Things Nigerians Love

Nigerians love a lot of things, but there are certain things that they feel so passionate about. In this write-up, you are going to learn about these things.


  • Love for Nigeria: Truth is Nigerians love their country. Yes, the country is not in the best of shapes and many would complain about virtually everything. Despite this, Nigerians are still in love with this country. Wherever a Nigerian goes, he/she would always want to show off his/her traditional dress, which is an indication of love for his/her origin-Nigeria!
  • Love for freebies: No matter how cheap an item is, Nigerians would rather go for the free form. Even if cars are being sold for 2 a penny, Nigerians would still want to save their penny and opt for the free one; not because they do not have the money to spare, but it is just an innate love for awoof!
  • Love for foreign trips: Many Nigerians would give anything to travel abroad; it doesn’t matter if they have to travel just across the border to Benin Republic or Cameroon, they just want to register their names among those who have traveled aboard.
  • Love for social media: Nigerians love the world of social media with passion. They can Watsapp, Facebook, 2go and Instagram in virtually every place, including in religious places. Boredom is a perfect excuse for a Nigerian to venture into social media platform. Consequently, many Nigerians do not have to read newspapers in order to be fully aware of what goes on around, thanks for this inseparable connection with social media.
  • Love for fashion: One other thing you can never separate from a Nigerian is fashion. Our fashion sense doesn’t have to be expensive; even if it is African Ankara, China-made or Aba-made, Nigerians will adorn it and look perfectly good in it.
  • Love for football: At this point I feel this should come first in the list of things Nigerians love with passion. Yes, many Nigerians can forfeit their meals for football. There is interest in other sports, but the love for football has almost become an obsession.
  • Love for party: Nigerians love party with passion. An average Nigerian would surface in any party, even if he/she is not invited. He/she would adorn the most beautiful dress imaginable even if he/she has no money in his/her pocket. He would always eat his fill and drink to stupor despite not knowing what the party is all about.
  • Love for cars: One other thing the rich and affluent in Nigeria love is cars. Yes, Nigerians love cars. Do not be surprised to see the most expensive cars in the world on the streets of Lagos, Port Harcourt or Abuja.
  • Love for money-making: Nigerians also love to make money. Yes, everyone in the world loves to make money, but Nigerians love the idea with passion. This is one of the reasons why money-making products would sell most in Nigeria than in several other parts of the world. I’m certain this is why they work very hard- to make more money and yet more money.
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