General Guidelines

Below are the guidelines usually given by Nigeria Immigration Service for the conducting of recruitment interview/test exercise, and were indeed applied during the 15th March, 2014 nation-wide exercise which ended in disaster  and occasioned the death of 23 graduate applicants: Candidates are to participate in the physical fitness test and must fulfill the following:- Should […]

Nigeria International Passport: How to Apply

The Nigeria Immigration Service which was extracted from the Nigeria Police Force in 1958, is in charge of issuance of Nigeria International Passport. With the simplification made by this para-military organization, one can now apply for a Nigerian passport online. The application process is simple and easy to use with online application guidelines. General Procedures […]

Transportation/ Transport Business in Nigeria: How to Get Started

Transportation is wide industry in Nigeria, just as it is in many other countries of the world. We have air transport with use of aircraft, railway transport with the use of trains, water transport with the use of ships/boats, road transport with the use of automobiles/tricycles/motor-cycles, animal transport with the use of horses/donkeys/ camels and […]

Top 10 Law Firms in Nigeria

Nigeria is blessed with many intelligent lawyers and as a result, there exists thousands of reputable law firms owned by Nigerians, and are located in different parts of the country.  These numerous law firms have been ranked, and the ten which are considered to be topmost, with offices in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and other […]

Starting a Sports Betting Business in Nigeria

Starting a Sports Betting Business in Nigeria

Sports betting business is huge in Nigeria and this article will show you how to start your own sports betting business in Nigeria. With the few number of bookmakers (sports betting companies) available its not too late to start your own sports betting company with some countries having hundreds of sports betting sites alone. One […]

Domain Flipping Business: How To Get Started

Domain flipping business is one of the easiest online businesses that can guarantee you good profit if you know how to flip it. Domain flipping has been on for a very long time but Nigerians are just beginning to embrace this line of online business and even though most of the very good one word […]

Top Classifieds Ads Websites In Nigeria

Here are the top sites in Nigeria to buy or sell anything whether new or old, from houses, cars, mobile phones, clothes and jewelries. The list is almost endless and as long as there is someone in need of that item, you are likely to make some cool cash out of it from these sites. […]

Cheap Flights in Nigeria: How to Get Them

It is possible to get domestic flights in Nigeria at rates far below those normally quoted by the airlines.  For instance, air fares can be as high as N25,000 for Lagos-Abuja, N21,000 for Abuja-Kano, N19,000 for Lagos-Kano, N22,000 for Lagos-Port Harcourt, and N19,000 for Lagos-Enugu. However, for someone person who knows how to go about […]

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