Sesame Farming in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

Sesame seeds are one of the highly sought after cash crops in Nigeria. It is second to cocoa in terms of export value. In fact 90% of the sesame seed produced in the country is exported abroad. The reason for the popularity of sesame seeds is due to its numerous health and industrial benefits. Also, […]

Sugarcane Farming in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

When you consider the fact that Nigeria is the second largest consumer of sugar in Africa, then you’d know that the market for sugarcane farming can be very lucrative. Currently, Nigeria has the largest sugar refining plant in Africa yet most of the raw materials needed to produce sugar are imported from Brazil. This comes […]

Duck Farming in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

One of the lucrative businesses in the livestock cadre is duck farming. However, duck farming isn’t so popular due to the taboos and myths associated with them. For instance, many consider ducks as dirty birds and as a result it is not widely consumed in many parts of the country. In recent times however, many […]

Organic Farming in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

Organic foods seem to be the trend in recent times. However, it isn’t just a trend; it has been proposed by many experts as the future of agriculture. This is because the process involved in producing these foods has been adjudged to be sustainable and extremely environmental friendly. One of the mainstays of organic farming […]

Geese Farming in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

Poultry farming is quite popular in Nigeria. However, when most people think of poultry, the default birds that come to mind are chicken and turkey. Interestingly, the rearing of geese, another poultry bird is a quite lucrative yet not many people about these birds. Geese share the same family with ducks but their method of […]

Wheat Farming in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

If you regularly eat bread or noodles, then that means you are dependent on wheat as an important staple in your diet. Interestingly, this doesn’t just apply to you; many Nigerian families rely on wheat products as an important part of their daily diet. There are many foods that we eat that are made from […]

How to Sell Your Car in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

You may be looking to change your car to a new one and you probably need to sell it in order to get some extra money for the new car. Or maybe you just need to raise some cash quickly and selling your car seems like the best way to do that. Well, the simple […]

Cotton Farming In Nigeria: Step By Step Guide

Cotton is one of the highly demanded natural materials due to its use in the production of fiber materials and other textile materials. As long as people continue to wear clothes, there would always be a demand for cotton. Additionally, oil can be extracted from cotton seed. This cotton seed oil is a healthy source […]

Beans Farming in Nigeria: Step By Step Guide

Beans are one of the most consumed staple foods in Nigeria alongside rice and cassava. Also, they are one of the most affordable sources of protein. Interestingly, despite the massive consumption of beans in the country, a signification proportion of the beans consumed are imported from Niger Republic. This doesn’t mean there are no farmers […]

Shrimp Farming in Nigeria: Step By Step Guide

The global market for shrimps is quite massive however there has been a shortfall in meeting this demand over the years. One of the reasons is that over 50% of the global supply still comes from wide sources. This clearly shows that many countries are yet to embrace shrimp farming as they ought to. Shrimps […]

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