Top 20 Nigerian Newspapers (Online & Offline)


There are many news outlets in Nigeria today. In times past, many of them were only able to print hard copies. But these days, they also make their reports available online and people can visit their website for information on latest news and update. In this write-up, you will learn about the top 20 newspapers in Nigeria, both online and offline.


Vanguard newspaper

The Vanguard Newspaper is undoubtedly the most popular Nigerian newspaper in regards to scope and readership. For instance, over 130,000 copies of the Vanguard are printed daily. The newspaper is also extremely popular online. The first copy of the Vanguard Newspaper was printed on 3rd June 1984. The newspaper’s intention was serving people through an unflinching commitment to good governance, free enterprise and the rule of law.

Punch newspaper

The Punch Newspaper makes it to the top three spot in this list for being the most widely circulated paper in Nigeria. Although the newspaper has a strong online presence, over 80,000 copies of the Punch are published daily. The Punch was started by James Aboderin and Sam Amuka. The two were friends when they started the paper. Aboderin is an accountant while Amuka is a columnist & editor with Daily Time. The newspaper has become extremely popular because it covers a wide range of issues which interest most Nigerians

This is about the best online newspaper in Nigeria. it is also among the very first to show up. They provide news on various subjects and they always give updates about breaking news and latest news.

The Nation Newspaper

The nation is another popular Nigerian newspaper dedicated to publishing high-quality credible information which isn’t beholden to any private or public interest group. As the name suggests, the Nation Newspaper’s loyalty lies with Nigerians.

Sahara Reporter

The Sahara Reporters makes it to this list for being highly rated and extremely special. The newspaper’s content is prepared by international reporters as well as social advocates dedicated to reporting news from a Nigerian and African perspective. All stakeholders of the Sahara Reporters strongly believe in the freedom of opinion & expression which includes the freedom to express opinions without any interference.

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Information Nigeria

This is yet another online newspaper, just like This website too has made name for itself via consistent provision of latest news on politics, society, entertainment and several other areas.

The Sun Newspaper

Sun News also makes it to this list for being widely read. The newspaper is published by Sun Publishing Limited. Sun News was introduced in January 2003 as a periodic tabloid. Six months latter (June 2003), the newspaper was officially converted into a daily publication. In 2005, Sun News was fused with the Soccer star; one of the most popular sports tabloids in Nigeria boosting the newspaper’s popularity immensely.

THISDAY Newspaper

THISDAY newspaper dates back to 1995. The newspaper was first sold in Nigerian news stands on 22nd January 1995. The newspaper’s focus was on reporting business and politics

Nigerian Tribune

The Nigerian Tribune newspaper derives most of its popularity from age considering the newspaper dates back over six decades (established in 1949). The newspaper is the oldest private Nigerian newspaper. Chief Obafemi Awolowo started the newspaper with focus on the needs/interests of the common Nigerian.

The Guardian Newspaper

The Guardian Newspaper is also among the most popular newspapers in Nigeria. The newspaper derives its popularity from many things the most notable being its scope i.e. reporting trustworthy/accurate up-to-date information on politics and business.

Ladun Lliadi News

This is one of the several online news outlets in Nigeria and it is recognized on national scale. This website had been in production for some years now and it is among the fastest rising online newspapers in Nigeria. Their news reportage covers virtually every aspect on local and international scenes.

National Mirror Newspaper

This is another popular newspaper in Nigeria. The National Mirror Newspaper is available online and offline. The newspaper is owned by Barrister Jimoh Ibrahim; a billionaire businessman and lawyer.

Leadership Newspaper

The leadership newspaper is undoubtedly one of the most popular newspapers in Nigeria. This can be attributed to the fact that the newspaper is dedicated to defending the interest of Nigerians against powerful businessmen and politicians. The newspaper has won many awards the most notable being the Newspaper of the Year Award in 2009.

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Daily Trust Newspaper

The Nigerian daily trust newspaper is published along side weekly trust newspaper, as an innovative, versatile and market driven newspaper. Together, they constitute the largest circulating newspapers in northern Nigeria. Daily Trust was established in January 2001

The Nation Nigeria Newspaper

It was launched Monday, July 31, 2006, a national quality newspaper. The main aim of the journal is to offer readers and the general public the information they need to be free and independent in a democratic society and owes no allegiance to a group of interest or conviction.

Daily Times Nigeria

Daily Times of Nigeria is one of Nigeria’s oldest newspapers. It was incorporated in Nigeria on 6th June 1925 as the Nigerian Printing & Publishing Company Limited by Richard Barrow, L. A. Archer, Adeyemo Alakija and Messrs. V. R. Osborne. It started printing on June 1, 1926.

Daily post

Daily Post too has made a name for itself over the years. It is one of the most recent news outlet in Nigeria. it has however become a household name in the Nigerian media industry through provision of genuine breaking news


TheCable has made a name for itself over the years as one of the most outstanding news outlets in Nigeria. They also have international connections. They are based mainly on political reportage, but also delve into other aspects like economy, entertainment and the likes.

P.M. News

The P.M. News is published by the Independent Communications Network Limited and the headquarters is based in Lagos, Nigeria. The company also publishes Tempo and TheNEWS magazine. It was established in August 1994

Nigeria Bulletin

It is another fast rising newspaper in Nigeria. They cover all news areas and also cover the international community, both Africa and the world over. They are known for consistent news update and instant reportage of breaking news on issues happening in Nigeria and other parts of the globe.



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