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5 Golden Rules of Business Travel for Nigerians

5 Golden Rules of Business Travel for Nigerians

Business travel – both domestic and international – is an essential part of the economy. Aside from the fact that it contributes to the GDP of any country, it opens doors of opportunities of businesspersons. In most companies however, many view business travel as simply an expense and do not see the benefits that come from […]


How to Get a Kenyan Visa in Nigeria

Kenya is an east African country with a population of 44.35million and a lot of landmarks and natural features. Forget what the media portrays and the picture of Kenya that’s being depicted. That’s what peels the opinions for the media agencies. Kenya, especially its capital – Nairobi is one the most beautiful cities in East […]


How to Get a Turkish Visa in Nigeria

Turkey has the 17th largest GDP in the world. Although touted as one of the quietest country in the world with enough power to do as they please, they seem not be bothered about other people’s opinion about them. Turkey is one European country that catches the fancy of many people – tourists, vacation seekers, business […]


10 Ways to Make Money in Nigeria Quickly

how ways make money in nigeria

Wealth is an ego fuel, it boost your mindset and gives you a different kind of feeling, everyone needs a life that everything is possible, the luxury and fast life but they sit at home lazily waiting for opportunity to knock when they have the potentials at their fingertip. If you haven’t been making cash […]


Where to Buy Shoes Online in Nigeria

Wondering where to buy shoes online in Nigeria? Then this post is for you. Read on. Cute shoes are a way to make a fashion statement especially in Nigeria where looking good is hot business. But if you think all those cool guys and sexy ladies you see with very nice looking shoes have to […]


Indian High Commission, Abuja: Full Contact Details

The Indian High Commission Abuja represents the Indian Government in Nigeria. They handle visa requirements, visa information, travel information. Address: 364, Cadastral Zone, Central Business Area (CBD), FCT Abuja (Nigeria). Email Addresses: Consular matters: cons1.abuja@mea.gov.in Trade queries: trade.abuja@mea.gov.in ITEC & Educational matters :hcoffice.abuja@mea.gov.in Any other matter:info.abuja@mea.gov.in Tel : +234-7080622800-4 (5 lines) Fax : +234-7080622805 India also […]


Cheap Flights from Lagos to Dubai: How to Get Them

Dubai is one of the most popular international destinations for Nigerians, as a lot of people go for vacation, study or business in the United Arab Emirates. Let’s not forget the fairly easy-to-access visa — something Nigerians never fail to take advantage of. However, flight tickets to Dubai don’t come cheap; a lot of Nigerians […]


UK Visa Application Tracking: How To Go About It

At one point or the other, the need to leave your country might arise. You might need to travel for business, leisure, vacation or health reasons amongst a whole lot of other reasons. While some countries have arrangement with other countries in their region for free passage in order to improve trade and relations between […]


Cheap Flights from Lagos to London: How to Get Them

Doesn’t it surprise you sometimes when somebody tells you that they got their travel tickets at some jaw-dropping rates and you are wondering “How is that even possible” because you on the other hand, paid twice or thrice that amount to get your own ticket? Well, I was once like you to until I decided […]


How to Travel Out Of Nigeria

A large percentage of Nigerians have a dream to travel out of the country at least once in their lifetime. Some choose to travel due to the poor economic situation in the country, some for tourism and sight-seeing purposes and some others for education or business. The high number of people trying to jet out […]


Malta Embassy in Nigeria: Full Contact Details

The embassy of Malta or the Maltese Embassy as it is officially called is the office in charge of overseeing correspondences between the Nigerian and the Maltese Government. It is also in charge of issuing Visas to Nigerians who wish to visit Malta for Tourism, Business, Education and all other travel purposes. Malta has a […]