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Which State Has The Highest Population in Nigeria?

which state has the highest population in nigeria

Although the figures posted after the last population census in 2006 revealed that the state with the highest population in Nigeria is Kano, reports from the Lagos State Government and the United Nations say otherwise. Which State Has The Highest Population in Nigeria? Current estimates indicate that Lagos state is the state with the highest […]


How Online Dating is A Great Way To Meet Singles In Nigeria

Perhaps you’ve heard rumors about online dating being a last resort used by desperate people who have been unable to find love any other way. That’s the myth. What about the truth? The fact is, dating sites like or Tinder have exploded in popularity in recent years. The larger matchmaking sites now command memberships […]


How to Monetize Your Blog

Going to the movies, hiring DVDs or, increasingly, streaming online or via your television, is a leisure activity enjoyed by millions of Nigerians. Many love to share their opinions of the latest releases or classic titles, reviewing them, then exchanging ideas across their social media network. Some even go so far as to blog regularly, […]


Factors to Consider When Searching for a Property in Lagos

Searching for a property in Lagos can be time consuming, and also requires a lot of financial commitment. For most people in the city, ‘house hunting’ is the second thing they dread most. The first being the Lagos “traffic”. Searching for a property of your choice can take up to days, weeks, or even months […]


Types of Religion in Nigeria & their Beliefs

types of religion in nigeria

Religion in Nigeria comprises a nearly equal proportion of Christian and Muslims. However, there are other religions asides these two. According to a recent report, it was reported that about 40% of the total population is Christian while the Muslim population is about 50% while 10% belongs to other religious affiliations. In this post, you’ll […]


Specificity Of Education in Romania

  Today there are many students from different countries prefer to come to Romania to obtain knowledge and degree. It’s not a surprise because you can have a profile education in Romanian universities in the most popular and prestigious specialties – medicine, architecture, aerospace, engineering, information technology, genetics, biotechnology… But what is Romanian education system? […]


Types of Vegetation in Nigeria

types of vegetation in nigeria

The geographical area called Nigeria has a total land area of 983,213 km2 with over 180 million people living in it. The country is covered by three major types of vegetation which include forests, savannahs and montane land. In this post, we’ll find out what these vegetation types mean and we’ll further divide them into other zones. […]


Major Rocks in Nigeria: The Top 10

major rocks in nigeria

Nigeria is blessed with many natural substances. Among such are rocks, and in this post, we will take a look at the top 10 rocks in the country. Major Rocks in Nigeria Aso Rock Aso Rock is said to be the largest outcrop of granitic rock located in Abuja The rock is located on the […]

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