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How to Renew UK Visa in Nigeria

If you’ve ever visited the U.K, you certainly must have gone through the rigorous screening prior to obtaining a visa. Interestingly, the fact that you once scaled the visa hurdle doesn’t mean you can’t be declined on a second or third attempt. The process of renewal is just as rigorous as applying the first time. […]

Top Hyundai Dealers in Nigeria

Hyundai Accent

From the first Hyundai Cortina model to the recent 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe sport, Hyundai has always been defining the trends of styles in the automobile industry. The South Korean company, Hyundai Motor Group has made its way into the automobile community as one the safest, stylish, and least expensive vehicle to go for if […]

How Much Is A Nigerian International Passport?

The Nigerian international passport is required by any Nigerian that wants to travel to some countries of the world. You do not need to bear an international passport to travel to some countries as a Nigeria. However, it is a must that you have duly signed and stamped Nigerian international passport before you can be […]

Free Universities in Canada: The Full List + Details

Canada is the preferred place of study for many Nigerians. Do not blame them anyway; the academic system and standard in Canada is interesting and impressive.  Many of the schools are top class and they are known globally. Tuition fees are charged by many Canadian schools, but studying in Canada is far cheaper than what […]

Travel Insurance in Nigeria: The Ultimate Guide

Why do you need to buy travel insurance? What should you look for in a travel insurance company? What does travel insurance cover? How does travel insurance actually works? These are some of the things you will learn in this write-up. Travel insurance gets you covered in case you lose any luggage in the course […]

Best Hotels in Nigeria: The Top 10

Nigeria  has some of the best hotels in Africa. The hospitality business is also one of the biggest in Nigeria today. Many more hotels are being built on daily basis. The older ones are getting better and they are being given a good run for their money by the newer ones. If you are looking […]

Visa Requirements for South Africa

South Africa is undoubtedly a home away from home for many Nigerians. You will be surprised to find many Nigerians on the streets of Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town and virtually all South African cities. There are some countries across the globe that do not need any visa to enter into south Africa; this is not […]

Courier Services in Nigeria

In this write up, you will get to learn about the top 10 courier services in Nigeria. Many of them offer both local and international courier services. DHL They are located at Isolo Expressway, new Airport Road Junction, Isolo, Lagos. Their telephone numbers are 08039077000, 01-2700908 and (01) 4524531. Their website is at They […]

10 Things to Do In Lagos Nigeria

Lagos is one of the best states in Nigeria. Economically, the state is far ahead of several Nigerian states. In beauty too, Lagos far outshines many Nigerians states and cities.  In actual fact, it is one of the most beautiful cities in West Africa. Lagos is equally a place for tourists to have real nice […]

Trusted Visa Agents in Lagos: Top 10

One factor that can get many Nigerians down when they want to travel aboard is the issue of visa. Some do not know how to respond to the questions asked at the immigration offices across the nation, leading to their inability to obtain visa to those countries. Things will however be easier if you apply […]

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