Learn How To Tie Gele: Download This App

For those of you learning how to tie gele in Nigeria Every season, there’s a set of IT items that take over the fashion scene but for the gele trend every season comes with a different style. As far as the owambe business keeps blossoming, creatives would find a new and refreshing way to turn […]

Konga Shoes: Buy Quality Shoes Online at Konga Nigeria

Konga Shoes

Jbaili Croc Detailed Men’s Loafer Shoe This loafer is regarded as the most classic of all the types of loafer. It also holds its place as a fashion legend as the gentleman’s shoe. It is a very unique loafer with a stylish Italian design and patent leather which gives an extra sophistication. It is perfect […]

Jumia Phones: Latest Phones & Prices at Jumia Nigeria

Jumia Phones

In this write-up, you will learn about latest mobile devices you can buy at jumia Injoo 3 Gold All the innovation you want in a compact sized Smartphone are present here. It features a fingerprint sensor, 21MP rear camera, 64GB storage, dual SIM slots and 3000mAh battery. Innjoo 3¬†is designed for real life use. It […]

Buy Perfect Money in Nigeria: Trusted Sellers

Below are some of the exchangers for perfect money in Nigeria. Naira 4dollar.com Naira4Dollar is a reliable source for fast e-currency funding and converting your e-currency to Naira. At Naira4Dollar, customer satisfaction is their utmost priority with fast funding and best price set them apart. Naira4Dollar is operated by Sunej Global Ventures LTD which is […]

Nigerian Immigration Form & Recruitment Details

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), over the years, has witnessed lots of changes since it was carved out of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), that was in 1958. The Immigration Department, just as it was known in those days, was completely entrusted with the core immigration duties and it was under the headship of the […]

Solutions to Human Trafficking in Nigeria

Human trafficking has become a menace and all hands must be on the deck to curtail this problem. It is a form of modern day slavery that everybody must fight to a standstill. Below are suggestions on best ways to fight against human trafficking in Nigeria. You can easily provide required help to victims of […]

Solutions to Examination Malpractices in Nigeria

Virtually all levels of education in Nigeria is affected by examination malpractices. Go to the primary schools, the secondary schools and the higher institutions and you will come by various forms of examination malpractices. It has become the order of the day. Purpose of this write-up is not to whine about examination malpractices. The purpose […]

Nigeria Police Force Form & Recruitment Details

The Nigerian Police is the main law enforcement agency in Nigeria today, though there are some other bodies also that equally take part in law enforcement in the country. ¬†Presently, the Nigerian police have staff strength of about 371,800. There are currently plans to increase the force to 650,000 by the federal government, adding 280,000 […]

Money Rituals in Nigeria: History, Highlights & Causes

Juju or black magic had been very potent in Nigeria especially in the 80s and 90s and it still has potency till today. Juju comes from the traditional African religion popularly known as voodoo. This includes blood money and spiritual attacks. Some wicked men used to sacrifice the souls of their wives and children just […]

Nigerian Navy Form & Recruitment Details

The origin of the Nigerian Navy could be traced to the colonial marine Department of the Royal Navy. This Department was established in 1887 as a quasi-military organization combining the duties of the present day Nigerian Ports Authority, the Inland Water Ways and the modern day Navy. Elements of the Marine Department took part in […]

Position of Teaching Profession in Nigeria

In the olden days, teachers were gods, in a way. Things have however changed drastically today. Teachers could discipline any child and teach the child what to do and what not to do and the parent will not blink an eyelid. Even many parents would ask the teacher to discipline or punish their wards because […]

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