Where to Buy Catfish & Fingerlings in Nigeria

Have you ever wondered why is it called a “catfish”? As always, human imagination is rich in analogies, and the barbels of this fish reminded someone cat’s whiskers. That’s where the name comes from. Catfish belongs to species that have quite big populations all over the world. Why? Scroll down to find out. Catfish are […]

Free Universities in Canada: The Full List + Details


Canada is the preferred place of study for many Nigerians. Do not blame them anyway; the academic system and standard in Canada is interesting and impressive.  Many of the schools are top class and they are known globally. Tuition fees are charged by many Canadian schools, but studying in Canada is far cheaper than what […]

PhD in Public Health: How to Enroll in Nigeria


Public health is multidisciplinary. It is available to wide varieties of professionals across different fields of study. If you have a degree in science-related course, you can always opt for public health degree, either at the master’s level or at the doctorate level. You can study public health as an environmentalist or as a biologist.  […]

PhD in Australia: How to Enroll From Nigeria


Do you want to go for your PhD program in Australia? You will love the outcome no doubt. Australia is one of the best countries in the world where you can study. The universities in this country are top class and they are recognized globally. One thing that may hamper your desire to study for […]

10 Masters Scholarships for International Students

masters scholarship

Scholarships differ one from the other. They individually meet different needs. Some are created in form of tuition fee waivers, while some other ones will cover your living expenses during your course of study. Some other scholarships do offer partial cash grants. Some scholarships cover both living expenses and tuition fees. Some can also cover […]

10 PhD Program Scholarships for International Students

phd schoalrship

If you are a Nigerian seeking for admission in any of the oversees counties in America, Europe, Asia or Australia, you will find the information made available her to be highly beneficial; you will be informed about top 10  of the scholarship programs available to PhD students. Application process for each of the scholarships is […]

Best Schools in Lagos: Primary & Secondary


Lagos State is one of the leading states in Nigeria in practically everything. The state is top line educationally and in virtually all other aspects. Truth be told, Lagos houses most of the best schools in Nigeria, both at the primary and secondary levels. In case you are looking for the best primary or secondary […]

Studying Medicine in Nigeria: Step By Step Guide


Medical doctors are not rich people. They are individuals that have decided to dedicate their lives to helping other people. In order to become a successful medical doctor in Nigeria, you must possess the following: A very strong desire to help others A true intellectual curiosity about the field of medicine A love for general […]

Best Schools in Abuja: Primary & Secondary


Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria. It has its fair share of top primary and secondary schools. These schools help to contribute immensely to the educational development of students in and around the Federal Capital Territory. In this write-up, you will learn about the best primary and secondary schools established in Abuja.     […]

NGOs in Abuja: The Full List


Many Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are operating in Abuja today and they are concerned with various aspects of human needs. They have successfully contributed to lives of individual through their services. Some are involved in proving for the needs of indigent individuals, while some are involved with health programs. There are some involved in providing […]

Ciscon Nigeria Limited: Important Details


Ciscon Nigeria Limited is one of the leading companies in the Nigerian Oil & Gas sector. They have offices at various locations; they have an office in Port Harcourt, another one in Warri and yet another office in Victoria Island, Lagos. They equally have an office in Houston Texas, United States.     Their Port […]

Maersk Nigeria Limited: Important Details


Maersk Nigeria Limited is undoubtedly one of the leading companies in Nigeria. The company is involved in shipping and they are one of the most reliable shipping agents in Nigeria of today. They equally have offices in several African countries and beyond.  They have been a liner agent for a very long time now and […]

Best Hotels in Maryland Lagos


Maryland is one of the most popular areas in Lagos state.  It has quite a number of entertainment spots that are sure to keep you glued.  If the truth must be told, some of the best hotels in Lagos State can be found in Maryland. In this write-up, you will learn about some of these […]

Functions of the Nigerian Stock Exchange


The Nigerian stock exchange is undoubtedly one of the most important contributors to the Nigerian economy.   The number of investors is increasing. In simple terms, the Nigerian stock exchange is a market place.  This is the place where you buy stock and sell stock. People trade in stocks and securities here. The idea is to […]

Cavendish Nigeria Limited: Important Details


Cavendish Nigeria Limited is one of the leading petroleum companies in Nigeria. They are located at 22, Adeleke Adedoyin Street, Vitoria Island, Lagos. Their telephone number is 01 264 7069. They are involved in oil & gas. They have been around for a very long time now and they are among the leading oil & […]

Best I.T. Companies (Firms) in Lagos


Many IT companies are operating in Nigeria today; they are actually increasing in number by the day. This makes Nigeria one of the largest markets for technology consumables and gadgets. Nigeria is getting more technology-aware and this has made information sharing a very fast endeavour across the country. The technology market is getting bigger these […]

List of Universities in Nigeria


If you need information about Nigerian universities, you have come to the right place for such. In this write-up, you will get to learn about the universities in Nigeria, the towns or cities they are located and the date they were established. You will also get to know if they are federal, state or private […]

Brittania-U Nigeria Limited: Important Details


Brittania-U Nigeria Limited is an indigenous company and it has global reach.  They are pioneering the new energy solution in Nigeria and Africa.  They are equally making global impact through their various operations. Brittania-U Nigeria Limited is involved in oil exploration and production. They are also involved in drilling and oil services. Additionally, they are […]

NTEL Data Plans, Voice Plans, Subscription Prices & Store Locations


NTEL network in is gradually rolling out different packages for the Nigerian market. While some people have complained about the lack of awareness by Ntel to inform potentially interested customers on the availability of the sim cards, data plans and other products, this article should give enough details on the products and services offered by Ntel and […]

A Level Schools & Colleges in Lagos


Lagos has quite a number of A level schools and colleges. If you want to register for A level examination, you can always register with these schools. Registering with them makes the registration process very easy and fast. You may also register as a private student, but this is more challenging and you may end […]

A Level Exam in Nigeria: How to Enroll

a level

Cambridge A level examination is one of the most common examinations that Nigerians students sit for.  A good result at your A level exams translates automatically to 200 level admission in any Nigerian university. A level examination is not the same with the usual O level examination that can only give you admission into 100 […]

Nigerian Center for Disease Control: What You Need To Know


The Nigerian Center for Disease Control is a government establishment set up for the purpose of disease control, just as the name implies. The organization is concerned with research and investigation of health threats in Nigeria. They are equally concerned with preventing disease spread and they help prevent or control disease outbreak. The Nigerian Center […]

Full List of Nigerian Newspapers: Online and Offline


Nigerian newspapers have both online and offline presence. Virtually all the former offline newspapers presently have online presence. Those other newspapers that started as online newspapers rarely have offline presence. Below, you will learn about the various newspapers in Nigeria, both those operating online and those that have both online and offline presence. You will […]

Elf Petroleum Nigeria Limited: Important Details


Elf Petroleum Nigeria Limited has its base in Lagos, Nigeria.  The company is actually set up as a Joint Venture between the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and Total Petroleum Company. The company is involved with oil and gas exploration and production in Nigeria.  The company equally operates Oil Mining Leases (OML) as well as Oil […]

Somotex Nigeria Limited: Important Details


Somotex Nigeria limited is a company majoring in consumer durable distribution. They have over a thousand trade partners and this conglomerate has been established since 1997. The company is operated by top class professionals in the industry and this sets them apart from the crowd. They are involved in providing their suppliers and their customers […]

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