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How to Get a Kenyan Visa in Nigeria

Kenya is an east African country with a population of 44.35million and a lot of landmarks and natural features. Forget what the media portrays and the picture of Kenya that’s being depicted. That’s what peels the opinions for the media agencies. Kenya, especially its capital – Nairobi is one the most beautiful cities in East […]

How to Get a Turkish Visa in Nigeria

Turkey has the 17th largest GDP in the world. Although touted as one of the quietest country in the world with enough power to do as they please, they seem not be bothered about other people’s opinion about them. Turkey is one European country that catches the fancy of many people – tourists, vacation seekers, business […]

How to Get a Qatar Visa in Nigeria

The beautiful city of Qatar is home to tourists with so many activities and side attractions ranging from site seeing, cycling along desert roads, awesome beaches with a relaxing atmosphere. Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of per capita with an economy that is flourished by huge oil and […]

10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

In total contrast to the way some ‘outsiders’ see African states, there are actually a lot of places in Africa you should see before you pass. In Nigeria, the reporters and media channels blow things out of proportion but come around and let’s show you something different. If you ever find yourself in Nigeria, you […]

Cold Stone Address/Locations in Nigeria

As stated in this post , cold stone creamery is one of the best places when you go out on a date with your partner. After all, who doesnt like a well made ice cream? 😉 Cold stone still remains the “in thing” amongst ladies in Lagos at the moment and with a Domino’s pizza […]

About Lagos: Brief History of Lagos State

If you want to learn about Lagos (i.e. a brief history of Lagos, Nigeria), then you’re just on the right page. Read on! Lagos is the land of the Nigerian dream. It is the ‘New York’ of Nigeria and our country depends on this city for trends, for commerce, for innovation and for everything that […]

How to Get Qatar Visa in Nigeria

The beautiful city of Qatar is home to tourists with so much activities for tourists to do. Amongst these are site seeing, cycling along long desert roads, awesome beaches with a relaxing atmosphere and elegant shopping malls for avid shoppers. As a Nigerian, you must have a Visa before you can gain entry into this […]

Top 5 Richest States in Nigeria

Nigeria has experienced growth in its economy over the years. Although not fully tapped the potential is endless. Different states have contributed their quota via Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in various sectors to the Nation’s economy. These states have further become more attractive to foreign investors and are experiences tremendous growth potential. Here are the […]

How to Get Yellow Fever Vaccination Card/Certificate in Nigeria

Are you planning a trip to Ghana, Benin Republic, Egypt or South Africa? Then you must have a yellow card to avoid any form of embarrassment at the point of entry. These countries have made it mandatory to have yellow fever, small pox and cholera vaccines with evidence via a yellow card before you can […]

Nigerian Airlines: List of Airline Operators in Nigeria

The Aviation sector in Nigeria is a very sensitive sector especially when news circulates about one airline operator or another having an issue. Therefore people try to look for alternatives by searching for a commercial airlines when traveling either for business or pleasure. Most people do not know the airlines in Nigeria that have Air […]

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