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Unarguably, the most patronized daily in the country is the Punch newspaper Nigeria. Punch started operations in Nigeria in 1965. The company started operations between 1971 and 1973, and was founded by the duo of Sam Amuka and James Aboderin.  Punch basically centers its news on political development in the local and international scenes, and with about 80,000 daily circulations, it is the newspaper with the widest circulation rate in Nigeria.

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Over the years, Punch Nigeria Limited has been dishing information to Nigerians at home through its tripartite newspaper series – the PUNCH, Saturday PUNCH and Sunday PUNCH. However, with the technological boom we are experiencing, Punch Newspaper Nigeria has been taken to the electronic format to cater for the general consumption of the global community.

For the upwardly mobile, the company’s official website is Likewise, interested individuals can follow the publisher on Twitter @mobilepunch. Meanwhile, the company has also provided “Punch Mobile,” a real-time application for android users to keep up with the news.

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