N5 million or U.S. Citizenship — Which Would You Choose?


Assume you have to choose only one option between 5 million Naira and a U.S. greencard that will make you a U.S. citizen for life, which one would you go for? Let’s know which choice you’ll make and your reasons for making that choice.



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  1. Jeffreysjb

    There is no argument about this, I choose US Citizenship.

  2. Odey

    5m please.

  3. Benjamin Agboola

    I will be gladly prefer 5million to U.S green card.

  4. pius

    I love my country Nigeria I would rather die here in Nigeria please option of 5million I chose. within a year that 5million will become part of our(Nigeria) GDP if well utilized

  5. Hope sunday

    To me, im proud of my country anywhere,anytime,so i will choose 5 million to invest in a business in my country which i know it will yield up profit. But if u go for us citizenship it will need a lot of requirement and u most statisfy it. Eg u must live there up to 15 years

    1. jacwin

      you guys dont understand the talk, it is said if u could choose BTW a green card and 5 million naira so if u are choosing the green card that means all rules governing it would just disappear and it will be like no 10 years stay no visa of any sort and u just b a citizen

  6. victory hanso

    thank you jay max they’re beginning to forget that they can’t travel to any country without a visa upon the green card moreso if you’re wise enough you could use that N5 million to both travel to a foreign country and obtain the citizenship of such nation likewise you’ll also still have some money left in your bank account after your travel thats if you’re not a mugu money spender moreso you could invest with the remaining sum of money in where you’re going who’s the fool that told you in your dream that you’ll be able to gain a government accomodation without paying a dim for your homage and livelihood likewise be wise hope you don’t see my words as abusive

  7. sodiq ayinla

    i prefer my country nigeria with that five million i will do a good business. if we all run to other people’s country who take nigeria to a greater height? am sure we will get there one day. God bless nigeria

  8. Boboye Gbolabo

    what is my business with US citizenship, I beg na 5M I need o

  9. Adeosun shina

    5 million is a enough to establish a good business in history of many billionaire today most of them don’t start there business with a big amount of money like this. I’m confidence enough to say I will go for 5million remain a citizen in my great nation “NIGERIA” with a good business.

  10. precious paul

    as for me i wil take the money and start a businss in my country after the businss grow i can go to u.s anytime i want

  11. Divine Ugo

    U.S greencard is very good but i would go for the 5million naira because with it, i would move to Europen country of my choice and chase my football dreams there. Thank you

  12. Thomas Ekemini

    I will happily accept 5million to stay in my country and make it better than US with time.

  13. JAY=MAX

    If u have no plans on ground on how to establish your self in nigeria, i think u should go to u.s and make a new life for your self. But as for me i have a vision for my great nation to eradicate poverty or reduce it to the bearest minimum in my country and also reduce the rate of unemployment by 15% to 20%. So therefore with this amount of money i can start somewhere.

    1. Samson

      That is a great plan,and God will see u true…..

  14. oghenewenme josephine

    As for me I would go for U.S citizenship….coz am even scared of Nigeria at present,,,,,all this boko haram tins,,,,,,am not safe in this country…..

  15. emeka

    Us citizen is preferable. Did you have the contact for this.

  16. Etsitso Elvis Misan

    as for me,I will take the u.s citizenship because it will give me great opportunities such as travelling,security,job’s and many other good things of life.I will get a greencard and my family can come over.I will go for u.s citizenship.thanks


    i want ot become u.s citizenship.

    1. Miebaka Dabo-opuye

      I prefer U S citizenship because right now there is are online businesses which one can do and within some months the person can earn more than 5000000 naira if he or she is a US citizen

      1. gift efe

        please which online business one can do if he or she is us citizen?

  18. Adam

    U.S citizenship – with 5 million naira in the economy now in Nigeria, you’ll get anywhere and that money will finish. With U.S Citizenship, you have access to other benefits that US govt have the citizen, free of speech, etc, better life such as education, job opportunities, security, travel to the world, bring your family to come and live a better life, electricity, roads and even receive benefits from Govt of US if you don’t have a job. I am better off with U.S citizenship.

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