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Catfish Farming in Nigeria: How to Start (Beginners’ Guide)

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Six out of every ten Nigerians do eat catfish on weekly basis. That’s a whooping percentage of above 65. The production of catfish in Nigeria however, from current studies showed that catfish production, distribution and marketing are way lower than its demand. Unfortunately, a lot of people, especially those who have an interest in agricultural related […]


Rice Production in Nigeria: How to Start

rice farming in nigeria

Rice is the one of the most consumed foods in Nigeria, in Africa and the world at large. There are a lot of reasons why rice is the choice crop for farmers who are looking to make it big every year as the rainy season sets in. Rice production in Nigeria comes with a whole […]


Maize Production in Nigeria: How to Start

Maize Production in Nigeria: How to Start

Maize is one of the most commonly eaten crops in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. Maize production in Nigeria is by far one of the most interesting, easy-to-start and most lucrative type of agribusiness you can ever lay your hands on. Maize production would simply see you investing money, time, and energy into the […]


Rabbit Farming in Nigeria: How to Start

rabbit farming in nigeria

The cogent reason why the Rabbit, which is one of the earliest domesticated animals, is still being reared and nurtured by man is because they serve invaluable purpose for man. Rabbit farming in Nigeria is not a new business, neither is it an uncommon business. However, lack of adequate support from the government to Rabbit […]


How to Market Your Business Online in Nigeria

How to Market Your Business Online in Nigeria

Online marketing of businesses is something that most Nigerians are just waking up to, and in fact, online publicity is a faster and more efficient way of business marketing compared to offline. Whichever level or stage your business presently is; be it the insect/beginner stage or the elephant/giant stage, there a countless reasons why you […]


10 Ways to Make Money in Nigeria Quickly

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Wealth is an ego fuel, it boost your mindset and gives you a different kind of feeling, everyone needs a life that everything is possible, the luxury and fast life but they sit at home lazily waiting for opportunity to knock when they have the potentials at their fingertip. If you haven’t been making cash […]