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How to Get a Job in Qatar (from Nigeria)

How to Get a Job in Qatar (from Nigeria)

Qatar has been somewhat of a hot topic recently with majority of people from other countries relishing the chance to move to the greener pastures of the oil rich Arab Peninsula. With it’s skyscrapers, it’s superbly stable economy, it’s ever expanding means of stability and sustenability and to to top it all, it’s just over […]


How to Get a Job in Dubai (from Nigeria)

How to Get a Job in Dubai (from Nigeria)

Dubai is touted by some to be one of the most beautiful places in the world; and reasonably so since it hosts some of the tallest buildings, its nightlife is on point, the cost of living is not sky rocketed like some places and to cap it all, it’s still developing. Dubai is a place […]


Nigerian Army Recruitment: Form, Portal, List etc.

The Nigerian Army offers good career prospects for young Nigerians.  The force provides avenues for self development, education and training that builds its members for life and work in and out of military service. Getting enlisted in the force requires interested persons to follow a prescribed procedure.  The following is a good guide through the […]


Nigerian Airforce Recruitment: Form, Portal, List, etc.

Young Nigerians looking forward to work and build a career have an option in the Nigerian Airforce.  The force carries out open recruitment programmes from time to time to enlist Nigerians into the different categories and departments within the Airforce.  Below are key elements of Nigerian Airforce recruitment programmes. Nigerian Airforce Recruitment Form The Nigerian […]


Nigerian Navy Recruitment: Form, Portal, List, etc.

The Nigerian Navy, with its notable acronym, NN, offers a very adventurous working life.  Young Nigerians who like adventure can aspire to a life of work and excitement in the Nigerian Navy. As with other arms of the Nigerian Armed Forces, the Navy also throws its doors open to Nigerians from time to time for […]


Bosiet Training in Nigeria: How to Enroll

If you are online searching for information about Bosiet training in Nigeria, then two things are involved: either you just got a new job at an oil company or you are part of an oil company’s human resource department. Whichever way, a big congrats to you as you are a very big boy now! If […]


Labour Law in Nigeria: What You Need to Know

Labour law is the law that stipulates how the relationship between the employer and the employee is supposed to be in a workplace. The Nigerian labour law includes within it the relationship between the government and its workers, between publicly-owned corporations and their workers and even between private employers and their workers. The Nigerian labour […]


SAP Training in Nigeria: How to Enroll

The SAP training is another training that has been gaining popularity in Nigeria due to the demand for better information capturing, accessing and storage. The SAP training is therefore going to increase in its popularity as more and more companies will require information warehouses in the nearest future. But not everyone knows what SAP is […]


PMP Training in Nigeria: How to Enroll

The Project Management Professional training-fondly called the PMP training- is training and certification service that is offered by the Project Management Institute to any individual in any field who intends to work in the initiation, planning and management of projects for government and organizations. The main objective of the PMP training and certification is to […]


NEBOSH training in Nigeria: How to Enroll

The NEBOSH training is one of the professional trainings and certifications that are becoming necessary to compete effectively in the today’s job marketplace. On the basis of importance, the NEBOSH training is seemingly one of the most important ones because of the increasing reports of individuals whose health have been damaged in their places of […]


Nigerian Navy Recruitment/ Application Form: How to Get It

This page is a detailed guide on how to get the Nigerian Navy recuitment/ application form. If that’s what you’re looking for, read on. Have you ever dreamt of joining the best navy on African soil, sail around the seas, see different lands, contribute to the security of your country and make yourself the subject of […]


10 Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria

According to Wikipedia, a job is anything a person does regularly in exchange for money. We are going to use this definition of a job as the standard definition even as we research and create a list of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria. What may surprise you is that some of these jobs have […]

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