10 Best Medical Schools in Nigeria

To qualify to practice as a medical doctor in Nigeria, you have to attend a medical school. However,there are so many medical schools in Nigeria that it can become really difficult to choose a very good one to attend. It is very important to select a medical school carefully. This is one of the most […]


Printing Business In Nigeria: How To Get Started

In the past, printing business was not very easy to start as it was maily handled by those who were trained as printers, or by those who have printing presses with trained workers. But in these days of computer technology, the business has become easier for more people, including those with very little income, to […]


Google.com Now In Nigeria’s 3 Major Ethnic Languages

Google.com in Nigeria now offers its invaluable service in the three major Nigerian Ethnic Languages, pidgin inclusive makes it 4 different languages. This shows how seriously Google has taken the rising Nigerian internet penetration. To enable any of the languages displayed on Google’s search home page simply click on the language of choice and the […]

5 New Business Ideas in Nigeria Right Now

Nigerians are becoming more business inclined than ever. Some decades ago, only a small fraction of Nigerians were involved in business. Even the few that were involved in business weren’t doing innovative businesses. Everyone was just copying each other. It was such an embarrassing period for as Nigerians; a period when we imported almost everything […]


10 Best Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria

Online shopping is the new cool. Not just in Nigeria but in the world over. On the international scene, you would hear about online stores like Ebay, Amazon,Walmart and BestBuyto mention few. These are stores that are making millions of dollars from retailing online. Nigerians are not alien to the concept either, even though we […]


Internet Business in Nigeria: How to Get Started

Until very recently, the average Nigerian didn’t believe that it was possible to make cool, decent money online from Nigeria. But a lot of recent evidences has been able to convince the doubting ‘thomases’ that making money online is not a myth but a reality. Linda Ikeji makes over a hundred million dollars yearly just […]


Hot Nigerian Jobs: How to Get Them Now!

One of the major problems plaguing the Nigerian economy is unemployment. If you doubt it, try to make yourself available at one of the passing out parade ceremonies which signify the end of the one year compulsory youth service for Nigerian graduates. You will notice a lot of them with grim and worried faces as […]


What is the Most Lucrative Business in Nigeria?

Nigeria is blessed with a lot of natural resources yet more than half of the entire populace cannot afford three meals per day. A large percentage of graduates are unable to get good jobs and millions of people are wallowing in abject poverty. Why? Because we are lazy! It’s just the bitter truth. Nigerians always […]

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