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Cheap/Cheapest Private Universities in Nigeria

It’s stale news that in Nigeria today, private schools are the better alternatives to State and Federal Universities, who most times have very high standard of entry requirements. Some of the cheapest private universities in Nigeria are the most preferred ones, for parents who do not want their wards to attend any of the government […]

Dr Deji Adeleke (Davido’s Father): Net Worth

Anytime Davido says he’s an OBO, he means he’s an “Omo Baba Olowo” which is translated in English as “The Son of a Wealthy Man”. It definitely raises the question: Who is Davido’s father that he hypes him so much? And just how rich could this man be for the song that brought Davido to […]

Full List of Universities in Nigeria (Accredited as of 2017/2018)

Many university admission seekers do fall into unaccredited institutions unknowingly. This can be as a result of their lack of enlightenment, or their over-enthusiasm about gaining admission. The consequence of studying in such unaccredited institutions is not only the waste of money, but also the time and effort spent. Hence, it is very pertinent to […]

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