Top 10 Best Secondary Schools In Nigeria

Education is very important and getting your child to one of the best schools is a great way to invest in their future. Before deciding on the school, you should carry out a proper assessment of the school. Below are the top 10 best Secondary Schools in Nigeria: 1. The American International School of Lagos […]

Nigerian Defence Academy Form & Registration Details

The registration details for various undergraduate degree programmes that are offered at NDA are provided in the NDA website applications portal, as well as in the JAMB brochure and website. All other information concerning degree courses, eligibility and examination centres are as contained in the NDA website / applications portal. Please note that anyone who […]

Top 10 IT Firms in Nigeria

Advent of the internet has brought about a real boom in the IT industry in Nigeria with so many companies setting up business in the country. MTN was more or less among the earliest companies to set up IT Company in Nigeria. Others followed after a while. Since then, it had been a real big […]

Interest Rate in Nigeria

In Nigeria, interest rate decisions are taken by The Central Bank of Nigeria, which is the institution set up for that particular purpose. The official interest rate is also termed as the Monetary Policy Rate (MPR). The central bank of Nigeria holds its benchmark interest rate steady at 14 percent at its November 2016 meeting. […]

Causes of poverty in Nigeria

Poverty is a great problem in Nigeria and it had been with this country for decades. Many think lack of proper plan by progressive governments is one of the factors that lead to entrenchment of poverty in the country. Several governments have made efforts to fight against poverty, but none of these efforts had been […]

How Much is Wallpaper in Nigeria?

Wall papers are very easy to buy in Nigeria. If you need to give your home a new look or you need to get your office decorated? You can always go for wall papers and they will get the job done as perfectly as you desire. There are several places where you can buy wallpaper […]

How Much is iPad 4 in Nigeria?

There are many tablets being made today in Nigeria, but iPad 4 is undoubtedly one of the best. In fact, some are adjudging it as the best you can ever come by in Nigeria today. It comes with top quality features that makes it stand a head taller than several other brands and makes of […]

Cost of Building a House in Nigeria

How much will you have to spend to build a house in Nigeria? This question does not have any straight answer. The answer depends on so many factors. For one, where is the location where you want to build the house? Also, which type of house do you want to build? Do you plan to […]

Consumer Price in Nigeria

The recent economic downturn in Nigeria is affecting virtually everything. These days, consumer goods have increased in price. A recent report actually has it that consumer price has risen by up to 92%. It is however unfortunate that salary and incomes do not increase at that same rate. This rate is the highest ever recorded […]

How Can Nigeria be Industrialized?

The world is tending towards industrialization. It is however unfortunate that Nigeria does not seem to be taking part in this general movement of developed countries.  Industrialization is the breathe with which any economy can survive. An unindustrialized country may end up as a dead country.  Industrialization brings about economic growth in any country. If […]

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