Chevron Nigeria Careers: Jobs and Recruitment Information


Chevron is one of the largest exploration and production operations in Nigeria. The company engages in diverse operations including exploration of crude oil, production of oil as well as blending, manufacturing and marketing of petroleum products.

Chevron Nigeria has been nominated severally as one of the highest-paying companies in Nigeria and one of the top 10 best companies to work in the country.

To work with Chevron Nigeria, you would need to visit the Chevron Nigeria Career Website.

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Chevron values some unique qualities in its prospective employees. Such qualities include Trust, Ingenuity, Integrity and Diversity.

Chevron is also an equal opportunity employer, employing people of diverse ages, religion, or sex as long as they are qualified for the job. Chevron also employs people with disabilities as well as veterans.

Chevron’s compensation and benefits are extremely attractive and competitive with opportunity for professional growth and development.

To apply to work at Chevron, visit

  • Search for the available positions that suit your qualifications and preferences.
  • Once you’ve found a suitable vacancy, create your profile. This is where you would be able to add your CV, credentials and all other necessary documents and information.
  • Apply for the position(s).
  • Continue to track your application.
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