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Banking System in Nigeria: How Everything Works

banking system in nigeria

The banking system is one of the most important sectors of the economy and the origin of the industry can be traced to the colonial era when the colonial banks were set up with the goal of meeting the commercial needs of the Colonial Government. Banking System in Nigeria: A General Overview In this post, […]


Christianity in Nigeria: History and Impacts

types of religion in nigeria

The origin of Christianity in the world can be traced to the Middle East. On the other hand, the history of Christianity in Nigeria dates back to the 15th century when the Portuguese brought the religion along with them. However, their affiliations with slave trade made it difficult to plant the religion in the country […]


Nigerian Air Force Ranks and Salary Structure (2018) & More

nigerian air force

If you’re looking to know how the Nigerian Air Force ranks its commissioned and non-commissioned officers, then this page is for you. Here, you’ll also get to learn other interesting details about the force, such as the Nigerian Air Force salary structure, the Nigerian Air Force Logo and what it stands for, the force’s bases […]


Nigerian Navy Ranks, Symbols & Salary Structure (2018)

nigerian navy ranks

If you’re looking to know how the Nigerian Navy ranks its commissioned and non-commissioned officers and how much officers earn at each rank, then you’re just on the right page. Here, we’ll be looking at different ranks in the Nigerian Navy, symbols representing each rank, salaries paid to officers at each rank, and other details […]


Search for Similar Image with Image Search Engine

Search for Similar Image with Image Search Engine

You probably must have heard about the tools with search boxes in which you have to insert texts but the tool named Reverse Image Search is a little bit different from them, and instead of words you have to enter a picture in it. This application helps the user to find out about the person […]


Horticulture Companies in Nigeria: The Full List

horticulture companies in nigeria

Horticulture is the art and practice of garden cultivation and management. It involves landscape restoration, landscape and garden design as well as construction and maintenance. In Nigeria, there are companies that offer these services to individuals and organizations for a fee and in this post, we’ve decided to take a look at these companies. Top […]


How Online Dating is A Great Way To Meet Singles In Nigeria

Perhaps you’ve heard rumors about online dating being a last resort used by desperate people who have been unable to find love any other way. That’s the myth. What about the truth? The fact is, dating sites like or Tinder have exploded in popularity in recent years. The larger matchmaking sites now command memberships […]


How to Monetize Your Blog

Going to the movies, hiring DVDs or, increasingly, streaming online or via your television, is a leisure activity enjoyed by millions of Nigerians. Many love to share their opinions of the latest releases or classic titles, reviewing them, then exchanging ideas across their social media network. Some even go so far as to blog regularly, […]


Factors to Consider When Searching for a Property in Lagos

Factors to Consider When Searching for a Property in Lagos

Searching for a property in Lagos can be time consuming, and also requires a lot of financial commitment. For most people in the city, ‘house hunting’ is the second thing they dread most. The first being the Lagos “traffic”. Searching for a property of your choice can take up to days, weeks, or even months […]

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