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2016 Public Holidays in Nigeria: National Holidays 2016

Nigerians love public holidays, especially those Nigerians in the civil service. They know that public holiday almost always translates to an extra day from their working place. Public holidays in Nigeria are of different forms. Some are declared by the government/ public sector, while some other ones are regional public holiday.  In this write-up, you […]

Nigeria’s President and Vice President’s Salary Structure

Below, you will learn about what the Nigerian president and his vice earn as take home pay. The Nigerian president earns 1.4 million naira and the vice president earns 2 million naira as basic salary annually.  This is in line with the new remuneration package that was unveiled by the Nigerian Senate, which is the […]

Nigeria’s 36 States and Their Slogans

Nigeria is divided into 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory, making it 37 divisions. Each of these states is given specific nicknames with which it is recognized. The states, their capitals and their nicknames are highlighted below. List of Nigeria’s state nicknames FCT: The capital city is Abuja and its slogan is “Center of […]

Full List of PDP Governors in Nigeria & Their States

In the past, the PDP was the party with the majority of governors in Nigeria. This was the case until the CPC, the ACN, and the APGA decided to form a merger and named the new alliance as APC. The APC has wide popularity across Nigeria and was, therefore able to overthrow the PDP at […]

Full List of APC Governors in Nigeria & Their States

The April 2015 elections in Nigeria have come and gone. The winners and losers have been made known and Nigerians now know who their governors are. One thing that made the election unique was the fact that majority of seats were won by APC. The same thing repeated itself in the senate and the House […]

FBI Nigeria: Does Nigeria Have an FBI Equivalent?

Does Nigeria have a replica of the FBI? Yes, Nigeria does. The organization is called National Intelligent Agency (NIA).  It is controlled by the Nigerian government and it is responsible for all foreign intelligence and counterintelligence operations. The organization was established on 5th of June, 1986 and it has its headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria.  Its […]

Nigerian Historical Events: Dates In Nigeria’s History

In this write-up, you are going to be shown timeline of Nigerian history. The information below comprise all the important territorial and legal changes, including political events that occurred since the history of Nigeria began till date. Early history of Nigeria Historical events at this period are highlighted below: 8000 BC: This was when the […]

Who is the Richest Politician in Nigeria?

Unfortunately, politics has become more of a business in Nigeria. In saner climes, politicians are not necessarily rich, but the reverse is the case in Nigeria. In advanced countries like United States of America, Britain, Australia and the likes, politicians rarely come into power seeking to make money for themselves; most of the time, they […]

Nigerian Ministers Salary: See What They Earn

Nigeria ministers are members of the Cabinet of Nigeria. The Cabinet is headed by the President Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, who is presently Muhammadu Buhari. The ministers are appointed by the president and he also has the full right to sack them if he feels so. They are expected to oversee all the ministers […]

History of Nigerian Politics: How Things Changed

Political activities started in Nigeria long before independence. Lots of efforts were made by the three political regions, namely the northern, western and eastern regions, to give flesh to the political framework. Their works form the basis for many of the systems in practice today.  Between 1960 and 1963, the Nigerian government was headed by […]

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