Top 10 Most Hated People in Nigeria (2016)


Just as Nigerians have people they love, they also have people they hate with passion. Although there are individual differences when it comes to likeness and hatred, some people are widely loved in Nigeria, while others are widely hated.


In no particular order, here are the 10 most hated individuals in Nigeria (year 2015).

Abubakar Shekau: Virtually all Nigerians hate this man.  He is presently the factional leader of Boko Haram, the terrorist group operating in the northeastern part of Nigeria. In recent times, Boko Haram has linked up with ISIS, giving the group international recognition. The group had caused the death of thousands of Nigerians already.

President Muhammadu Buhari: New president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Widely hated by Nigerians living in the South East and South West regions of the country. Not even his emergence as president reduced their hatred for him. The recent economic challenges Nigeria is going through has increased the hatred for the president all the more by virtually all Nigerians.

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Lai Mohammed: He was the immediate past spokesperson for the APC. Many Nigerians see him as a liar. Many see virtually all his utterances as lies and many regard him as untrustworthy.

Ayodele Fayose: Ekiti state governor. Widely hated for his series of hate campaigns against President Muhammadu Buhari prior to the 2015 presidential elections. His spate with Aisha Buhari tends to heighten the hatred for him by some sections of the country.

Senator Ahmed Sanni Yerima: Former governor of Zamfara State and Senator of the Federal Republic. Hated for his strong support for the implementation of Sharia in the country and his marriage a few years back to a young girl widely reported to be a minor.

Rotimi Amechi: He was once in the PDP before he defected to the APC.  Some Nigerians see him as a betrayer of people from south-south region of the country for working against former president Goodluck Jonathan. The roles he played in unseating Goodluck Jonathan further increased the hatred for him.

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Goodluck Jonathan: Immediate past Nigerian President. Widely hated for the high rate of corruption and nonchalance about national challenges during his tenure.

Femi Fani Kayode: Former minister of aviation and head of Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign organisation prior to the 2015 presidential elections. Widely hated for his multiple attacks against President Muhammadu Buhari, which many Nigerians deemed malicious and baseless.

Reuben Abati: Special Adviser on media and publicity to former president, Goodluck Jonathan. Widely hated for his strong defence of government policies and stands — regardless of whether the policies are widely accepted or not.

Doyin Okupe: Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs to former president, Goodluck Jonathan. Widely hated for his blind defence of government moves and policies, even when the masses deemed those moves unacceptable.

Now, your opinion…

Who do you think should be or should not be on this list, and why? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.



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  1. Amy baby

    No I disbelieve this you see Goodluck Jonathan has been the best president Nigeria has ever had so please delete his name from the list above please.

  2. Shilohshalom

    Go home and thing about ur life.if u want to talk robech go home and say does robech to ur father. If nt, u will die like madman.PLS LIVE MEN OF GOD ALONE AN TALK ABOUT UR LIEE.IF U NT KNOW U AR THE CAUSE OF UR OWN PROBLEM AND U HAVE THE SOLUTION TO UR PROBLEM.

  3. De Macrez Ad

    Nawa Oh, Why Una No Put Dat Formal Idiot Of Abia State T.A Orji



  5. Umar Yero

    Pr. Mohammadu Buhari is the most loved person in Nigeria

    1. Shilohshalom

      U are a big fool.who luv bu bu.?

  6. uzochi gift paschalin

    Fayose and Good luck Jonathan are not suppose to be there, I think they are loved by so many people. u should mention buhari and his cohorts.

  7. Desmönd benue .st

    If thy not mentio obasanjo thy do nothi

  8. King david batolu

    Aregbesola’s juju work like magic.His adminisrative operations baffles me till today on federal government keeping quiet on things happening in osun state.

  9. reading this post was a big waste of time. Thank you for wasting my time.

  10. dopest

    Buhari should be the number 1 sef na person no fit buy bread 200# again nawa oooh nigerians dis 1 na just first half save ur tears very soon u go c se pure water na 500# lol ma no go die bcus se dem de 4 nigeria ageg oooh buhari no kill us oh……

  11. Godsgift Geegee

    this idiot should be the number one in your list his name is comrades Adams oshiomole the outgoing governor of Edo state and his possible predecessor Godwin obaseki I swearif I see those two idiot we will have an issue to settle

  12. Olanrewaju

    Sani Abacha need to be on this list because if you ask any being in nigeria who sani abacha is they wil all reply wit the correct answer

    1. The post is all about the living not the dead……

  13. Murtado sherifdeen ayinde

    All these dross is none of our concern,what should be our concern now is 4 us to be prayerful in order 2 improve d development of our country nd liv dat 2 God Almighty.Thanks!

  14. Pastor Tope Roberts

    Betty, it’s your life and those of your present and coming generations that need serious pity. You’ve even cursed yourself and those from your lineage with your debilitating post. I don’t know why people just hate the truth. The anointing of Christ isn’t meant to be a criminal and lawbreaker like David O. Oyedepo. Why are the likes of Adeboye, Kumuyi, Olukoya not acclaimed for gross human right abuses like the Bishop of Ota? Maybe you didn’t know that this very David O. Oyedepo once worked against me, but my God frustrated him (Job 5:12)? Oh! You’re one of those brainwashed and hypnotized into believing that David O. Oyedepo is a demigod who can’t or shouldn’t be booed or spoken against? Here’s a man who was once a great model, but now, the whole word is disrespecting him? Your bishop has caused so much disgrace to God and to the Body of Christ to the point that he’s not even regretting it. What a recidivist of a man! You’ve been made to believe that mentioning on the misconducts and misdemeanors of David O. Oyedepo would birth a curse? Who’s Oyedepo that God would curse or kill anyone because of him? Sorry! Whom God has called cannot be cursed. If I am still in Christ and I am fullfilling my ministry, no curse can hang over me (Psalm 125:3; Proverbs 26:2).

    1. Nadia

      what Dogs you think you are saying Tope?? and what if you are right? you have no right to judge anyone that has been annointed by God. Don’t be quick to speak. thinking before talking!

    2. Shilohshaloh

      Couse be upon u and ur generation.4 having the mine to abuse my father u will 4 ever remain unknow to the world.u will 4 ever remain confuse in life.u are a big fool.u can call me 07010979123

  15. Kalu

    Ur post is not correct if the name of the immediate past governor of Abia state now Sen T.A Orji is not rated number 1

  16. Prince A. Nwole

    What did the Senate President do?
    When did it become a crime to emerge winner of Senate Presidency? If the CCT trial was a witch hunt, then it’s unfortunate, otherwise let’s see what comes out of the allegations against him. I think the Senate President is a round peg, in a round hole. He is young, handsome and very intelligent; what else can Nigerians ask for? I am proud of his dexterity.

    1. pheelz

      I Understand your antic Prince. We linguists of English have a name for the figure of speech- irony. Well I don’t know, you may have the grace it takes fOr an eastern man to love anyone from the north! Peace!

      1. Prince A. Nwole

        Hi Pheelz,
        We really need more of that grace to love one another in this country, to rise above ethno-tribal hatred and rancour. There’s of course NO antic whatsoever my brother. Nigeria will never achieve greatness, if we fail to come together as one. Today I am fully in support of the present Administration’s efforts to clean up the many rots in our polity. Suffice it however to say that, I’ll NOT hesitate to speak out against the Government, if they are found to be bias against any section or tribe.

  17. holah

    What about d senate president

  18. Prince A. Nwole

    No reasonable person from South East hates President Buhari please.
    We desperately prayed for a change and God answered the prayers.
    At least we have hope that the future of Nigeria will be great again.

    We pray for his security, good health and long life, so as to be able to right the many wrongs in the country. He is nonetheless expected to be magnanimous, as he oversees the affairs of the country by making Igbos have a a proper sense of belonging to the Nigerian project, for the first time post civil war.

    1. ikonben

      you dont know your history, for you to say that, at least from his tendencies as military man and now i hope you have been proved wrong

    2. Femi

      I like you because you are one of the few Nigerians who can see, think, reason and say things in their proper perspective. May God continue to bless and protect you.

      1. Prince A. Nwole

        Mr Femi,
        Thanks for the compliments!
        I want to quickly add that the Administration needs to tackle some issues very urgently, example: Power supply (This has gone really bad and it’s embarrassing), Fulani herdsmen (PMB should show Nigerians that he’s not a tribalist),not interfere with ongoing trial of the Senate President. Finally, quickly sign the 2016 budget into law, so as to jump start the economy. Again, many thanks, God bless you.

  19. SILAS


  20. Ibrahim

    Naija pple wrk on their desire only god knw better

  21. Ateequ

    Leave the so called ‘holy’ people alone. They forget that there is a day of judement

  22. Okon Godwin

    Everybody is entitle to his or own opinion what im saying here is not every name written here are hated moreover God almighty says thou shall not hate

  23. olumide

    Ayo oritsajafor widely hated for several manipulations has he become CBN/CAN president and on money laundery in which former president jonathan cover up for him.

  24. Mack

    Its just crazy ow we 9ja pple luk at men of God or so called. Truth is dat he gav his opinion so deal wit it. Most pple in 9ja worship pastors ratha dan God

  25. Tari

    Very insightful and immerse load of information..plz can u send me names of registered dealers here in Rivers State? Thank you

  26. Jonkind

    Hw abt gbenga daniel

  27. Tunde

    Buhari is hated by South West. How is that?


    Bishop David O. Oyedepo is in the list of TOP 5 MOST LOVED People in NIGERIA. He can only be rated among the very best. Thank you.

  29. Pastor Olatunji Olujuni

    On the most hated persons in Nigeria (2015), the writer has forgotten (or maybe afraid) to include David O. Oyedepo.

    1. Maybe Oyedepo would have made the list last year after that famous slap. But this list is for 2015 only. 🙂

    2. Betty

      U call yourself a pastor and u say this thing about an anointed man of GOD. I pity for ur life and ur entire generation. People like u? I know what they get instead of blessing they get cursed.

    3. VICKEL

      Oyedapo is fulfilling his call n ministry,dnt blame him.

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