Condom Found Floating in Bottle of Coke by Shopkeeper


Shopkeeper Marcelo Leal was stunned last week, when he found a condom floating in a bottle of Coke when he was just about handing it to a customer. According to Leal, whose is located in Chamical in Argentina, he was about handing the bottle to a customer when he noticed something strange.

“I took a closer look and something was floating there, so I gave the customer a different bottle of coke and took the lid off the one with the thing inside,” Leal said.

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Shocked to realize that the floating item was a condom, Leal and his brother, Carlos, contacted the their supplier to find out how a condom could have found its way into a bottle of Coke.


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  1. Adam

    I really need a bottle of this drink. Since condoms are expensive now. LMAO

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