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Kerosene Business in Nigeria: How to Get Started

Even though most middle and upper-middle class Nigerians prefer cooking with gas,the need for kerosene has not been completely eliminated. This is because a number of low-income earners in Nigeria surpass the middle and upper-middle class and for this category of people, cooking with kerosene is much more affordable. A lot of middle class citizens […]

20 Most Lucrative Business Ideas in Nigeria

Nigeria as a country is filled with lots of opportunities to enrich oneself. However, lots of Nigerians fail to look hard enough to find them. I personally noticed that we Nigerians have the ‘copycat’ syndrome; we see a person doing so well in a business and the next thing, we all want to set up […]

Tipper Business in Nigeria: How to Get Started

Tippers are used for a variety of haulage in Nigeria as elsewhere in the world.  They are used to carry sand, granite, asphalt, and other items used for construction and which must be conveyed from one location to another.  One wonders how construction works generally could have been executed without the use of tippers for […]

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