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LinkedIn Nigeria: How to Use It to Your Advantage

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media sites out there today and many more professionals are registering on the site, making it a hub of professionals and business people. It is not just a site for socializing; it has more or less become a site for serious business. You can use this site […]

CSL Stockbrokers: All You Need To Know

CSL Stockbrokers: All You Need To Know CSL Stockbrokers Limited is a member of the FCMB Group Plc. They also have membership of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. They provide one of the best brokerage platforms and services in the market and play leading role in the Nigerian Investment market. CSL have been in service for […]

Company Law in Nigeria: All You Need To Know

The very first company law came up in Nigeria in 1912. It was established in Southern Nigeria; Lagos to be precise. This same law got amended some 5 years later in 1917 and it was then able to cover all parts of Nigeria.  It was labeled then as the Companies Amendment and Extension Act of […]

Rice Production in Nigeria: How to Start

rice farming in nigeria

Rice is the one of the most consumed foods in Nigeria, in Africa and the world at large. There are a lot of reasons why rice is the choice crop for farmers who are looking to make it big every year as the rainy season sets in. Rice production in Nigeria comes with a whole […]

Maize Production in Nigeria: How to Start

Maize is one of the most commonly eaten crops in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. Maize production in Nigeria is by far one of the most interesting, easy-to-start and most lucrative type of agribusiness you can ever lay your hands on. Maize production would simply see you investing money, time, and energy into the […]

Turkey Farming in Nigeria: How to Start

Turkeys are one of the easiest animals to manage, rear and control. Turkeys are even often used to compare humans that are sheepish, indecisive or not strong enough. That aside, Turkey farming in Nigeria is a very lucrative business. It is in fact one way that you can make a whole lot of money from […]

Catfish Farming in Nigeria: How to Start (Beginners’ Guide)

catfish farming in nigeria2

Six out of every ten Nigerians do eat catfish on weekly basis. That’s a whooping percentage of above 65. The production of catfish in Nigeria however, from current studies showed that catfish production, distribution and marketing are way lower than its demand. Unfortunately, a lot of people, especially those who have an interest in agricultural related […]

E-Commerce in Nigeria: How to Tap From the Goldmine

ecommerce in nigeria

A fact you need to quickly digest before reading through this post is that every blessed day, a minimum of N40million naira circulates on the internet in Nigeria between customers and e-commerce stores. Do we still need to give you a definition of what e-commerce stores are? Alright, as explanatory as it is made to […]

How to Get and Win a Contract in Nigeria

The rules guiding bidding and winning a contract is the same for almost any condition one finds oneself. Be it a private contract, a freelance job, a government contract or any other type of job that is thrown open for people in your field to work on. You must always be on top of things […]

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