Free VPN Download Trick


There are various Free VPN download tricks you can benefit from right here in Nigeria.  One of them will be discussed below


With this VPN, you can get free internet services. The beauty of it is that the best VPN Canada works both on your personal computer and on your mobile device. The software is easy to download and it is 100% free.


Once you download it, you can start browsing the internet for free and can download any size of file you want.

NMD VPN is an open source program and it can be used to create or make Secured Virtual Private Network. Many people now adapt it for providing free internet. All you need to do is apply some network tweaks and you are good to go.

This VPN is supported by many of the network operators in Nigeria, like Airtel, MTN, Etisalat and even Glo.  Its connectivity is deployed by using Public Internet having the same security and performance just like a private network.

The NMD VPN supports TCP and UDP protocol. It also supports HTTP and HTTPS requests.

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First thing to do is to download the NMD VPN. Afterwards, extract the software and click on nmdvpn.exe file and then on “Run it as an Administrator”.

The VPN must be run as administrator if you are using Windows 7, 8 or 10. However, you do not need to run it with administrator privilege if you are using Windows XP.

After opening the nmdvpn.exe file, click on “Next” button. Next, click on “I Agree” button provide the destination path and then click on “Install” button. Click on “Next” to complete the installation. The folder will get created automatically on your computer.

How to use it

First connect your modem to your system. Afterwards, run the software on the computer. Make sure you run with administrator privilege so as to prevent the software from showing error message.

After running it, the nmdvpn icon will appear on your desktop and also on your taskbar right menu. Afterwards, right click on the task bar menu and select VPN server and then left-click to connect it.

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The config file must be copied to the nmdvpn config folder. After copying it, you will be automatically connected.  You can try it 2 or 3 times more if it does not connect the first time. You can now start browsing for free and you will not have to pay a thing.

If the NMD VPN notification shows Red, it means the VPN is disconnected. If it shows Yellow on the other hand, it means it is in the process of getting you connected. It the color comes up with Green, it is a sign that you are now connected to the internet.

Do not forget to stick your sim card into the data card or modem in order to use the NMD VPN. Make sure also that there is no airtime in the sim card you are using. Best thing to do is to register another sim card with any of the network providers in Nigeria and avoid using your primary sim card.



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