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Do you offer any product or service that will interest Nigerians? Then NigerianFinder is a very good avenue to spread word about your business.Advertise With Us

Here are our Google Analytics Traffic Stats (October 2018):

  • Over 80,000 daily page views (your advert will be displayed over 80,000 times daily)
  • Over 680,000 monthly unique visits (your advert will be seen by over 680,000 Nigerians monthly)
  • Over 2.5million (2,500,000) page views (your advert will be displayed over 2,500,000 times monthly)
  • About 80% new visitors monthly (your advert will be displayed to over 540,000 new potential customers every month)
  • Over 75% visits from Google (your advert will be seen by a new audience every day, not by repeat readers who will mostly ignore it).

Audience Profile

Most of our readers are Nigerians who landed on this blog after searching Google for various pieces of information about Nigeria and Nigerians.

Because most visits are from search engines, 75% of our visitors are new visitors. So, if a set of Nigerians see your advert this month, another new set of Nigerians will see it next month — which means more exposure for you advert.

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Advertise With Us

You will get a discount if you pay to run your ad for 2 or more consecutive months.

To place your ads, contact us via our contact page or email us: nigerianfinder@gmail.comAdvertise With Us


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