Business Name Registration in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

The days of paying a lawyer or accountant huge sum of money to register a business name for you are over. Within few minutes, you would learn how to handle your business name registration yourself. But first, why do you need to register a business name? You need a unique identity for your business. You don’t […]

10 Fast Moving Businesses in Nigeria

It’s another day, another business idea in Nigerian business industry and this is a very good thing because in the past, Nigerians weren’t too serious about tapping into its business opportunities. We left all the viable businesses for the Lebanese, Chinese, Americans and Indians to run while we opted for importing goods into the country […]

Cement Business in Nigeria: How to Get Started

Nigeria is a fast developing country. I was in Lokoja, Kogi State in 2004 for a visit to my friends and in 2014 when I went back there to visit those same friends, I’m not exaggerating by saying I almost got lost. I couldn’t believe my eyes — everywhere looked so different. Even places that […]

Linda Ikeji: Things You Need To Know About Her

Linda Ikeji has become a popular figure in Nigeria for the right and wrong reasons. She is know by many as a blogger but she is also a model. She owns one of the most visited blog in Nigeria, which focuses on breaking News, Events, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Inspiration and most importantly Gossip. […]

Top 10 Highest Paying Companies In Nigeria

Getting a job in Nigeria is not that easy and getting a high paying job is almost like a camel through the eye of a needle as so many people are also trying to land that high paying job. But as we posted an article on how to get your dream job in Nigeria, we’ve […]

The Highest Point (Mountain) In Nigeria

The Chappal Waddi mountain, popularly called the Gangirwal Mountain is the highest point in Nigeria and West Africa (excluding Cameroon as it is in Central Africa). It is also called the mountain of death and located in Taraba state which lies largely within the middle of Nigeria and consists of undulating landscape dotted with a few […]

5 Effective Ways To Write Rich Articles

Writing could be easy for some and quite tedious for others. Information is quite easy to get but the process of making sense out of the bits of information is always the problem with most writers thereby making them confused while many do not even know where to start from. This article will explain how […]

Most Expensive Secondary Schools In Nigeria

In this post, we will take a look at the most expensive secondary schools in Nigeria. We posted a topic on how to get scholarships in Nigeria however even those scholarships are not enough to pay the tuition of the secondary schools listed below. The tuition range from N1.5 million to N4.5 million per annum where […]

How To Get Scholarships In Nigeria

Education in Nigeria is gradually become an expensive luxury for more than half the population in Nigeria. BBC’s questionable report shows that 61 percent of Nigerians are living in poverty with almost 100 million people living on less than a $1. Now the question is, if we still believe education is the way forward how […]

List of Political Parties in Nigeria

Nigeria operates a multi-party system. This means that as many registered and approved parties as possible are allowed to present candidates to vie for public office. The political party system in Nigeria has gone through a metamorphosis since 1960 when we had the first republic parties like the Action Group, Democratic Party of Nigeria, Nigerian […]

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